Join the CrimeShadows News Predator Smack Down!

Chris Yarbrough’s Crime Shadows News announced their Predator Smackdown campaign aimed at getting registered sex offenders off social networks like MySpace and Facebook on the 6th of this month:

CrimeShadows News will be actively hunting down registered sex offenders who are using social networking sites. Places like MySpace, Facebook, Wayn, Multiply, Friendster, and the like have been the hunting grounds of sex offenders. Now, they will be our hunting ground as we track them down and work to get their accounts deleted and their online activity halted. We will contact law enforcement in cases where sex offenders have been prohibited by law from Internet use.

You can help, too. Anywhere you see a known, registered sex offender on a social networking site, contact the site and let them know. If you need help, you can contact CrimeShadows News using the contact form at the top of this page. Please provide the link to the profile, the name of the offender, and the county and state where he/she is registered. We’ll be glad see that they are removed and attention is brought to their attempts to socialize with those they might harm.

Chris has already collected his first scalp from Waylon Dale Ball who he caught using MySpace even though he’s a level 3 sex offender. That profile has now been deleted.

If you know of a predator on any social network send the info to Chris, and help C.S.N. alert the websites to predators in their midst. Let’s make the web pervert free!

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