Angry Child Raping Career Criminal Makes Death Threat Against Me!


Apparently Clay Keys, a level 3 registered sex offender with a long history of violence, petty thievery and what people in the mental health field call malingering, was angered at my recent post exposing the coordinated effort by a group of online perverts to slander Mark Lunsford by claiming the grieving father had child porn on his computer.The article itself didn’t mention the 48-year-old who divides his time online between trolling child advocacy blogs, whining girlishly about how unfair it is to treat him like he’s a dangerous sexual deviant and setting up social network accounts where he pretends to be a girl.

That last part wasn’t a joke. The fact that a man who raped a child under the age of 16 (according to his offender registry) poses as a young woman online would be an amusing bit of Internet psychodrama if Keys, also known online as “tsand” “Brownbilly” and apparently Sally, wasn’t a vile piece of White trash who uses a picture of Jessica Lunsford as an avatar for his blog and his frequent visits to pedophile forums.

His blog is typical of what you would expect from a violent rapist. The entire site is designed around his obsession with Stitches77 from Absolute Zero, who he impersonates in various places. This is in theory his attempt to discredit her in some way, but since he doesn’t take pains to hide that it is him using her name, I would suggest that this is something a little more Freudian.

But back to the threat, which I assure you would have me just terrified if I didn’t know all child rapists targeted children because they lack the confidence to attack victims of similar stature. Keys tried, and failed, to Fisk my post by quoting from a newspaper story which just so happens to have been taken offline around the same time Florida’s State Attorney Office publicly stated that no child pornography was ever found on his computer during the Jessica Lunsford investigation. In fact were you to Google the quotes he uses from this story you’ll find that they appear verbatim in comments sections in various unrelated stories around the Internet left by Keys or his compatriots “Zman” or “Warpedohio,” the later of which is the subject of an excellent short post at Z.A.C. if you’re interested.

When I at some point suggested that it was indeed coincidental that the slander Lunsford movement was using this supposed article no one could verify Keys, who already had his panties in a bunch (no doubt literally) left this sad attempt at intimidation in my comments section:

on April 4th, 2009 at 10:14 pm


IF that is your “real” name, then give me your real address so I can look you up and we can have a nice little chat in person:)!

Oh, you said you have LEO connections…well could you tell the LE to quit bothering me? Every six months they call or drop by and ask if I’m ready to confess to being a serial killer! I guess if they could find the “missing” bodies, I could get arrested but I buried em deeeeep! Thanks:)

Before I go on I just want to mention that it is curious to me that people seem to think my name is some sort of Internet handle. As if my names really Prescott Merryweather and I settled on Rob Taylor because “Wickedawesome69” was already taken. It’s always perverts and stoners now that I think of it. I will reassure readers that my name actually is Robert Taylor. For now.

Also, I’m not sure where Keys gets his nonsense but I am in no way connected to law enforcement.

But names and affiliation aside, way to keep a low profile guy on the sex offender registry. It’s not as if implying you’re planning on assaulting me is illegal or anything right? I mean, it’s not like that’s technically assault in Florida where you happen to reside now. Or I guess would be if I took your threat seriously and thought you had the brains to simply look me up in the directory and the means to travel to my new home state which I have mentioned ad nauseum on my blog. I was just going to name it here but I want to make you work for it Clay.

But fear not gentle reader. After being called out Clay quickly backpedaled like the yellow dog he is.

The only reason I bothered posting about this at all was to expose readers who may not run into this this sort of thing while cruising political blogs to this hidden depravity on the web. There are a group of sex offenders online who coordinate attacks on victims and use the Internet to push an agenda that includes lessening the punishments for the rape of children. These people are encouraged by the post-modern belief that pedophiles are suffering from a distinct mental illness or worse, that they are simply people who are sexually oriented toward children. They are neither.

Child rapists are sadists, bullies, and in general common criminals. Derek Logue who I blogged about in my previous Lunsford post is, by his own admission, a former Devil-worshiper, a cutter and a psychopath tortured animals when he was young. Clay Keys last arrest was in 2006 and the charges were Assault, Theft and Threats of Violence. Micheal James Gregg, the infamous “Zman,” has been arrested for D.U.I. and chronically unemployed since the 1990s. All three of these miscreants are actively conspiring to defame Mark Lunsford even though it won’t help them in any way. They are doing it simply out of malice and the joy they receive from hurting others. Any interaction with them online proves that thesis in spades.

People like this abuse children because not because they “love” children, as the term Pedophile suggests, but because they hate society. At best they are pathologically immature (like Logue) and laboring under an illusion of self-entitlement that gives them, in their minds, the right to reject morality in the pursuit of their own selfish desires. At worst they are like Clay, dregs who are aroused by harming, or threatening to harm, others. Clay Keys is a sadist whose sexual assault of a child was driven not by attraction to children but hatred of the society she was a part of, he is a misanthrope who defiled a child to show the world how much he disdains it.

When I didn’t react the way he wanted to his threats he went back to his post about me and altered the name of my blog to”Pink Alerts” as if that would bother me. When he sees it doesn’t he’ll likely stick a picture of someone at a leather bar on his blog and claim it’s me. He’ll continue this until he realizes his nonsense doesn’t bother me. Then he’ll look for someone else which is what he no doubt spends much of his waking hours doing, looking for victims.

Keys isn’t a guy who “made a mistake” or someone who “loves children” but he’s simply a bad person who takes pleasure in the pain and misery he cause others. He wakes up everyday and has a choice, just as we all do. And everyday he chooses to be the person who leaves thinly veiled threats in blog comments, the person who defends the rape of children and most importantly the person who is seeking to cause pain for a man who lost his daughter for no reason at all.

This is a object lesson to us all. Clay Keys proves that pedophiles are not people in need of treatment, but people who reject decency. There is no healing for a man like this no pill that can “cure” him. His is a sickness of the soul, a metaphysical corruption that can only spread with the willing assistance of of the patient. In a word it is evil, that old bugaboo that post-modernism relegated to backward superstition, that drives these people to fill the world with their perfidy. There is only one cure for evil, and that is for good people to band together to defeat it.

35 thoughts on “Angry Child Raping Career Criminal Makes Death Threat Against Me!

  1. Well said, Rob.. I’m amazed this type of miscreant is ever allowed back out on the streets..

  2. My sincerest apologies, Rob, for being absent so much from your blogs. I read from my cell phone all the time, and then I’ve been so busy with group issues – as you know – that I forget to come here when I’m actually online.

    I have a LOT to say about this but it’s so late right now. Let me just say for the time being that any man who rapes a little girl could never in a million years convince me he has the balls to square off to a man in a fight – a REAL man (because let’s face it, real men get laid by women).

  3. Excellent post, Rob. This man (and I use that term loosely) is a loose cannon, though I doubt he would have the cajones to actually show up on someone’s doorstep. He’s really quite pathetic. As far as I’m concerned, he and his little band of baby rapers can continue stomping their feet and resorting to grade school tactics to try and get their point across. We all know they’re fighting a losing battle.

  4. Wow. I just looked at his site. You know, for a minute there I thought I’d been sent to either a chan site or some tween gaming site! WTF was THAT?! If not for the obviousness that these (if all three are not his other alliases) are adults based upon their affinity for raping children, I would swear they were still in 8th grade. 10th at best.

    Did they not teach simple grammar in his school? Maybe when he was in grade school he was too busy watching the kindergarten girls thinking, “Man, oh man! If I was just 10 years older!”

    You just have to love their childish attempts at “pwning” you, Rob. Seriously, though, if I were you, I’d be highly offended. I mean, damn! You go through all this time and effort to expose them for the wilted willies they are and THIS is the best they have?! I’d be seriously offended. Well, though, you can’t actually expect a grown man who takes his aggressions out on defenseless little children to have the balls – or the intellectual know-how – to do much more. He can’t get it up for a grown woman like normal, real men can, and I’ll lay you a bet he was an all-too-willing gen. pop. bitch.

    And when you sent us all the link to this story, I was going crazy trying to clear my desk so I could rush here to see a psycho freak worthy of my notorious bitchiness. Instead, I find a p*ssy in need of Hooked On Phonics and being left in a room alone with Mr. Lunsford and no one around to hear him scream.

    Clay Keys, you have been weighed and measured and found to be sorely lacking in balls and cleverness. The only help you deserve is to be told the cut goes up and down the arm, not across the wrist as is the common mistake.

  5. You mean “Tisk, tisk” you illiterate child rapist. At least learn the phrases you want to throw around.

    But I see in your little post that you claim that by calling people who have sexual contact with children child rapists I’m “materially altering public records” or something. Surely you’re not that stupid?

    Although I hear you are in fact that stupid, considering even other child rapists shun you and your asinine attention schemes. I’ll bet you any amount of money that if you go to the police and tell them I’ve “materially altered public records” by calling a child molester a child rapist they’ll laugh you out of the building.

    But if I’m doing something illegal, call a cop. I’d like to see that.

    But it is nice to know that several weeks after blogging about you you’re still upset enough to keep thinking about me. At least that way I know you’ll be to busy to rape any more children. Oh. Sorry, I mean indecently assaulting a child under 16.

    I’d lecture you about splitting hairs, but I’m sure you’d have no idea what I mean.

    I’m still waiting for you to “look me up” by the way. When will that be happening?

  6. Cant look you up cause your hiding! You know where I live so why not come look me up instead? I hereby invite you to come visit me! Dont be a chicken shit. If your “afraid”, then bring tough stuff Mark Lunsford with you:)

  7. Since I actually blog using my real name, and have dozens of posts talking about what state I live in, and am listed publicly how am I hiding. You’re the person pretending to be AZU’s Stitches, lurking on MySpace as a woman and according to your fellow perverts even trolling them under various names.

    While I don’t know mark Lunsford personally I’ll see if I can pass on your invitation. Because neither of us are girls under 16 I doubt you’ll stand by your invitation if we did show up. Like all rapists you talk big but you choose to abuse children because you’re too cowardly and craven to abuse adults.

    A small man both metaphorically and in the sense of being sexually inadequate, you’ll never come to South Carolina to assault me not because of the Castle doctrine but because you need to pretend that real men are are avoiding you so you can rub one out to teen modeling sites while trying to figure out a way to gain access to some other little girl to abuse.

    You’re the effeminate douchebag decorating youyr comments with emoticons and crying about what people think of you. You’re the sad, stupid POS who backed himself in a corner claiming he was going to kick my ass. The ball is in your court. Why should I travel to Florida to put my foot up your ass when you’re the one who wants it there/ Literally I bet to since I have it on good authority you were punked in prison, and liked it.

    I may be in New Orleans in the Fall, but Florida? Please. Besides since you’re an unemployed shiftless welfare queen why don’t you come to me? It’s not like you’ve got something better to do.


  9. I don’t care who you are but these two go to far by posting stuff online some unwanted not caring how old ppl are.

  10. I can not believe they’ed allow preadtors to use the internet why not just search but no internet serive to where they can target our kids? Sick o’s.

  11. I dunno if these 2 are preadtors but got a feeling they are or don’t relize what their saying can lead to trouble and put them away.

  12. who is this [Edit] he said some pretty bad things about me and is one of the meanest people I have encountered

  13. And yet despite all you’ve written here about this degenerate child rapist, he’s been welcomed into the AZU fold with open arms by you and your associates there. How telling that only a few months ago you wrote that:

    “There is no healing for a man like this no pill that can “cure” him. His is a sickness of the soul, a metaphysical corruption that can only spread with the willing assistance of of the patient.”

    You also wrote that:

    “There is only one cure for evil, and that is for good people to band together to defeat it.”

    How is it that a man for whom you believed there to be no cure is now someone you consider a part of the ‘good’ people banding together? It seems that your opinion of what constitutes good is as fluid as any post-modernist’s opinion of what constitutes evil.

  14. I’ve never claimed Clay Keyes was anything but a degenerate here or at AZU. I’ve never welcomed him with open arms in any venue. You’re a lair trying to excuse the rape of children and your own perversion by insinuating that I’m friendly with someone exactly like you and your evidence of this is that a site I don’t run has allowed him to comment there as they have allowed you and other perverts to comment there.

    This is stupidity. If you don’t like Keyes and AZU take it up with Keyes and AZU. I’m friendly with the AZU bloggers but don’t control their site. If I did I would never edit any perverts comments because it does the world a service to see how disgustingly depraved ALL of you are.

    By your logic you’re supporting Perverted Justice by linking to them. Yet on your asinine pro-child rape blog you claim to not support them. I’ll use your argument and call you a hypocrite for linking to people you disagree with.

    Do you see how stupid that sounds now?

  15. I completely abhor the rape of anyone, regardless of their age. I have never said anything on my blog that indicates otherwise and it is telling that you would blatantly lie about it. You repeatedly claim that I am pro-rape so I ask you to link to any posts I’ve written in order to prove you claims. You can’t.

  16. You are pro-adults having sex with children which means you are pro-rape. It is literally rape for an adult to have sex with a child in both the legal and moral sense. You support NAMBLA on your site. NAMBLA supports the rape and exploitation of children. You support Derek Logue on your site. Derek Louge claims his rape of an 11-year-old was consensual and that the victim was “corrupt” prior to him molesting her.

    I will not be legitimizing your site by linking to it however. You are a pervert and a degenerate, not someone who needs to be debate but destroyed.

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  18. Clay Keys is a little pile of maggot shit. Nothing more. He is a degenerate, loser at life, with a long criminal history and nothing better to do than play like a child on the internet. He is filth of the highest order and deserves to be locked up for life. He will never come visit anyone, because he is too much of a cowardly little pussy.


  20. ok well everyone in this roomPlaces – Buffalo has all got on him and he left.i got on him too.he didnt say anything.he tried to say i was wrong till i called him his real name.i think he wont be back.he went to this room a few months back .and never left till today.and i put it all out there.i even posted some of this stuff said about him too .he left and hasnt been back.ok i will click the link .i sure would love to chat more with you.the more i know about this sick person the better

  21. In the side bar under the pages category where it says contact you will see the contact form.

    I’m willing to speak with anyone regarding specifics but I’m not sure what you want me to email you, thus I said use my contact form which I thought you would email me some specific request. This is one of several sites I work on so I simply have to streamline these things.


  23. Rob, please tell me you’re going to try to talk Absolute Zero United out of supporting this filthy pedophile Clay Keys! We don’t need a filthy degenerate like him in our midst.

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