74-Year-Old Sex Offender Kills Self After Being Caught Molesting Little Girl

Good riddance to bad rubbish I say, but this horror story might be even worse than suspected because there is evidence that the 13-year-old girl, who had been sexually abused since she was 11, was pimped out to Robert Grey Foxx by her own mother.

From Knoxnews.com:

The probe began last week when the 13-year-old girl darted from a couple of curious police investigators and ran for a Citico Street home.

Knoxville Police Department investigators work at a house where a body was found Tuesday at 429 Citico St. Convicted sex offender Robert G. Foxx, 74, killed himself in the house, according to police.

It ended Tuesday in the same house when police found 74-year-old convicted sex offender Robert Grey Foxx dead on his couch, a plastic bag pulled snug over his head.

Police said Foxx committed suicide.

He had been arrested Dec. 21 after an investigation revealed he started two years ago paying an 11-year-old girl for oral sex at least twice a week.

So far so good. The cretin wouldn’t change his deviant ways, was caught and finally did what he should have done decades ago. But the story gets worse. Knoxville P.D. investigator Debra Nuchols fills in the blanks as to how this elderly degenerate was able to indulge in the exploitation of a child for two years:

Nuchols said Foxx told her he met the girl through her mother. He said he was looking for a house cleaner years ago and accidentally dialed the woman in Lonsdale. Despite the accidental contact, the woman, who has three daughters, agreed to clean Foxx’s home, Nuchols said.

The woman, however, opted to discontinue the arrangement because Foxx kept trying to show her pornographic videos at his home.

“Mom said it made her feel uncomfortable so she sent her daughter over there,” Nuchols said.

For the next two years, Nuchols said, the then 11-year-old girl would catch a KAT bus in Lonsdale and go to Foxx’s house at 429 Citico St.

“She would go over to his house every Tuesday and Thursday and sometimes on Saturday, Nuchols said. “She’d get paid $10 a day.”

Each day the girl would spend about two hours at Foxx’s residence before returning home on another bus.

Nuchols said Foxx denied any improper contact with the girl. He claimed he was having an affair with the girl’s mother.

By affair I take it he meant an arrangement where he was either paying the mother directly for access to her daughter or he found a strung out gutterslut so vile she simply took a cut of the $10 Foxx was giving to the girl for sex. Either way it’s hard to fathom that the mother was unaware of what would happen to her daughter at the old pervert’s house. Here’s hoping she does the right thing too.

Interesting side note. At the Knoxnews story there is a photo of Foxx playing chess at a mall. They give the backstory of the 2007 photo that shows that Foxx was known to be cruising for victims a couple of years ago. Here’s how the caption reads:

Robert Foxx congratulates a young opponent after a chess match Aug. 9, 2007, at West Town Mall. Foxx had regularly set up a chess board in the food court of West Town Mall to play youngsters. That practice ended in 2007 after the News Sentinel featured him in a picture playing a match with a boy at the mall, and police alerted mall security that Foxx was a registered sex offender.

But we shouldn’t be worried about sex offender recidivism?

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8 thoughts on “74-Year-Old Sex Offender Kills Self After Being Caught Molesting Little Girl

  1. i agree that now the worlds a little bit better place.however getting pimped out by mom, not so rare. in 13 years of law enforcment i have seen it many times. sometimes it is a gutterslut hooked on drugs, not all the time.i have seen a lot of girls and even older females fall prey to this.they get in an abusive relationship and are to scared to stop it or give the child over to keep themselves from being raped or abused.we only bust a few cases like this now and then because the child feels traped in to it or does not understand it as wrong.the mothers never press charges and the wheel of pain just keeps on spining.

  2. What is it with these sick mothers (personally, I prefer Trench’s term “gestational devices”) who think it’s OK to pimp out their daughters? I mean, clearly this “mother” knew her daughter would not be safe being sent to the home of a perve who was trying to show her pornography. I mean, seriously? A dirty old man makes you uncomfortable so you send your young daughter over instead?

    I simply refuse to believe that anyone is really that stupid. That was intentional, not stupidity.

  3. Rob Taylor,

    Well, at least this is one sexual predator that we won’t have to worry about anymore, unless the dead can return to the world of the living.

  4. John, I somehow missed your post… is there a way we can bring more attention to this serious issue? I’m happy to use PACA for this purpose and do whatever I can to spread awareness. Any information you can share would be appreciated.

  5. not a lot can be done, except try to teach more about domestic abuse in schools. maybe if we start getting to them before it happens.im open to sugestion.

  6. Yes, children most definitely need to be educated so they know they can stick up for themselves, so they know they don’t have to be “polite” to adults who are trying to groom them.

    I think that parents need to be more educated, as well. You’d be surprised how many parents I’ve come across that don’t realize how many RSOs are living in their neighborhood, and don’t know how to check. While many parents might get an inkling about another adult, they’ve been trained to “be nice”, and to teach their children to “be nice” and “be polite”, to not do anything to “hurt the feelings” of adults (because that would be rude). So they’re basically setting their children up to be victimized without even realizing it.

    Of course, the “mother” in this article is nowhere near that ball park… she knew she was putting her daughter in danger. I think that if people in general knew the signs to look for, they would be more inclined to report instances like this when they get a feeling about a neighbor’s child or an acquaintance’s child. As it is, too many people are afraid to report suspicions for fear of angering their friend/family member/acquaintance… especially if it turns out they’re wrong. But most parents I know say they’d be more appreciative than angry, knowing that others are looking out for the welfare of their children.

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