Jesse Taylor of Pandagon Tap Dancing for his White Masters on JournoList

The new talking points for the government fellating hacks of JournoList is a three point attack on health care protesters in general and Black victim of union thug violence Kenneth Gladney in particular. Professional Uncle Tom Jesse Taylor, the “Black” man who started an all White liberal site that gives voice to known racists like Amanda Marcotte and once wrote a post about me so racist, homophobic and vile they had to scrub it from their site, is now rewriting history JournoList style. The brutal assaults by the progressive paramilitary of the SEIU are going to be glossed over and the following points (dictated by White liberals) are being hammered home:

1) The violence is coming from the right. Ignoring the fact that Kenneth Gladney went to the hospital and six of his assailants got arrested, the left’s pet Black man has this to say:

Here’s what claims to be video of a conservative black man allegedly getting attacked by a union member (it looks a lot more like a lot of people falling down, and I initially thought the victim was an SEIU member).  From the video, I can’t tell what’s supposed to have happened other than a lot of uncoordinated middle-aged people scuffling with each other and then yelling about it afterwards.  It’s entirely unclear what the timeline of events were here, but it’s pretty clear some form of violence was involved.  Some on the right, incidentally, are ecstatic that this guy is black, because that means that Obama is a false prophet of racial harmony or, well, yes.  And such.  (Interestingly, the alleged victim’s allegations initially involved the black man you see rubbing his shoulder early in the video attacking him instead of the white man who was arrested, which is…odd, I’d say.)

Oh, the poor White lynch mob is innocent. Some Black guy did it. Way to stand up for your people, Jesse. You’ll also excuse me if I doubt you know what a beating looks like. Having been jumped myself I can tell you it does look like uncoordinated people falling down, not like the Dragon Ball Z cartoons you watch between shining White liberal’s shoes.

2) The next point the left is trying to drive home is that there’s no real issue the protesters are angry about, they’re just a mob of intellectually inferior rednecks stirred up by talking heads on Fox:

It’s a toxic mix of racial resentment, class resentment, general liberal-hatred, a continued belief that Barack Obama is some sort of fascist/socialist/communist dictator, and a series of other beliefs ranging from the murderous aims of liberals to our intent to ban religion.  It’s all driven by the prophets of crazy – the Becks, Limbaughs and O’Reillys, with the lesser Malkins and Buchanans plugging along just under the surface – living the dream of becoming millionaires while fomenting radicalism, something that hairshirted liberal extremists never quite got the hang of.

Right. Everyone at those town halls is just too racist, poor, and stupid to be enlightened. That’s not dehumanizing your enemy at all. I guess in a way we deserve to get our heads cracked by the stormtroopers of the left when you really think about it. Jesse goes on to sum up the right in a nice simplistic sentence that makes us the regressive enemies of progress that no one will miss when we’re rounded up:

They’ve coalesced around healthcare because it’s a broad enough sector of our economy with broad enough reach into our lives that it allows them to unleash the full 45 years of post-Goldwater conservative resentment on us all.

Yeah. Looming hyperinflation, wealth redistribution and government expansion plays no part in people’s concern over a multi-trillion dollar middle class entitlement benefit designed to reward young White liberals while killing off the rest of us.

3) Worst of all, we on the right are the ones who want conflict. We’re trying to start a war don’t you know, so the left should get ready to give it to us:

The third is that they want to provoke the very confrontation they’re afraid of.  These protesters have a view of the world that’s part eschatology, part Red Dawn.  They’re powerless to stop the coming catastrophe, but there’s no reason they shouldn’t be prepared to fight it every step of the way.  And maybe, just maybe, if they fight smart enough and rig enough grenade launchers out of old cans and rusted-out V12 engines, they can turn it away.

They believe they’re up against a President who’s “drunk with power” because he riffs on people who bitch about his solutions to the problems they created.  (“Note the body language: the leading with the chin and the little smile at the end. This is a man in love with power who is angry at being defied, a man who has absolutely no interest in freedom of speech if it goes against him (no, that was too mild; he has an absolute antipathy to freedom of speech if it goes against him, and this has a long history with Obama—see this and this).” The “this” and “this” are allegations that Obama tried to squelch the free speech of people criticizing him by – wait for it – criticizing them.) The new rumor is that he’s building internment camps for conservative dissidents, despite the fact that the job posting is clearly for the military prisons that already exist (and that they supported when Bush was in power).  By the time it gets into swine flu conspiracy-mongering, it’s pretty much over as anything even remotely rational – it’s just a matter of placing conservatives as victims of the most terriblest evil that’s ever existed.

Don’t you see? We’re all insane. Maybe dangerously so. If only the authorities would disarm us and put us on some meds….

Jesse Taylor makes this sweeping fantasy based argument largely to deflect attention from a simple fact. Americans of various political stripes were voicing their opinions and Taylor’s patrons mobilized a paramilitary to assault them a la Hugo Chavez. When Gladney, a Black man, was put in the hospital by his White led union thug friends, traitors like Jesse Taylor aren’t even allowed to say that they think beating up Black folk crosses the line, for fear of losing their privileged position amongst their White hipster friends.

Jesse Taylor doesn’t care about Gladney because he doesn’t want to miss that Ear Pwr concert in Park Slope where he can sport his lime green keffiyeh while drinking mojitos with a couple of fat White women with nose piercings. That a Black man was sent to an emergency room by White thugs for passing out flags is a small price to pay to keep the praise of the massa’ and Jesse is willing to do anything to keep that praise flowing. Amanda Marcotte exposed as a racist? No problem, Jesse will provide a smoke screen. Pandagon calls a Bi-racial man (me) a race traitor for not supporting White liberals? Can’t be racist because Jesse Taylor approved of it. Ezra Klein losing an argument with a fellow liberal? Here comes Jesse to the rescue to provide absolute moral authority and a good deal of race baiting.

Jesse Taylor exemplifies all that is wrong with Black liberalism. He puts Black interests second to what the White liberal establishment wants and divides the Black community when we most need to be united. Jesse Taylor is a house negro in the truest sense of the word, surrounded by Whites and using the privilege of his contacts to enforce order on Uncle Sam’s Plantation among other Blacks no matter how harmful it is to our children and community. He’ll tap dance for them until they find some other Black person to take his place. Then when he’s in Gladney’s position he’ll beg the Black community for help.

Help that won’t come unless White liberals approve it for their Black lackeys.

Afroctiy has a great post up in a similar vein, but much more temperate.

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  1. What I want you to do next time is count how many times you use the phrase “house Negro” in the post, and then try to surpass it. It’ll be fun!

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