James Rawles Survival Blog Taken Down by DOS Attack

A reader emailed me to say he had been having trouble getting to Survival Blog in the last day or so and sure enough when I went over there was a message saying they were experiencing a DOS attack and not to reload the page.

In April The Epoch Times was attacked in a similar way and the Chi-Coms were suspected.

Recently Rawles site had several articles about government agencies collecting date and in late 2011 there were several posts which used Occupy as an example of civil unrest and societal breakdown. I suspect the latter is the reason Survival Blog was attacked as I have written about Occupy and Anonymous vindictiveness to even mild criticism.

One thought on “James Rawles Survival Blog Taken Down by DOS Attack

  1. The Facebook page “Kitten for Sheriff” was once taken down by Homeland Security…It’s a ficticious stuffed Kitten that campaign against Minnesota, Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek…The author of the site even won a $15,000 lawsuit after falsely being arrested for trespassing by Sheriff Stanek’s department.


    The Patriot Act is treason!

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