The Occupy Wall Street Protesters Are Basically Animals Link Round-Up

May Day provided the country with ample proof that the Occupy Wall Street movements are not just communist shills but basically animals whose only real goal is to violence and mayhem. The next time someone tells you how thoughtful and politically aware this grievance mongering hate cult is ask them how much thought went into the following:

The Ohio bridge bombers included at least two Occupy Cleveland leaders and at least one of those “politically aware” youths volunteered to wear a suicide bomb vest – if someone would get him drunk. The FBI also just announced that the scum thought the bombs were armed and repeatedly tried to detonate them with text messages while people were on the bridge.

In Seattle Occupy protesters formed Black Bloc brigades to besiege the city, destroy property and detonating homemade incendiary devices. A reporter covering the chaos was lacerated on the neck by Occupiers with a stick and only the intervention of local heroes Phoenix Jones, Midnight Jack and Caballero kept “protesters” from completely destroying the old federal courthouse.

In New York City Occupy “protesters” violently attacked reporters who were filming their mayhem.

The Blaze has video of a male Occupier in L.A. sneaking up on a tiny female police officer and hitting her in the back of the head with a drum. The LA Times reports another female officer was hit, again from behind, by an Occupier with a skateboard. Very few police were attacked from the front and almost no male police officers were attacked.

In San Fransisco Occupiers attacked police stations, businesses with people in them and even private homes where mothers huddled in terror with their children.Occupy Wall Street’s media arm called the devastation caused by the riots “gorgeous” just in case you thought there was anyone with morals at Occupy.

Oakland and NYC were under siege.

But continually I hear people claiming that Occupiers are the 99%. is that true? Do the majority of people assault reporters, attack families at home, sucker punch women and commit arson?

These people are animals raised by neglectful parents who instilled in them an inflated sense of entitlement and a rabid hatred for anyone who doesn’t stroke their egos or by them drugs. You need to understand that there is no real political goal here except tearing down what you have and they don’t. Although demographically most of these criminals are well off and have more than you and me anyway as the majority are the children of rich liberals.

This country will dissolve into chaos soon and these animals will run the streets like this every day. Are you prepared for that?

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  1. There’s a video coming out in June titled Occupy Unmasked by Citizens United. I encourage everyone to pre-purchase the DVD.

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