Fur is Green!

(Photo Credit Kevin van Rensselear)

Don’t let the animal murdering hypocrites from PETA fool you, fur trapping is as “green” a business as you can be in. It’s a renewable resource that clothes (and often feeds!) millions of people without pumping chemicals into the environment or destroying natural habitats. Trapping is in fact the closest thing we industrialized countries have to the traditional hunting and gathering society that radical environmentalists think we should all revert to.

But trappers have not mastered the sound bite or learned how to manipulate the media so most people are left with the impression that all fur comes from fur farms where animals are tortured to death by psychopathic goons. The truth is that there are thousands of independent trappers in Canada and the United States who eke out a meager living selling furs because they want to live the kind of life PETA members give lip service to. These free spirited men and women who seek a deeper connection with cruel and beautiful nature are also an important part of our nation’s wildlife management programs and integral to our continued conservation efforts.

The Fur Council of Canada has been running a brilliant campaign to enlighten the public to the truth about fur trapping. Trappers’ rights groups here in the United States would do well to emulate the F.C.C.’s media strategy. With an increasingly emboldened far left having more say in American politics, and radical environmental agendas being promoted as science, our traditional sports and industries will be under increasing pressure and public discussion of the rich history and vital ecological importance of fur trapping will be key to trapping’s continued survival.

For more information on trapping visit The National Trappers Association or pick up a copy of Fur-Fish & Game which is is worth its weight in gold for the serious trapper.

h/t E.O.S. for the Brooke Adams picture.