Pandagon Calls Bi-Racial Man a “Race Traitor” for Disagreeing with White Liberals

As I’ve said before, the white robes that hide under their cloak of self-righteous liberalism are always a comment thread away from being donned for a good old fashioned Internet lynching.

Just ask Francis Holland.

So last night I commented, in my usual temperate and erudite fashion, on this extra offensive Amanda Marcotte abortion which is just a rehash of the old “I’m a good white person, Republicans are the bad White people” cretinism that is de rigeur in liberal thought these days. It’s apparently about how offensive it is for rich White Liberals to be exposed as rich.

As I suspected my comment was followed with a flurry of racism, paranoia and ad hominem attacks.

The “high point” Pandagon’s own Mike Ess who after telling me that half of me hates the other half for being a Republican (but he’s not a racist) threw up this little glimpse into the mind of a modern liberal:


That’s right, every Black man who disagrees with the White liberal establishment is a “race traitor” … to the White race which is all MikeEss cares about. Liberalism is an ideology that is based on the idea of group supremacy. It is the literal incarnation of the “tyranny of the masses” that a Republic must guard against. In the majority rules vision of politics of the liberal, Whites are the de facto leaders because of their sheer numbers.

Blacks are outnumbered by Whites and White and non-White Hispanics. With out safe guards to protect our freedoms anyone of African decent can be voted into poverty, servitude or worse. This is a chance White liberals are willing to take, with inevitable results.

The Pandagon comment thread is a microcosm of the liberal vision of America. Hateful, bigoted and a place where Blacks and any minority has to toe the line drawn by Whites or be attacked as a “race traitor.” A “race traitor” for thinking for myself. I’m a “race traitor” for not agreeing with Amanda Marcotte and the rest of the White liberals at Pandagon.

If it sounds familiar it’s because it is. The whole “race traitor” concept is borrowed from White Supremacists and recycled by the left to attack Black conservatives. That the left has no problem using neo-Nazi propaganda in slightly altered form is due largely to the love of totalitarianism inherent in both. That’s why they have no problem posting Nazi videos on DailyKos or why the White Aryan Resistance is in bed with the “peace” movement.

Read through all the comments, like I said it’s an orgy of left wing hate. The worse part though is that someone criticized Red Alerts design scheme as if Pandagon is eye achingly beautiful. That’s the most offensive part.

5 thoughts on “Pandagon Calls Bi-Racial Man a “Race Traitor” for Disagreeing with White Liberals

  1. My friend, as always, you are right. Benjamin Whitmer, that pinhead at, has been throwing around the “N” word as if he is really comfortable with it, probably, because he is really comfortable with it. You have to love these white liberals, it is like they believe that they are the real black men. Bizarre, I think they may be suffering from some sort of group psychosis or disassociative state, group schizophrenia. Actually, I don’t want to go there. I don’t want to insult the mentally ill by comparing them to white liberals.

    Anyway, I made a new post at my blog today. I am probably going to lose all my friends. What is one to do?

  2. Sorry to disturb the peace of your ghost town of a blog, but I just wanted to point out to both of you that Rob is nothing more than a coward. Rather than refuting my points here, he chose to run with his tail between his legs. Well, I guess running away is all you know how to do and it’s all you’re good at.

    By the way, why do you even have a blog? Shouldn’t you be working? Lazy.

  3. Umm, typical liberal arguing style — “Hey, you, you are a big poopie head.” That’s about it. When I take my four year olds to school, I hear this in the playground everyday. Liberals are about as persuasive and logical as four-year-olds.

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