2 thoughts on “The Racist Roots of Gun Control

  1. Thanks for sharing these videos. I’ve only become interested in gun control, politics and what’s happening in the world since Obama came onto the scene. My eyes are much more open now to what I was “taught” vs what the truth is. I’m actually learning what the Constitution is all about and how far our nation has come from it. And it is DIFFICULT to find truth on the net nor respectful discussions of hot topics. It seems far too many Americans do not know how to debate ideas without slander or denigration of those who have differing opinions. It’s quite sad actually because our nation desperately needs “truth” such as is given in these videos. It is sad that this viewpoint is never taught in our schools!!

    Do you know where to obtain the chart depicted here that shows violent crime rising when Nixon instituted the drug war as compared to when prohibition was enacted? I go back and forth about whether to legalize drugs and this video really impacted me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I don’t know but I’m sure some of the libertarian groups have it. Drug legalization in my opinion will do nothing to the crime rate because the main purveyors of violence no longer need drugs to be illegal to make money. Gangs have their fingers in everything from home invasions to car theft.

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