This Could be Your Last New Year’s Eve Link Round-Up

My prediction for 2010 is simple. TEOTWAWKI!!!!! Hyperinflation, the collapse of several European countries, and a new dark ages from which man will struggle for centuries to climb out! So enjoy that cheap glass of champagne and a kiss from some swine flu-ridden friend of a friend who you’ll later find out is on the sex offender registry. I don’t think I’m being hyperbolic when I say this could be your last New Year’s Eve:

The U.A.W. is running an extortion racket on day care providers in Flint Michigan. With the state’s help.

Liberals were excited that Rush Limbaugh was in the hospital because they thought he might die. And you know, if people disagree with liberals they should die. But we’re to believe there won’t be death panels.

Fouad Ajami disects Obama’s “Liberal Orientalism” in this must read WSJ op-ed:

In retrospect, that patina of cosmopolitanism in President Obama’s background concealed the isolationism of the liberal coalition that brought him to power. The tide had turned in the congressional elections of 2006. American liberalism was done with its own antecedents—the outlook of Woodrow Wilson and FDR and Harry Truman and John Kennedy. It wasn’t quite “Come home, America,” but close to it. This was now the foreign policy of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden. There was in the land a “liberal orientalism,” if you will, a dismissive attitude about the ability of other nations to partake of liberty. It had started with belittling the Iraqis’ aptitude for freedom. But there was implicit in it a broader assault on the very idea of freedom’s possibilities in distant places. East was East, and West was West, and never the twain shall meet.

The White House took four days to respond to the pantybomber, six days to issue a statement on Iran’s brutal crackdown on its innocent citizens. It took less than 12 hours for them to respond to criticism by Dick Cheney.

Meanwhile it’s been reported that David Axelrod and Rahm Emmanuel have been helping forge Obama’s foreign policy and security strategies even though they have no idea about either.

Al-Qaeda operatives were caught attempting to fund their Jihad through drug trafficking … in New York.

A Rocket Launcher and Jihadist material were found in a Houston apartment. No charges have been filed. On a related note, “moderate” Muslims in Houston were distributing Al-Qaeda propaganda even after the Ft. Hood massacre.

The Obama administration is cooperating with the United Nations to strip away your 2nd Amendment rights.

A Bosnian Muslim immigrant killed five people in a Finland mall in a scene eerily similar to the Salt Lake mall massacre which was also perpetrated by a Bosnian Muslim. The Finland gunman may have had K.L.A. connections.

Obama’s Executive Order on INTERPOL has Liz Blaine worried. Gates of Vienna notes that INTERPOL is being used by the Iranians as an international enforcement arm of their brutal and illegitimate regime.

G.S.G.F. has the real skinny on the situation in Yemen. Doesn’t look good.

A Maryland Judge named Steven Salant blamed the 15-year-old victim of a brutal gang rape for her assault by a group of animals. Her father (an Irish immigrant) is trying desperately to get some kind of justice in this case with clear racist overtones:

Montgomery county circuit court judge Steven Salant so enraged Séamus T that he filed a complaint with the Maryland Commission on Judicial Disabilities, the body that disciplines judges, on the grounds his daughter “was not treated with dignity and respect” as required by the state constitution.

Salant did not respond to The Irish Times’s request for comment, which was made through the court’s spokesman.

Séamus T says Salant blamed the victim and made excuses for the rapists, who he sentenced to probation only. As recounted by the Gaithersburg Gazette newspaper, the judge described the gang-rape as “horrific”, but focused on Erin’s behaviour on the night of the party.

The victim was drunk and “engaged in risky and provocative behaviour” such as sitting on people’s laps and talking about “hooking up”, Salant said in court. “This was a disaster waiting to happen . . . There was a dynamic at work here.

“There were things going on here. It doesn’t make the respondents any less worthy of blame, but what it does mean is I have to determine whether what we have here is sexual predators or respondents who . . . did not get that when a girl is intoxicated and presents herself in that manner you do not take advantage.”

An 11-year-old girl tried to kill her mother with the help of her 15-year-old boyfriend. What the hell went wrong in that family? Fox Tampa Bay is referring to both kids as teens. Sorry, but an 11-year-old is not a teen.

Some evil bastard dragged a German Shepard to death in Colorado.

Even MSNBC is worried about Obama’s economic policies now.

Still feel like celebrating?

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  1. re. The 11 year old girl trying to set her mother ablaze:

    Police spokeswoman Elizabeth Watts said a motive was “probably just typical teenage angst.”

    BBQing your mother isn’t “typical”… is that woman high? There has to be something else going on there. And what is an 11 year old girl doing dating a 15 year old boy? 11 years old is not a “teen”.

  2. I know! Where was I when American journalists decided that 11-year-olds were teenagers for whom arson and murder were typical behavior?

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