Good News! Teen Raping Pervert Tom Madison Not Suing Red Alerts for “Slander”

About a week ago Tom Madison, a filthy degenerate who got a light sentence for raping a teenager yet still has the temerity to claim being on a sex offender registry is unfair, had emailed me threatening to sue me for libel and slander. After blogging about the threat I responded to this fiend in a measured and temperate email:

You’re retarded. Look up what libel means moron, then look up the rules governing public figures. You’re a public figure and ridiculing you for your nonsensical views is protected by the First Amendment.

But feel free to have your lawyer contact me, I have enough money to keep you in court for years. I’ll bury you in briefs and bankrupt you in court and you’ll be in a nursing home before the cases are over. And the entire time I’ll put your face on my every blog I have access to. You will rue the day you threatened me with your juvenile legal threats Madison, and I’ll be posting this email as part of a piece about you and your disgusting abuse of a teen girl.

And detail what part of an analysis of you acting like a dick to rape survivors on video constitutes slander. By the gods man did you go to college?

Rob Taylor

It should be noted, for future reference to my more litigious readers, that with minor detail changes this is pretty much my response to any threat of a lawsuit. After not hearing from Tom I inquired, quite nicely as you can imagine, why I had yet to be contacted by his lawyer. Here’s his response:

Mr. Taylor,

When I initially emailed you, I thought I was dealing with a general blog owner(?!?) who had received some whacked out, one-sided blog from some anonymous extremist against the kind people who I represent (former sex offenders who are endlessly persecuted for crimes committed years and decades ago). But your last email to me (before tonight) told me all I want to know about you. You are an arrogant, one-sided bigot who seems to only believe that former sex offenders deserve a life sentence — irregardless of the kind of sex offense that was committed, irregardless of the specific circumstances, irregardless of how long ago it occurred. I would think of you as more at home with the Nazis than with what used to be a liberty minded American that valued our Constitution.

I will not seek a legal action against you. You would be a complete waste of my time. I will continue working with the mass media, the courts and with getting other former sex offenders together to build a national team where even more things can get done.

So blog away Mr. Robert Taylor (if that is your real name).

Oh, and please do not waste your time in an e-mail reply as it will be automatically rejected. I have much more important business to take care of than corresponding with people like you.

Enjoy your evening.

Tom Madison

By people like me he means of course men who don’t sexually abuse teenage girls. While it is some small satisfaction to have this blowhard admit, in his own way, that calling a person who sexually abuses teens a pervert isn’t libel or slander I don’t feel that Madison is rueing the day yet.

But that’s easily remedied. Anyone who has been been contacted by Madison knows he’s very fond of throwing around his pro-pedophile organization’s 501(c) status around. To keep 501(c) status a group must not engage in political activity and may not commit substantial resources to lobbying. That’s why groups like and the NRA are 501(c)(4) organizations, which do not have the same status as other 501(c) groups.

SoClear media is clearly a lobbying group trying to change existing public policy so they are misrepresenting their status to the IRS as a “educational” organization. I urge everyone who agrees with me to contact the Internal Revenue Service and report Madison’s group for suspected tax fraud. Together we can shut down this vile font of perversion.

10 thoughts on “Good News! Teen Raping Pervert Tom Madison Not Suing Red Alerts for “Slander”

  1. My biggest “Congrats!” goes out to you, Rob, for standing up to this scumbag and setting the record straight. He’s a reprobate that deserves nothing less than the ridicule you have heaped upon his smelly head.

    Well done, Sir!

  2. I will not seek a legal action against you. You would be a complete waste of my time.

    Well, at least he’s learned something about libel and defamation law..


  3. LOL Just too funny! And I’m going to have to “second that!” with what Del Simmons said. “I will not seek legal action against you” almost made me fall over laughing! Gee, Rob, I’ll bet you will finally be able to sleep knowing that! LOL!!

  4. So warpedohio, you think this statement by Madison is “true” about tough laws against sexual predators: ” I would think of you as more at home with the Nazis than with what used to be a liberty minded American that valued our Constitution.”

    Please come on, this is rather quite ridiculous and stupid to compare laws that are tough on sexual predators to being “Nazi”-style laws.

  5. Don’t bother. Sex offenders linked to Madison’s “movement” are invested in presenting themselves as victims of fascism. You know, because it’s fascist to pass laws that keep child molesters from working at schools, living by playgrounds and adopting children.

    The funny thing is that they revere Kinsey, a man who used Nazi research to “prove” infants and children had orgasms. You may be interested to now many are found on leftist sites like Digg and DU spreading their filth.

    I’m glad they have so little self control that they can’t stop exposing themselves for what they are.

  6. Aside from Madison being backed by usual Leftists, you might want to take interest in this comment made by members of the Canadian Communist Party on the age of sexual consent:

    “38. Criminalizing youth sexuality

    Health and legal experts told the Parliamentary justice committee last winter that Conservative Bill C-22, raising the age of consent from 14 to 16, is dangerous. It will create extra barriers to accessing contraceptives, abortions and sexual health information for young people, and is unlikely to change their behaviours. C-22 has been condemned by every major LGBT community lobby group, and by the Canadian AIDS Society, Planned Parenthood and the youth-led Age Of Consent Committee. Yet the Conservatives appear happy that C-22 will limit young people’s access to condoms and abortions. Judging by Conservative rhetoric, there may eventually be legal efforts to raise the age of consent to 18.”


    Isn’t this just pure exposure that those on the Left in other countries whom prefer the age of consent to be 14 would attack their opponents whom would dare raise it to a more reasonable age? Qutie frankly, this would quality to make the Canadian Communist Party, pro-pedophile.

  7. In regards to warpedohio , don’t you just love when pedo’s let the world know who they are and how to find them? LOL

  8. I know this is an old post, but I just saw it (via twitter) and had to comment through my fits of giggling (sorry, another twitter comment set me off, and it’s all been downhill from there…)

    an erroneous word that, etymologically, means the exact opposite of what it is used to express, attested in non-standard writing from 1912, probably a blend of irrespective and regardless. Perhaps inspired by the double negative used as an emphatic.

    To Tom Madison: It’s not even a proper word, shitwad.

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