Robert Lee Newton, Jr and Anna Featherston Win! Plus a Contest

Originally posted at Greenville Dragnet

Apparently everything I say about Robert Lee Newton and Anna Featherston is libel and due to the constant threats of law suits I’ll be pulling all articles about them and will not be mentioning them again. One of many sticking points in this has been the fact that people who say they are still owed substantial sums of money from the failed business Anna Featherston ran were afraid of being targeted by the Dick James lawfirm for speaking out. However Robert Lee Newton has assured me that he is not representing her in that matter so I assume these people should have nothing to fear from him for going public. That being the case there’s really not much of a battle here to fight unless I want to be bankrupted on principle.

Robert Lee Newton has also assured me that despite my concern that this was just a first of many demands he would make until Greenville Dragnet closed alogether that he would not be threatening any more suits after these items are pulled. Of that we will see.

Indirectly Robert Lee Newton has actually given me an idea for a new idea for a category. See aside from being one of the few states that don’t have SLAPP protection Bobby Lee has pointed out SC case law which finds that being critical of the way someone does their job is libel. So all you people posting negative reviews on Angie’s List watch your asses! So in the future especially juicy stories will be run as blind items, the douchebag’s way of avoiding litigious people.

So I am starting a Blind Item category and in soliciting for scandalous stories from readers. At the end of the year the person sending in the juiciest, most scandalous item will win a prize! Here’s an example of a blind item for readers:

Can anyone guess what “progressive” organization throwing money around in South Carolina has connections with Hugo Chavez and the communist narco-insurgencyFARC? Here’s a hint, they have as members several very prominent “liberal” citizens in Greenville.

I wasn’t going to run that as a Blind Item because actually it’s well known that the People for the American Way, through their affiliation with Castroite front groups like United for Peace and Justice knowingly support foreign controlled, seditious organizations. But in the Blind Item I just put out the info and let readers do the research as to who it is themselves. So start sending them in people!

And be sure to congratulate Anna Featherston and Robert Lee Newton on their great victory! Also if you see anyone in the area who has ever claimed publicly that I was incompetent, a liar, etc – you know like in a forum or in the comments of a news site, please send that in so I can sue them.