White Liberals Refusing to Address Newark Massacre as the Hate Crime it is

Hot Air has a video of Kirsten “hit piece” Powers filling in for Colmes on Fox News’ dreadful Hannity and Colmes where she and Geraldo Rivera bend over backwards to try to shift the blame for the deaths of three innocent Black kids from liberal sanctuary city policies to a supposedly failing criminal justice system. At one point Powers even claims that had we deported the racist MS-13 member he would have committed his crimes in Peru which should be as unacceptable to us as him committing them here.

As Allahpundit says in his post, I’d like to see here tell the grieving parents that. Here’s the vid courtesy of Hot Air:

Geraldo never seems to mention the S.P.L.C. report which details violent Latino gangs targeting Blacks as part of a racist pogrom. Nor does Powers or any White liberal who would be forced to take sides if the report became widely circulated. They ignore the rising tide of hate crimes committed by these Central and South American terrorists against African American citizens because they don’t want to lose the votes of either. They hope to sweep this under the rug and not rock the boat. It’s disgusting, Immoral and typical of White liberals.

Typical because White liberal blogs have a history of ignoring hatred directed against Blacks if speaking out works against furthering their political agenda. If speaking out against racism and violence aimed at Blacks may lose them Latino, or worse Muslim, support so-called progressives will gladly watch their white hooded compatriots lynch every Black American in this country. Their allegiance is to the “common good” not to justice and decency. How else do you explain their silence in the face of obvious anti-Black animus and hatred?

When a racist Arab Muslim named Abdelaziz Hamze ran over 44 year old Sandra hall and then dragged the mother of two over a mile underneath his car, swerving and speeding along the unforgiving asphalt in an attempt to dislodge the dying Black woman, they were silent.

When the Muslim community began a smear campaign against the dead woman and laughably claimed he ran down the unarmed woman in self defense, they were silent.

When DailyKos banned a proud Black man named Francis Holland for speaking his mind and not accepting the White power structure closet fascist Markos Moulitas had put in place, after a Kos Diarist called him a monkey few liberals even mentioned the incident, and most to attack Holland.

And in the face of an execution style killing of three innocent Black kids by a violent Latino gang which included an illegal alien, they are resoundingly silent.

Atrios is silent

Pandagon is silent

Democratic Underground is silent

MyDD is silent

DailyKos only mentions the tragedy in passing as part of a larger swipe at Newt Gingrich!

They are all silent on the truth of the problem, that anti-Black racism is being imported here by immigrants who need to be assimilated into the American ideal of racial equality. Someone, and ten or twelve years ago I would have expected it to be liberals, needs to really speak truth to power as the left is fond of saying and say “Look, there’s a problem here and we need to address it as a society.”

But White liberals won’t address it, anymore than they’ll address the racism of their own far left. They care more about the illusion of cohesion than lives of Black Americans. They are too invested in identity politics and special interest pandering to take the hard stance; to tell newly arrived immigrants that we don’t run over or shoot Blacks here. They won’t stop and tell the Hamzes and Carranzas of the world that we don’t tolerate racist aggression toward our citizenry. And that’s what all these situations are; racist aggression.

The left tolerates it to a degree they would have you believe only the “evil, bigoted” right would. But the truth is that every Republican I know is angry, upset and in mourning for those kids from Newark. How do those “liberals” you know feel?

This is a hate crime, a real hate crime not some made up outrage that the media loves to hype. So where’s the solidarity marches? Where’s the spokespeople from the left telling Central Americans that if they want to stay here they have to accept that Blacks are their equals? Where’s left wing bloggers demanding that we crack down on racist gangs like MS-13?

I guess they’re too busy pandering to the “undocumented” to care about some dead black folk.

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