Lost in Lima, Ohio is Back! (Hannah Overton is Still Guily as Sin!)

I whipped out two exclamation points to show readers how excited I am about one of my favorite blogs (and bloggers) coming back after a hiatus. Lost in Lima, Ohio was one of the first crime blogs I came across and Lilo was one of the first crime bloggers I interacted with. She, along with Trench Reynolds, was extremely supportive of Red Alerts as it transitioned from purely political blog to its current form where I deal with crime, culture and politics.

Lilo’s return is welcome, and the timing is perfect because advocates for depraved murderess Hannah Overton have been making headway in their campaign to paint the child killing fiend as a victim of malicious prosecution. I’ve blogged about Overton here and as you can see just recently there have been comments left by supporters looking to discredit anyone who doesn’t accept their version of reality as true. Lilo has a case update on her site and she is pretty much the online authority on this case. I suggest you follow this link and familiarize yourself with the wonderful work she did on the Overton case. Then go to the Free Hannah movement’s website and tell that cult of child abuse groupies to stop defiling the memory of Overton’s victim, Andrew Burd, with their wicked and vile campaign to paint a murdered little boy as hellion responsible for his own death.

Lost in Lima, Ohio’s work on this case is a high point in the history of crime blogging. Lilo’s tireless work, and her efforts to organize against the Free Hannah cult, helped stop a travesty of justice by taking the wind out of the sail of a fairly sophisticated public relations campaign designed to get a murderer declared innocent in the court of public opinion. In Andrew Burd’s stead we should all thank Lilo for that.

And just as a side point of interest, Hannah Overton’s father beat a teenage girl to death with a crowbar and her grandfather was Marshall Applewhite, founder of the Heaven’s Gate cult. The pastor of Hannah’s church, and one of the key players in the Free Hannah movement, is a man named Rod Carver who was associated with one of Applewhite’s pre-Heaven’s Gate groups. Life is strange.

10 thoughts on “Lost in Lima, Ohio is Back! (Hannah Overton is Still Guily as Sin!)

  1. Ok…you said LILO was back…but it’s still that stupid site with the foreign writing. So, what gives?

  2. The links “Lilo has a case update on her site ” and ” I suggest you follow this link ” did not work.

    And I think the people at that church need to be treated with a certain amount pity. They are a pathetic bunch who honestly believe the lies Hannah Overton told. They do not intend to support abuse or murder. They are living in denial that abuse and murder occurred. They are truly a pathetic bunch but their intentions are not evil.

  3. Lilo’s site is down again. I don’t know why.

    But Hannah’s church have knowingly lied about this case. They are not ignorant of the facts, they are lying.

  4. one thing is for certain, you are not a doctor. you don’t give any conclusive evidence either. 2 doctors are the key to this case and they both agree that she is not guilty. they have told the prosecutor and she only wants to bolster her own career, she is hard as a stone.

    don’t blame this girl for her family. it’s not her fault that she may have been in a bad family. i doesn’t mean she is guilty of murder. hannah overton could have given this child up if she did not want him. she did not have to take him into her home. here lies a real problem, the fact that you want to help a child and then convicted for murder.

    these 2 doctors are the key to this saga. that say she is not guilty, and she is not.

  5. How hard would it be for Lilo to open another blogspot blog, seeing as it has long been hacked by Chinese econ majors?

  6. Are you going to publicly declare your judgement was wrong and beg her forgiveness when it is overturned?

  7. It’s not going to be overturned, and will you say now that it’s impossible to kill a child how she described. How evil are you that you would allow this depraved murderess actually claim that poor child killed himself doing something that it basically medically impossible.

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