Alex Jones Fan Post Internet Death Threat Against President Obama

“Anti-Zionist” Palestine supporter and Alex Jones fan “KarlKarlKarl1234” posted this comment on a YouTube video featuring Alex Jones complaining that Neil Boortz and and George Bush were Nazis … for supporting the Fair Tax or something.

Bush & Obama need to be executed or simply lynched on the sidewalk for High Treason.

Z.A.C. covers this sort of nonsense all the time because he has a stronger stomach than I do. I find these people too grating to deal with. But I wanted to show readers that Jones fans, Palestinian supporters, and other dregs are always willing to throw out the “let’s lynch a black guy” commentary and none of his fellow travelers batted an eye. Check the comments yourself to see if anyone even bothered to disagree with him.

Alex Jones is scum, as are all the suckers who make up his online cult.

7 thoughts on “Alex Jones Fan Post Internet Death Threat Against President Obama

  1. Rob Taylor.

    What “KarlKarlKarl1234″ has done is unacceptable regardless of weather or not you like Obama, or think he is doing a good job as president, you have no right to send him death threats. Personally this behavior disturbs me.

  2. I hardly ever agree with Obama on anything, but I don’t support this kind of behavior. He’s got American Maoists now who’ll start attacking his policies like in the same manner Dubya was attacked.

  3. well i really hope none does anything to obama.the reasion is the fallout it would create.the baclash would cover the entire you recall the la riots? if somuch madness and chaos can come frome one crackhead getting a little beatdown,what happens when its the prez? think it over people, nation wide race riot, mass death and destruction.not my cup of tea,so lets keep obama safe.

  4. Rob don`t worry just sit back take anouther (prozac).
    drink a few more glasses of that high quality tap water every day and o yes dont fogett to get that news in there (lol) do you really believe every thing they tell you is a fact ? if you do the formentioned you wont care what alex are the rest of them say
    like most of the population that should be everyones worry but no one cares so drink up that tap water good luck Trappin

  5. Actually I tend to drink bottled water or mineral water. But It’s odd, you claim I believe everything “they” tell me but don’t you believe all these theories that some other they tell you without ever testing hem yourself?

    It’s fairly easy to buy sampling kits and test your own water. Have you done that or are you simply quoting some guy who makes money on the web by spreading conspiracy theories?

  6. I don’t think it was really a “threat”, but either way it was uncalled for and all together immature. No one deserves to be “lynched”. It’s hard to say if this is racially motivated or not as well, since Bush’s name was mentioned. Freedom of speech or not, this is unacceptable, I’m not a fan of Obama, but I think anyone who has to take over presidency after George Bush has a lot on their plate to deal with or clean up, and should at least be given some credit for being man enough to take on that task. Sad to see people make poor use of the constitutional right of freedom of speech. And for those who are trashing Alex Jones, he is simply putting information on the table for those who wish to educate themselves. You as an individual are responsible for who you chose to believe or listen to. He’s not forcing you to listen. I personally don’t care for him or most of his idea’s, so I devote my time to something productive. Calling him names is childish. Spend your time on something productive that suits your interest or beliefs, and grow up.

  7. Since blogging is how I make a living th8is is indeed productive, but thanks for dropping down to tell me how you live your life. I’m sure it’s awesome.

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