Filthy Degenerate Who Claimed I Slandered a Rapist Caught Slandering Mark Lunsford for Years

Back in September a filthy pervert named Michael James Gregg, who goes by the clever online handle “Zman,” started claiming that I had “slandered” teen raping goon Tom Madison by using him to illustrate the fact that most sexual predators are not mentally ill but are simply bad people who should be punished harshly. After some delightful back and forth Madison apologized to me via email, admitting he had taken bad advice from Gregg when he decided to threaten to sue me and went on to say I was 100% right about him and Gregg, in his own way of course.

As I pointed out to the weepy and effeminate Madison via email, whoever was advising him was completely ignorant of the law. And now to prove that point, a post on Absolute Zero shows that Gregg has been slandering Mark Lunsford on his blog since March of 2007. Not the fakey “you hurt my feelings so I’m going to threaten to sue you” slander either. Full-on textbook libel has sat on Gregg’s Sex Offender Issues blog for over two years. You’ll have to cut and paste the link in because Gregg re-directs rtraffic from here to a ‘Fuck You” page. Isn’t that clever?

Proving that there are no depths to which he won’t sink, Gregg is one of a chorus of child rapists who claim child pornography was found on Mark Lunsford’s computer. Mark Lunsford is the father of Jessica Lunsford, who was raped and murdered by someone similar in deviancy to Gregg.

But the allegations are easily proven false, as CourtTV posted a 2007 letter online from then Assistant State Attorney Richard D. Ridgeway affirming that NO child pornography was ever found on Lunsford’s computer. In the intervening two years that Gregg and his fellow sex fiends were spreading this lie around the Internet it is impossible that they were not made aware of the fact that the charges they were spreading, usually in comment threads supportive of murder victim Jessica Lunsford, were verifiably false.

Not only false, but spread via a written medium with the intent to hurt the image and reputation of a private citizen. This is textbook libel. My advise to Zman – lawyer up. And don’t bother removing the posts now, I took screen shots which I’m sending to Lunsford, being the good citizen I am. Vengeance? Pretty much mine.

Also spreading the lie is filthy degenerate Derek Logue who runs a blog dedicated to crying over how badly he’s treated … in the comments section of anti-pedophile activist site Absolute Zero. He even has a Rob Taylor section where he argues against off-hand comments I’ve left on that site, while ironically (or really hypocritically) he and Zman refuse to leave some measured and well-reasoned comments by me on their sites. Why do perverts have such thin skins?

From his horrid attack on the Jessica Lunsford Foundation:

Mark Lunsford’s computer had child porn on it, but thanks to his connections to John Walsh, got away with it. They used the Clinton defense, remember “I smoked but I never inhaled?” They said child porn was on the computer but not downloaded. Really? Well how did they get in the RECYCLE BIN? I’m a wiz enough at PCs to know you don’t get files in the recycle bin from just looking at something, or you’d have a full recycle bin in an hour–trust me. But its all about who you know and who you blow. And John Walsh is a powerful man to blow.

Disgusting. Again, the A.S.A. has gone on record two years ago to say Mark Lunsford had no child porn on his computer, and this loathsome sadist wrote this yesterday. As a side note, this isn’t the most disgusting thing Logue has written. Here’s what the pathologically immature Logue wrote about the 11-year-old girl he raped, courtesy Wikisposure:

My victim was a follower. She acted different away from her sister. Anyways other people got in trouble over her. Today she’s either 16 or 17. She has a GIRLFRIEND now. She has the reputation of being wild and of loose morals. A regular Lolita enjoying her illicit relationships…I have at least some buffer in knowing she was corrupt long before I met her.

Nice right? That’s who these people are. Michael James Gregg and Derek Logue are the worst sort of criminal. They are remorseless narcissists who take pleasure in the suffering of others and externalize their self-loathing. Instead of looking inward, realizing they are responsible for their own pain and that their actions have caused unimaginable pain for others, they lash out at their victims, people who advocate for victims and grieving fathers. Instead of taking responsibility for their lives and changing, making amends and redeeming themselves, they seek to change society and spread the corruption of their souls if only so they won’t have to await some final metaphysical judgment alone.

Mark Lunsford doesn’t deserve the scorn of people who cannot obey our most basic laws or respect the most basic boundaries. He doesn’t deserve to be libeled by two child molesters who giggle every time they think of how much pain Lunsford is in. I’m passing along the screenshots to Lunsford, and I hope he has a lawyer that will tell that to a jury, who will then give Lunsford the civil award he truly deserves.

17 thoughts on “Filthy Degenerate Who Claimed I Slandered a Rapist Caught Slandering Mark Lunsford for Years

  1. You forgot one thing, traylor trash. I added links to back up my claims. All you did was link to a trash site full of false light comments by deranged perverts like yourself. The Lunsford piece is linked to ACTUAL NEWS ARTICLES. I guess a dumb piece of shit like you missed that, eh? By the way, Lunsford’s scam sites are down.

  2. The link you use to “prove” that lie was by degenerate pedophile using your information. The news article is a transcript of a tabloid show that was reporting a rumor and the state’s attorney office has said publicly that no child porn was found.

    You’re a liar, we’ll see how long you can keep lying when Lunsford finds out. End of story.

    But if you weren’t worried, why re-route the link to a sad web joke only teens thought was funny in the 90s? I guess pathologically immature is something all child rapists share.

  3. Gregg,

    People like you really need to be locked up for quite a long time. I’m sure there should be some laws on the books that would prevent agitators for pedophilia folks like you from agitating other criminal activities.

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  5. Wikisposure is the only site even less credible than yours, so how about quoting a CREDIBLE source for once? Oh that’s right. You can’t. That’s not protocol? Don’t let truth get in the way of your distorted beliefs. Its easy to talk behind a screen douchebag but you are as gutless as Absolute Zero so you fit right in with them. Look who is talking about someone using deception. You link to nothing but gossip rag sites. Wikisposure is full of lies, false light statements, and intentional deceptions. But then again that’s YOUR MO as well, dipshit. Lunsford’s empty threats mean no more than yours. It is the truth and he knows it and YOU know it, you dicksucking faggy assed punk bitch. Go ahead and sue. I’m waiting…

  6. So I’m gutless, says the man posting under anonymous names, molested a child and refuses to take responsibility for it.

    The funniest part of all this is that you think the variuos perverts you covort with online are susppoesed to be considered more credible then a sworn statement by the Assistant State Attoney handling the case you complain about. I’d ask if you were insane but insane people aren’t responsible for their actions.

    You’re simply middle aged adolescent who so self-absorbed that he thinks he has the right to sexually exploit children.

    What a pair Greg and Logue are. Logue raped a 11-year-old and bad mouthed her on the net years later. Gregg was hit with DUIs before serving it up. In his account (which the prosecutors didn’t agree with) he was merely staring longingly at a little boy who was peeping in his window while he was naked, then accidentally started jerking off in the kids face. That’s not the story the kid told however, and I suppose Gregg would say he isn’t credible.

    As for hiding behind a screen. Well “Zman” I use my real name to blog, and I’m glad to debate anyone in a public forum. If you and your pedo-rights perverts hold a protest around my parts I’ll gladly show up for a counter protest.

  7. Robby,

    IF that is your “real” name, then give me your real address so I can look you up and we can have a nice little chat in person:)!

    Oh, you said you have LEO connections…well could you tell the LE to quit bothering me? Every six months they call or drop by and ask if I’m ready to confess to being a serial killer! I guess if they could find the “missing” bodies, I could get arrested but I buried em deeeeep! Thanks:)

  8. Anti-Rob Taylor (AKA Derek Logue) said,

    on April 4th, 2009 at 7:30 pm

    “Wikisposure is the only site even less credible than yours, so how about quoting a CREDIBLE source for once?”

    You mean a credible source like the State’s Attorney? Or is it that you don’t consider that as credible a source as a pedo site? Or maybe a single news story that has been removed and rescinded is more credible to you? Because that is all the “sources” you are working with, Logue.

    Your failure to acknowledge reality is what caused you to see that eleven-year-old little girl as a “Lolita” and to see her as an object for your sick sexual gratification. So it is no surprise that you also can’t see the difference between a very credible source like the State’s Attorney and your “sources.” Go away, filthy pedophile. Shoo fly, shoo!

    Rob, is it any surprise that Derek Logue is a flaming Liberal who makes his living suckling at the government teat? It is a travesty that our tax dollars pay for the internet connection that he uses to attack victims of sex crimes, including the Lunsford family as well as his own victim. He should have been put under the jail, IMO.

  9. mah29001:

    The person you mention at Zionist Anti-Communist is not the real Stitches77. The real Stitches77 is a child advocate who is a member of the anti-pedophile group, Absolute Zero United. The person you are talking about started calling himself Stitches77 when she outed him as a disgusting deviant and told the world about the sick things he has said and done.

    His real name is Clay Keys. He is a registered sex offender with a rap-sheet that goes back twenty years. A few other online aliases he has used are Tsand, Toesinthesand, and Brownbilly. There is an interesting and informative expose’ of him on Wikisposure. He is not even accepted in the sex offender advocacy groups. That should tell you how sick this person is. Please correct your blog to reflect that this person is not Stitches77. Other than that, it’s a great post. Thank you for getting the word out!

  10. Tsand/Clay-Send me an email address and I’ll gladly give you my address so you can “look me up” which I think sounds like you’re threatening me. Over the Internet. I wonder if the people running the registry will want to know that?

    I’ll see when I send them your treat and ip address. But don’t let that stop you, I’m publicly listed. As I’ve put forward many times, I can make time to meet a fan.

    But where is this LE connection thing coming from? I don’t make odd spurious claims on the Internet. You know, like your claim that you’ve “discredited” me by quoting an article printed before the ASA letter that a newspaper already took down because it was inaccurate.

    But please keep the threats coming. I should warn you that I’m not a child under 16, so I doubt you’ll have the guts to actually assault me. And if I may date myself by the reference, I don’t sweat bitches, which is what you were in joint, right? That’s where all this anger is coming from, you were victimized the same way you victimized another person and rather than attempt to put if behind you and stay out of prison you run around making threats so you can go back.

    Is it because you know you deserve to be in prison, or on a certain level you enjoyed it?

    I’m off to a little soiree with adults, which is what people who don’t spend time raping children do with themselves. I’ll show your little tantrum to my friends and we’ll laugh and laugh just as adult women laugh at you, which is what drives you to all the stalking, molestation and I hear petty thievery which characterizes your entire adult life. Maybe in your next comment you can tell me how it feels to be a sub-human looked down on by even other criminals, or how angry it makes you that find your threats amusing rather than intimidating.

    And yes, it is no surprise Logue is a welfare queen, in all senses of the word. None of these miscreants can function in society because of their stunted emotional and psychological development.

  11. Stitches77 (AKA Convicted child molester Clay Keys) said,

    on April 4th, 2009 at 10:14 pm


    “IF that is your “real” name, then give me your real address so I can look you up and we can have a nice little chat in person:)!”

    Why don’t you quit posing as Stitches77?

    Anyone who would like to accept this pervert’s invitation to “a little chat in person” feel free to look him up next time you are in Pensacola, Florida.

    He not only poses as the child advocate, Stitches77. He has made a parody blog where he uses Jessica Lunsford as an avatar. Does anyone else find it disgusting that this child raping piece of filth has the audacity to use the picture of a child ho was raped and buried alive as an avatar? If so, he has already said that he welcomes a “chat.” I say we oblige him.

  12. Clay Keys, stop posing as Stichers77. You can be sued for libel for whoever IS the real Stiches77. I’m sure of that. You do a disservice by tricking other bloggers on just who is who.


  13. Sure got quiet around here. Where did the mouthy pedo-trolls go? I guess they decided this game isn’t as fun as they thought it would be, so they did like any other weak cowards would do: they hauled ass. Good riddance. Thank you, Rob, for this article.

  14. Funny. We just grew bored of your stupidity. But if thinking anyone’s scared of your Oreo ass, then more power to you…

  15. Oreo is an insult for Black people who “act White” moron. If you’re going to be a racist at least use the right terminology.

    But since you aren’t scared I guess you’ll you’ll be “looking me up” so we can meet in person, as you’ve been threatening. I look forward to shooting you for trespassing, or perhaps just bludgeoning you somewhere in public when you attack me as you claim you’ll be doing.

    Of course you don’t have the balls to follow through on a threat to a man do you? Because you’re a small man in all the ways that count, right Clay? All the adult women laugh at you, which is why you prey on children?

    Well, I’m off to bed where I’ll sleep soundly knowing you don’t have the guts to ever show up and “have a chat” and if you did I’d punk you the way you were punked in the joint.

    G’night sweet cheeks!

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