Yet More Black Blood on White Liberals Hands!


At a routine traffic stop Officer Rodney Johnson was gunned down by an illegal alien who had already been deported from the country once. Juan Leonardo Quintero was deported in 2004 for Indecency with a child. He returned and was stopped by Johnson for speeding and was arrested for having no license.

Johnson missed the 9mm tucked in the waistband of Quintero’s pants during his pat down and while the unsuspecting police officer sat in the front seat of his cruiser Quintero shot the married father of five four times in the head.

Quintero has admitted to the murder, and perhaps inspired by the White liberals who claim that any person concerned with the security implications of of unchecked illegal immigration is a bigot, Quintero has stated to the authorities that officer Rodney Johnson was a racist:

As some members of Johnson’s family wept in the courtroom, Quintero said in the 17-minute videotape that he was arrested because of race and that he should have just received a ticket for speeding.

Johnson had stopped Quintero for speeding and arrested him for not having a driver’s license.

Quintero really believes that a person driving around without a license should get a ticket and not be arrested. That’s the sort of nonsense that “immigrant rights” groups fill people’s heads with. But more importantly after killing this Black man in cold blood he has the nerve to accuse the victim of his crime of being a racist in front of the man’s grieving family.

Where would he get the idea that killing a Black man and then besmirching his reputation was acceptable I wonder? You think that he’s playing the race card to gain sympathy with a certain type of “White liberal?” A group that has attacked Black folks as racists in the past in ways almost as disgusting as Quintero’s outrage?

Juan Leonardo Quintero should not have been here. He was a child molester running loose in our streets and now another Black man has paid the price for the special treatment White liberals’ new favorite minority receives. It’s open season on any of us with even a drop of Black blood in us and the White liberals and libertarians who want open borders don’t care how the Black community is affected.

The Chron has a video of Quintero’s confession. Check out the on line memorial to Officer Johnson and pay your respects.

h/t Moonbattery