Leftist Social Justice Advocate Suspected in Murder of Seattle Police Officer

Christopher J. Monfort, 41, was said to want to be a police officer but clearly “social justice” was his first love. His graduate school thesis seemed to be a call for people to join juries and use “jury nullification” as a tool for social change and when the nearing middle age man ran for student council in his community college he ran on a platform that included leftist talking points concerning the Patriot Act. It is believed that on Halloween night he ambushed Seattle patrol officer Tim Breton in a shocking murder, and he is also believed to have torched four police cars.

Despite this, the leftist press has gone out of its way to paint Monfort as admiring and respecting cops for some reason. But his own sad history tells the real story:

The man Seattle detectives shot Friday afternoon outside a Tukwila apartment complex – who authorities said was a suspect in the Halloween night slaying of a Seattle police officer – is a 41-year-old man Christopher J. Monfort, law enforcement sources said.

He hasn’t spent jail or prison time in Washington, and court records show two traffic infractions are the only marks on his state record. Monfort may have been recently laid off from a job as a security guard or private investigator, a Seattle police source familiar with the investigation said.

Investigators also suspect him in the Oct. 22 arson of four police vehicles, three police cruisers and one mobile command vehicle, a police source said.

Seattle homicide detectives were at his Tukwila apartment complex, in the 13700 block of 56th Avenue South, since the morning, said Tukwila Officer Mike Murphy.

The detectives had gone there on a tip, a day after releasing three photos of a Datsun 210 believed to be connected to the shooting of Seattle Police Officer Tim Brenton and wounding of his partner, Britt Sweeney. Tukwila detectives also responded.

Three detectives confronted Monfort at the apartment complex later Friday afternoon. He turned and ran, then pulled out a handgun and pointed it at police, King County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. John Urquhart said.

“For some reason, it did not go off,” Urquhart said. “I don’t know if he tried to fire it.”

Monfort allegedly then ran a short distance again, and had another confrontation before he was shot at least twice, police said.

Investigators did not say how many shots were fired.

According to a UW graduate school abstract, the title of a project Monfort presented in May 2007 was ” The Power of Citizenship your Government doesn’t want You to know about. How to change the inequity of the Criminal Justice System immediately, through Active Citizen Nullification of Laws, as a Juror.”

In November 2003 Monfort ran for student government at Highline Community College, according to the student paper, The Thunderword. Monfort was running to “make the student body more aware of the civil liberties lost under the Patriot Act,’ ” the article stated.

Then the article goes on to claim that Monfort’s motive is unknown, you know since he was clearly a law and order kind of guy. They prove that by talking to someone who knew him 18 years ago, who thought he may have wanted to be a cop in his late teens/early 20s.

My only question is, when will Keith Olbermann take responsibility for the consequences of his overheated rhetoric?

Fugitive Watch has a video report.

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So it’s been a couple of weeks and I’ve yet to see anyone in the media take on violent left wingers. Why is that?