Democrat Christianist Loretta Sanchez Holds Health Care Prayer Vigil!

How exclusionary! As a practitioner of an alternative spiritual practice I am very uncomfortable with this expression of rank Christianism designed to shut down debate and “other” opponents of Obamacare:

GARDEN GROVE – About 300 people from throughout the county got together Sunday and prayed for affordable health care in a vigil that included Christian pastors and a public official.

The prayer vigil, held at St. Callistus Catholic Church, was about the national health-care reform package that is being debated now, but also about the loss of health care in California because of the state budget crisis.

It was sponsored by the Orange County Congregation Community Organization, which represents 22 congregations and 50,000 families in seven cities.

Rep. Loretta Sanchez, D-Santa Ana, the guest of honor, said she supports universal health care, but that’s not what’s being debated in the Capitol.

Instead, she said, the current proposal would provide federal subsidies on a sliding scale for health insurance premiums for families that earn up to $88,200 a year, which is four times the official federal poverty level threshold.

“We are also trying to cut down the increases in the cost of health care, which are averaging 15 to 20 percent a year,” Sanchez said. “That is the real reason we need to reform our health-care system.”

Hmmm. Last time the Catholic Church took such an obvious stand with a Fascist movement was when they replaced the Falangists in Mussolini’s Italian Fascist coalition. Technically what we’re seeing right now is an example of Integralism, a Catholic corporatist philosophy which is unsurprisingly pretty popular amongst the revolutionaries in Latin America. I expect that we’ll see more prayer vigils by the Red Shirts of the Obama administration.

Here’s video of the prayer service. Disgusting:


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  1. How hypocritical is this? Hold a town hall meeting to pray for government run health care, but don’t let other voices be heard? Wonder what the big guy upstairs is thinking about all of this mess down below.

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