Cyan Brown is a Hero and Thomas Winston Deserved to Die? Update: Cops Claim She Was Main Aggressor?

The Lord of the Gallows

Harsh? Not so fast gentle readers. 16-year-old Cyan Brown was almost gang raped in a wilding attack that began outside a New York restaurant and continued when eight thugs, led by career criminal Thomas Winston, dragged Brown off a subway train she had fled to. Of course being New York this all happened in front of witnesses who did nothing.

Luckily Cyan was able to defend herself, something which the authorities of New York frown upon. From The Daily News:

Several thugs tried to drag a woman off a Queens subway train Thursday night, but she fought back and fatally stabbed one of her tormenters before fleeing on another train, police said.

The large group of men – perhaps as many as eight – surrounded the woman outside a chicken restaurant above the 21st St.-Queensbridge station about 9 p.m., police and a witness said.

The harassment, which may have included unwanted sexual advances toward the woman and grabbing, continued as she entered the subway station.

The woman broke free from the men and frantically ran down to the platform and hopped on an F train, with the thugs right behind.

“They tried to physically drag her off the train, but she fights back,” one cop said.

The struggle continued as the group pulled her off the train and dragged her up the stairs to the mezzanine level.

At one point, the woman stabbed one of her attackers – identified by family as Thomas Winston, 29 – multiple times in the chest.

The woman then sprinted back down to the platform – with the thugs in hot pursuit, said witness Ricardo Josephs, 41.

“Seven or eight of them were chasing the woman,” said Josephs, an MTA employee.

“They all jumped over the turnstiles after her,” he continued. “She got on the Queens [-bound F] train. They tried to grab her; they tried to hold the train – but she got away.”

Winston, who lives in a nearby shelter and has a 10-month-old daughter, was pronounced dead at a Manhattan hospital.

The article goes on to point out that Winston had “numerous” arrests in his past. A follow up story relates that he had faced attempted murder charges. His family, however, claims he was just an innocent bystander, which must be why the teen victim is in hiding:

The 16-year-old girl suspected of fatally stabbing an ex-con lashed out after he and a bevy of men chased her onto a Queens subway train and tried to fondle her, her mother said Friday.

Thomas Winston, 29, and a pack of thugs tried to pull Cyan Brown out of a subway car at the 21st St.-Queensbridge station about 9 p.m. Thursday following an altercation that began outside a nearby chicken restaurant, police and family said.

She fought back and stabbed Winston before she fled on a Manhattan-bound F train, police said.

Winston, the father of a 10-month-old girl,was pronounced dead at a Manhattan hospital.

Although police have not disclosed any official suspects, Brown’s family said detectives have been trying to contact the girl in connection with Winston’s death.

“The guys tried to feel up my daughter and the next thing I know, someone was knocking on my door saying Cyan stabbed someone,” said Erika Brown, 40, the teen’s mother.

Winston, who lived in a nearby shelter, had a long list of prior convictions that included criminal possession of a weapon and selling narcotics and also faced an attempted murder charge, sources said.

But Winston’s cousin Tedra Laws, 31, said he was never in the subway station, but was trying to catch a cab to bring a present to his daughter.

Detectives should be looking for the rest of Winston’s gang, not harassing the family of Cyan Brown. Brown not only defended herself admirably, but she has stopped Winston from victimizing any other women. She is a hero and doesn’t deserve to be treated like a criminal.

Winston, however, got exactly what he deserved.

Update: Cops are claiming that this was an altercation between tow groups and Winston got stabbed after demanding her friend apologize for bumping into one of his. In other words Cyan was a thug and Winston, who was supposedly turning his life around (by traveling the streets with a gang of thugs looking to fight people for bumping into them) died as he lived:

A Queens teenager who stabbed a man to death in a subway was facing charges Tuesday after cops said she was to blame in the Christmas Eve fracas.

Charges were pending against Cyan Brown, 16, who was originally portrayed as a plucky victim who stabbed Thomas Winston, 29, in self-defense after a group of men tried to attack her.

“She was the main aggressor, without a doubt,” a police source told The Daily News.

Brown got into a shouting match with Winston after one of her male friends  bumped into him  on an F train at the 21st St.-Queensbridge station.

Winston, who was with his pals, asked the man to apologize, setting off a confrontation that apparently spilled onto the sidewalk in front of a chicken joint.

“You could say excuse me,” the slain man said, according to cops.


Winston’s friends chased after Brown, who escaped into the night.

Witnesses believed the teen was fleeing from a gang of aggressive men and told cops they thought she acted in self-defense.

Brown turned herself in for questioning yesterday at the 114th Precinct.

She will face first-degree manslaughter and weapons charges, Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne said.

Hmmm. Like I said in the comments the cops in New York aren’t big on self-defense. Winston and company went looking for a fight and got one from some of their fellow hoodrats. Rather than call an ambulance and try to staunch the flow of blood, or call a cop, when Winston got stabbed his so called friends kept fighting. Since Winston was charged with attempted murder just recently I’m not crying.

Of course, all these people who claimed you can’t trust the cops story when they say Winston may have started the altercation are now claiming the cops are 100% right after sweating a confession out of a teen. A confession that the NYPD was, allegedly, under pressure to get since the story was making the city look unsafe. But whatevs. I don’t buy it but the cops got her to admit to causing the fight which makes the city happy and shuts down criticism of a city that allows gangs of thugs to get out of control.

So did Thomas Winston deserve to die? I’ll let the person he recently tried to kill decide. Is Cyan Brown a hero? Not if she got stabby during an argument. But how is a teen girl and a couple of her firneds the “main aggressors” against eight or nine adults? Not buying it.

Update: If Cyan was the main aggressor who just stabbed Winston out of the blue why is she being charged with manslaughter rather than murder?

NEW YORK (AP) – A 16-year-old girl who said she pulled a knife on a group of men accosting her in the subway, leaving one man dead, has been arrested on manslaughter charges.

Cyan Brown surrendered Tuesday with her attorney after police located an eye witness to the Christmas Eve incident at an F train station in Queens. She’s to be arraigned Wednesday.

Police say others witnesses saw her jumping a turnstile and trying to get on the train before the group grabbed her and pulled her out.

The girl’s family says she was on a trip to a restaurant when a group of men chased her onto a subway and tried to fondle her. Fearing for her life, they say she pulled out a knife. Twenty-nine-year-old Thomas Winston was stabbed to death.

A call to her attorney wasn’t immediately returned.

Sounds like the cops threatened her with a murder rap an forced her to plead down to me.

99 thoughts on “Cyan Brown is a Hero and Thomas Winston Deserved to Die? Update: Cops Claim She Was Main Aggressor?

  1. “Kevin” I will respond more fully when you write a comment in English. But I will say that, as usual, you have no idea what slander means. You also seem iffy on your understanding of the words diatribe, tirade and certainly not gentleman which a person who has a lengthy rap sheet including attempted murder charges certainly isn’t.

    You also don’t know what the term cry wolf means apparently. Cyan has not cried wolf or anything else. Witnesses saw her being assaulted. Why you think they and the reporter and the police and Cyan’s family etc are all making this up is beyond me though I suspect that it has something to do with RSO activism, misogyny and loneliness.

    I am unaware of any projects in Chicago because I’m not from there. I do go by Rob and blog under that name to avoid confusion with the 300,000 other Robert Taylors alive today. I fail to see why going by Rob is an issue with a person who uses a false name, but I do recognize the piss poor attempt at race baiting. Sorry “Kevin F” but my feelings aren’t hurt by that.

    A person who molests teens is a child molester. Ask Tom Madison, a teen raping pervert like yourself no doubt, about whether it’s slander to call people who grope and harass teens a child molester. Ask him how that lawsuit he threatened me with worked out at the next child molester, oops I mean Sex Offender Activist, meeting.

    I’ll to close by pointing out your last paragraph is the kind of meaningless semi-literate jargon masquerading as depth that the socially retarded and intellectually lazy like to throw around. Who is this “we” you’re talking about? Why do you need “truth seekers” if you’re so in touch with truth yourself? Why is moral clarity less desirable than having an “open mind” which is a code word for allowing degeneracy from people like you? What does the last sentence of that paragraph even mean?

    You know, you sound like Derek loge, this child raping pervert that sometimes stalks me. You have a similar lack of character and hackneyed writing style. Just an interesting coincidence I’m sure.

    I like the way you tried to pretend you aren’t Tony by responding to him though. Commit to your character, even if it’s a sock puppet.

  2. @Robert Taylor

    I appreciate your attempt to provide an abbreviated response, but next time please include just a little substance. I am starting to wonder about your ability to reason in a logical fashion.

    You have no credibility as a victims advocate, and even less as a comic. Your are the problem not the solution. Fix yourself Robert. I mean really most pet advocates believe in it!

    I could be Derek,Tony or Rob Taylor’s smart alter ego but to you I am substance. You sir are a flimsy shallow jester using a child’s image for site attendance.

    Good day “Robert Taylor”, from East Orange. I am sure becoming Rob only ensures you contend with 299,998 other Rob Taylors. What a productive move. With this being your lonely site, and an attendance of three fictitious characters, I have to wonder if there really is a clear need to distinguish yourself?

    Happy Holidays thank me later for all the great advice!!

  3. I’ll add substance, productive and attendance to the list of words you don’t know the meaning of. Where is the substance is your drunken comments and sock puppetry?

    I’m wounded that a pervert thinks I have no credibility. And truly cut to the quick by a person writing on a 3rd grade level thinks I should “fix” myself. Wow. You just got me you’re incoherent insults and inability to focus on one subject. Oh and the pain of knowing that you don’t think I get enough traffic! Ouch! I’m sure you never even heard of me, and certainly haven’t been fuming about me for months.

    It must be such a proud moment for you to have rubbed out a missive that everyone can see is projection. Oh the humanity! How can I go on knowing a degenerate pervert has trolled my blog under four different names and he hates me? I must retire to my swooning couch!

  4. Uh. The update doesn’t say he was innocent and nothing has been proven. Cops sweated a confession from her and even then admit that he and his group of thug friends were starting a fight with a 16-year-old girl and her I assume friends of a similar age. Winston’s friend got bumped into and they all started trouble. Hardly sounds innocent to me…

  5. Gia I’m betting this was two groups of people with no sense meeting in a subway and mayhem ensuing. When I lived in the Bronx I heard screams one night, ran out and saw four guys jumping two women in front of a local bar. Cops came and turns out the women were drunk and “started it” by arguing with those four scum.

    The facts the cops are laying out now is that Winston and company were on a train with the teens. One of Winston’s friends felt like he was disrespected and they decided to confront the kids. Typical New York style fight over petty nonsense. What’s most interesting here is that even though he was stabbed Winston’s friends gave him no aid and kept fighting the girl. Some friends.

  6. First off… you people are upsetting me.I personally know cyan.We live in the same neighborhood.She has a very bad habit of running off at the mouth so i think maybe she did provoke winston but you see that just what i think (Exactly what you guys are doing making opinionated assumptions).Now im not saying that i know what went down because i dont, but i highly doubt that they we’re trying to rape her .I mean c’mon….there are still people out at that time of night and rite in front of the chicken place….HELLL NOOo !!!….that couldnt have went down. But point blank period , theres always 3 sides 2 a story (one persons side ,the other persons side, and the truth)…people always twist stories up even the ones who tell them, whether its to keep them from looking bad or staying out of trouble or whatever ,stories always get f***’d up. And another thing, i know everyone is entitled to their own opinion but to say someone deserved to die..thats just dead wrong.I can tell you now you better go and prey for saying some stuff like that..N0B0DY deserves to die…ONLY G0D can say.

    BtW: how about everyone just wait until the real evidence is found and all the facts are together before commenting because some of you ppl sound really ignorant and its sad. Find something better to do .Go play The Sims or something its way better than arguing over something none of us have control over so leave it alone.Like they say”Justice will be served”…(and if it hasn’t it will be one way or another)

    P.S i will never comment on one of these things again its a waste of my time ….(B0redem allowed me to do so now also due to all of you who were working on my nerves)….

    Well G2G

  7. QBDiva-

    I’m curious about something. How is it that Cyan has the habit of “running off at the mouth” and to whom does she do this? Is it possible that she’s just a young girl who has enough self-respect that she doesn’t care to put up with a bunch of two-bit street thugs running their mouths at her? Maybe when somebody insults her weight and appearance, she just puts a cap in their asses right back. I’ve got a newsflash for you, lady, some people have the temerity to think they have the right to walk the streets without being accosted and harassed by two-bit, no-good, lowlife street gangs like the crips and bloods. I’ve lived in neighborhoods like that, though I’m not black, and I can tell you from experience, if you don’t stand up for yourself and draw a line in the sand, you get no respect. You might get killed faster, but you won’t get raped or harassed any less than what you would if you just keep your head down and kowtow to these no-good punks.

    I don’t know what happened, I wasn’t there, but it sounds to me like a group of young men had a lot to do to be chasing after a sixteen year-old girl, and I ain’t believing for one minute that she just walked up to them and started running her mouth-and then stabbed a guy, to boot.

    You can sit on it and spin, sistah soljerk. Keep to your original game plan, don’t make any more comments, you’re obviously a fucking idiot. How many of these hoods have you fucked by the way? Doesn’t it take a shitload of bleach to keep that thang from stanking up the hood?

  8. What I’m having trouble figuring out is: if Winston was bumped and a dispute/confrontation ensued, then when did the alleged fondling happen? It’s really one or the other. Either 29 year old Winston was on his way with Christmas gift in hand and tried to touch 16 year old Brown and then she stabbed him because of it OR 29 year old petty/hardened criminal Winston was bumped by a male, a dispute ensued due to emotional pride and ego, and 16 year old Brown lost control of her own emotions pulled a knife and killed Winston.

    Without knowing what really happened(of course), I’m really more inclined to believe the bump/argument/stabbing story. The fact that she claimed she was attacked by a group of hungry, starving, sexually crazed men and had to stab that man says that she is trying to use the tried and “true female victim” role. But the “bumping” throws the sexual assault story out of wack. There are many young females walking around nowadays that think they are physically tough as men and will not think twice at getting into an altercation with a man. They know the law is usually on their side just because they’re women. Many of these women are living a lesbian lifestyle and living in a masculine caricature generally known as “butch” or “dike lesbian”.

  9. Uh. Yeah. Lesbians are more likely to fight men. Sure. My assumption is you’ve never met a lesbian. I’ve known many, they are no feistier as a group than any other woman.

    This was an altercation between two groups of people, and the “bump” was supposedly by one of the male friends of the girl. But the new witnesses may or may not be the group that was fighting so…

    The real issue is, if the new theory is right, how does a man who’s about 30 and nine of his friends end up fighting a couple of tens and their female friend anyway?

  10. Please reference my statement correctly, as I specified exactly what distinction of the lesbian community is more likely to be involved in altercations with men. Stating that I’ve “never met a lesbian” is misleading and deceptive. I didn’t just say “lesbian”, but I elaborated. Honestly, have you seen some of the young “women” walking around nowadays? I’ve seen groups of “butch dike” lesbians attack a man, in protection of HIS woman. I’ve also seen “butch dike” lesbians provoke and confront men the same way adolescent young men would one another.

    Obviously the 29 year old involved is a street person and street people get involved in street things. So the bump and altercation doesn’t surprise me much. Why these things go on and why people are involved in such emotional and petty matters is another subject altogether. But if Winston was bumped by one of Brown’s group, the rising attitude amongst young women is that they can physically fight a man and they will “mouth off”. Why didn’t the men in her group take control of the situation, pull her to the side and handle it themselves? Why did they let an emotional 16 year old teen get out of hand? Because men in general and especially men in the inner city (hood) aren’t taught to be leaders anymore. If they were leaders, the altercation between two men still might have happened but at least Brown wouldn’t have been involved.

  11. Please stop making derogatory comments here to prove some point that’s invalid. Calling lesbians dykes (not the spelling) is no more acceptable than when gays call straights “breeders.”

    I’ve known plenty of butch lesbians, fem lesbians, straight women who were butch etc. Being butch does not make women more prone to fighting, but being a thug might. My point simply is that presenting lesbians who aren’t particularly feminine as more violent than other women is false and a bit bigoted.

  12. I suspect that OATSUZN is a male (purposely not saying “man” for a reason.) “I’ve seen groups of “butch dike” lesbians attack a man, in protection of HIS woman.” No self-respecting woman would post a statement such as this that shows ownership of any woman by any man. To say “HIS woman” is far different than saying “his girlfriend” or “his wife”. Notice the lack of emphasis (caps) there.

    My husband is my husband, but he’s his own man. Just as I am my own woman.

    And, OMGs, OATSUZN, are you saying that women should be more demure? Are you saying that we shouldn’t stand up for ourselves or for what we believe? And why should a bunch of emotional 16 year old boys be expected to keep an emotional 16 year old girl in check? Because they’re the male of the species? Because they’re supposed to be the “leaders” of women? Just… wow. You really MUST be one hell of a misogynistic man.

    I’ve known a fair amount of lesbians, as well, and your assumptions about their behavior based on how feminine or masculine they seem is asinine.

    And Rob is 100% correct here… the adult men should have just walked away. Even if Cyan and her friends were “mouthing off” (and I’m not at all convinced that this is how things really went down), if the adults simply walked away it would have prevented this entire situation from happening. If you’re an adult, act like an adult. Show the kids how a mature adult is supposed to act, don’t act like a child yourself.

  13. OATSUZn is likely another one of our “friends” who seem to think this story is there new hill to die on. Meh. Any person who thinks lesbians are more punchy than other women hasn’t had enough experience with either?

  14. I’m going to use this story to rip apart their vaunted low crime statistics bullshit. Who wants to report a crime if you’re going to end up charged with one yourself just for defending yourself, to say nothing of risking reprisals from thugs like these. It’s almost like the current crime statistics are geared toward hyping New York tourism. That will pretty much be the gist of it, but I need to find a few links first.

  15. Sounds good and it’s exactly what I’m thinking. New reports are that police suddenly have video of the stabbing, but of course no video of the original altercation. Convenient, no?

  16. Very convenient. I’m curious to see even that video… I’d be willing to bet that it does nothing to prove that the other “theory” is correct.

  17. I didn’t make any derogatory remarks toward all lesbians lol. I described the “masculine” section of the lesbian community I was referring to and said what that section is usually referred as. Arguing over semantics takes us away from the original story anyway. And my point is valid. Search for “women beat up man on subway train” and watch that video. I see legions of young women walking around, and on the subway provoking men, women and just people in general. The fact is that most women know the law is on their side and they will use it to their advantage.

    And DodiaFae, you are right, I could have chosen my words better. I am no misogynist. But again, arguing over how things are said leads away from the actual discussion of events. The 16 year old boys should’ve pulled 16 year old Brown to the side, if not because it had nothing to do with her then to bring down the emotions in the situation. How many times have you seen a verbal confrontation between two women escalate to a point where men get involved and the situation becomes physically violent. I was on vacation recently visiting another city and at a night club with a female friend of mine. Something happened while passing, and my friend started to exchange words and with the another female. I didn’t care what it was about, I immediately stepped in and separated them both and pulled my friend away. The other woman called a man over and he started to mouth off to me. Now he didn’t even know what the situation was but he was ready to become violent with me over it. I just grabbed my friend and walked away and my ego wasn’t hurt by it. That’s called leadership. Leadership is not based on pride or emotions. Now I’m not saying women can not be leaders, but usually women are nurturers and nurturing involves emotions. Most (not all) women do not like an emotional man. Emotions change everyday and most women look to men to be strong minded and unwavering, this is leadership. My point is that many men in the inner city lack this leadership quality(this is another discussion). ALL of the men involved in this altercation lacked leadership.

  18. @patrickkelly

    yeah it’s generally accepted amongst most us New Yorkers that the NYPD’s crime stats are bogus but it hasn’t been proven. But in this case the police wouldn’t have need Brown to report the stabbing, the dead body is more than enough.

  19. OATSUZN my point is that women who aren’t lesbians have done the same thing. I’ve been friends with plenty of lesbians (mostly “butch” ones) and plenty of straight women and the gays were not more likely to be ready to throw down with men than other women. If someone is “hood” they might be, or some of the heavy drinkers might be, but the butch thing isn’t a great indicator.

    There was a spree of muggings and assaults by the Harvey Milk school by teen trannys. This doesn’t indicate trannys are more violent than other men, only that we consider it more interesting because it’s out of place.. See what I mean?

  20. Oatsuzn-

    My point is that when something like this happens, of course that will add to the crime statistics, but when they can throw somebody like Cyan Brown under the bus, just for defending herself, (whether it’s deserved or not) that’s got to have a chilling effect both on people who might be inclined to stand up for themselves or who might otherwise make a report. Because of that, you have thugs like the street gangs and ACORN running amok and in control of the streets, and nobody has the will or wherewithal to stand up to them.

    And naturally, if you defend yourself with anything other than your fists, your going to be charged with a weapon’s violation. I guess you might skate if you use nail clippers, but I doubt that much. Hell, you probably will be prosecuted for hitting back with your fists, for all I know.

    If you use a gun to defend yourself, you’re really screwed. Therefore, nobody wants to take that kind of chance, or most people don’t. So if they’re robbed, what are they going to do about it? The thugs that robbed them will be out on bail in no time flat, assuming they are ever arrested to begin with, and then you have to worry about them coming after you. And for what, because you got ripped off for a ten spot, or even a fifty? Why bother with the hassle and potential danger?

    But of course Michael Bloomberg can add the city’s draconian anti-gun laws as a reason for his “success” in curbing crime, never mind that crime would be even less if law-abiding citizens could arm themselves, or otherwise defend themselves.

    Add to all this the urban street culture that discourages cooperating with the police on any matter, a dubious code of ethics enforced by the very thugs that cause the problems to begin with, and you have a set of dubious at best crime statistics, all so a bunch of tools can go to Madison Square tonight to watch that corny ball drop at midnight, under enough heavily armed surveillance to give the IDF a run for it’s money.

    If you live there, I would advise that you not be there, you would probably not be welcome in your own damn city tonight. That’s for all the beautiful people Bloomberg wants the country to see on NBC tonight smiling and laughing like idiots while the bands play on.

  21. OATSUZN, I’m curious… how many times have you read “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”? Just an FYI – it’s complete crap.

    Not trying to bash you or anything, just saying that maybe you aught to get to know a few more *real* women and *real* men before making such statements. Men can be good leaders and be nurturers… in fact, I believe that nurturers make the best leaders. Women can be nurturers and be leaders, as well. And the smart (heterosexual) ones will find a good, nurturing man if they decide to marry or raise a family. Why should women be the only nurturers? All that leads to is them giving everything emotionally and receiving no emotional support in return, which makes for a horribly unbalanced relationship.

  22. Hey Rob Taylor i saw the video that girl murdered him in cold blood she pulled out the knife winston was backing up away from her and slipped n the snow she pounced on top of him and stabbed him a couple of times in the chest

  23. dep, you honestly expect us to buy that the NYPD released surveillance footage of a cold-blooded murder? I call b.s. Your description reads exactly like the media reports describing the video based on police statements. Provide a link to the video or shut it.

    Or would you have us believe that you’re some sort of insider, maybe a cop or someone in the D.A.’s office? If so, I’m sure Rob would be happy to supply your IP address to authorities so they can discipline you for mouthing off about an active manslaughter case on the Internet. I’m sure the defense team would love to hear about it too.

    One more point: if Cyan Brown “murdered him in cold blood,” she would be charged with murder, not manslaughter. As usual, someone is wrong on the Internet.

  24. ok i didnt see a vid i thought someone said they did but the news reported that they did see a vide the way i described it and jenn ur a clown ur acting like i spoke on inside info the shit was on the news

  25. dep said,

    on January 1st, 2010 at 10:52 pm

    Hey Rob Taylor i saw the video that girl murdered him in cold blood she pulled out the knife winston was backing up away from her and slipped n the snow she pounced on top of him and stabbed him a couple of times in the chest

    (Emphasis mine)

    So, dep, you’re a liar. OK, thanks for clarifying that. Which is what Jenn was implying. You just proved her point. She didn’t really believe you were acting on inside info. Her first paragraph in response to you:

    dep, you honestly expect us to buy that the NYPD released surveillance footage of a cold-blooded murder? I call b.s. Your description reads exactly like the media reports describing the video based on police statements. Provide a link to the video or shut it.

  26. This is crazyy ! that girl goes to my school. Dont believe for one second she a hero. That girl deserve wut she get. She got a major fucken attitude n history of violenece. She wus not gonna get raped or nun of dat bullshiit she is gettin wut she deserve and dats dat.

  27. There’s nothing more disgusting than a White man pretending to be a minority teen on the Internet. Nice try “Carmen” but your racism is showing with your phonetic ebonics.

  28. I’ve known Cyan and her family for 10 years and I’ve lived in queensbridge for exactly 10 years and growing up there is the worst..the men are pervs.. See im actually legal but some say I look 16..but even when they say I look 16 these men still I know what’s its like growing up in queensbridge..Cyan yes has a mouth on her but who doesn’t when its time to defend not saying death is right because only God can choose who stays or goes… but Cyan didn’t do this because of pride..or for attention and dudes in the bridge are real petty..for example a party if another dude steps on your feet or you step on his and you dnt apologize he’s going to go get a gun..this is the “hood life” if you haven’t grown up and the projects or haven’t been in this situation you can’t judge ..or have some type of ignorant comment.. But I believe Cyan because I know what its like in Queensbridge..And before everyone starts commenting cursing me out or talking about my comment..think about what’s going on…im not here to debate..and I won’t argue back this is why this is going on now because some adults are jst as immature

  29. ROFL Carmen, I have to agree with Rob… in the same paragraph, you type “that” and “dat”… I recommend you get your ebonics straightened out before making another attempt.

  30. i know cyan brown she was acually a really good friend of mine, and hearing all of this really sucks because 25 years is no joke and taking a life away isnt eaither. I dont no what exactly went down and im not saying what she did was right but if you dont no her how i know her then you have no right to talk all the shit your talking about her , you should be considered lucky it wasnt you
    – Academy 2 all day cyan..

  31. Rob, you’re a smart guy.

    I hope & pray everything will turn out well for Cyan, and for the little daughter of the guy who got killed.

  32. Listen people could say and suspect whatever they want and say whatever the want, no-one but both the victim and the defendant could say what happened. Unfortunitely for the incident it happened like that but nevertheless she is still a child and I am so bothered with prematurely saying it was her fault. This is a 16 year child her and the only thing she needs right now is total supprt family & friends to be by her side. We lost one life, now you thnk its right for us to loss another?

  33. wow yall are stupid. I’m no fuckiing white man or whatever yall talking. yes i am not typing with correct grammar cuz hellooo its the fucking internet not english class. Im actaully 18 yrs old and went to school with cyan so yall believe what yall wantt but yall sound stupid

  34. Carmen you write like a neo-Nazi mocking Black people. I can only assume you are a neo-Nazi because no Black or Latino person would have so little pride as to represent themselves in that way.

    Something Paulnuts like you wouldn’t know.


  36. A shame that she was accused of murder! A shame that it can be a matter of discuss in the 21st century!
    The dirty gangster deserved to die, all the attackers should have! Actually each rapist do deserve it. Especially gang rapists. Words cannot express how awful they are.

  37. What I am failing to see is how he deserves to die for attempted murder, but she doesn’t for actually murdering someone? No one in this story is innocent, just like everyone really, but people will always jump on someone else to take away from their own short comings.

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