Big Government Doesn’t Help the Poor Says … Tila Tequila?

A conservative epiphany for the reality star whose head was cleared after a stay at rehab shocked many of her fans, but comes as no surprise to me. Once people clear the drugs out there systems and start living in unfiltered reality the truth usually slaps them right in the face. Here’s a section of her most recent post on Facebook which sounds like it came right out of John Stossel’s No They Can’t:

Just because I’m in Hollywood don’t you think for a second that I forgot where I came from and how I grew up. Don’t for a second believe the hype and what you read in the media. Again, I believe in all of you so much and you have so much potential. I want to start by helping bring back hope into 1 community at a time. If the government has all the money in the world to spend 30+billion dollars a month of our tax dollars and not a dime on trying to better broke down communities and providing better education systems and more opportunities for careers, then I guess, we the people, or myself will have to do that job for them. However, I’m going to need your support more than ever now as I move forward in my fight to better mankind. I love you all too much to see our next generation go down the drain. It has to stop and now is the time. Will you stand by me to fight the good fight?

She’s almost there. The only problem is that she doesn’t seem to realize that the problems with “broke down” communities come from the government trying to help. I was a libertarian when I was young (until I grew up) and the one thing the Libertarian Party has always been right about is that private individuals and charities are much, much more effective and altruistic than the government can ever be. Government also can’t provide opportunity, only limit it by regulation. The best thing a government can do for improving the opportunities of Americans is to get out-of-the-way and allow entrepreneurs to follow their dreams – like Tila Tequila did when she built a multi-million dollar business from nothing more than some modelling shots and a MySpace page. Had the government been involved in “providing opportunity” on the web some government functionary would have cut off Tequila at the knees in the interest of “fairness” to all the other internet models.

Hopefully as she tries to launch her project and runs into government red tape she’ll use her platform to show her fans that individuals can do more good in society than bureaucrats and political interests.

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