Jesse Taylor Still Tap-Dancing to the White Man’s Tune


That Jesse Taylor takes his marching orders from the White liberals he so desperately needs approval from is no secret. Typical of Democrat plantation loving House Negroes, Jesse Taylor will unquestioningly parrot any meme sent to his inbox by people who would gladly burn a cross on his lawn if he dared disagree with them. No matter how petty, catty or childish it makes him sound, Jesse will write any post that his White so-called friends think needs to be written by a Black man, no questions asked.

His newest nonsense – attacking Ann Althouse for her upcoming marriage.

Taylor has also taken to calling Althouse a “Jew-baiter” (at the behest of Ezra Klein) even though, by the standards they use to judge her an anti-Semite, Taylor would be a homophobic racist and slanderer since he allowed a post to go up on Pandagon that claimed I was a gay civil war re-enacting Christian rape apologist. By Jesse Taylor’s standards, DailyKos is run by Nazis because they allowed a VNN produced youTube video to be posted.

In other words, Jesse Taylor is happy to look foolish so that his White friends won’t have to. Whenever White liberals need an attack monkey, they shoot off an email to Jesse and let him sling his virtual feces at fellow Obama supporters (Althouse voted for Barry O) while they reward him with pats on the head and the occasional banana, I’m sure.

Someone emailed me to ask why I was so hard on Taylor, aside from the fact he was dragging the rest of us Taylors down. This is why.

I don’t like or care about Ann Althouse, but I don’t begrudge anyone finding love. It’s a petulant, wickedly selfish and immature stance. If Amanda Marcotte got married I probably wouldn’t hear about it, but if I did I wouldn’t mention it. To do so would say more about me then her, and unless her husband ended up on the crime blog radar her impending marriage wouldn’t be used here as blog fodder. Jesse probably feels the same way, but he lowered himself to that level anyway because he was told to.

Jesse Taylor toes the White liberal line and I don’t respect anyone who does that. As a Bi-racial man I can tell you from experience that when White liberals don’t think Black folk are around, most are more Robert Byrd than Robert Kennedy, more Che than Malcolm. Jesse and most Black people who are around White liberals enough know that too although they often come to that realization later rather than sooner. He toes their line anyway, even when they ask him to lessen himself as a Black man.

I don’t toe the White Conservative’s line. Most of my regular readers, if Twitter and my stats packages are to be believed, are White Christian Conservatives. I am proudly Bi-racial, Pagan and a Republican first. I’m not a Social conservative, I’m moderately pro-choice and pro-civil unions for all people. I call out Conservatives, like that racist-enabling Sheridan Folger, all the time. I don’t dance for anybody, but Jesse does.

That’s why he didn’t blog about the greenlighting of Black people by racist Latino gangs in L.A., or how sanctuary city policies cost Iofemi Hightower and Terrance Aeriel their lives in Newark. That’s why he doesn’t support Jamiel’s Law, or blog about how illegal immigration is hurting the Black community. His community. Or at least it was until he found out White liberals needed a pet Black man.

My problem with Jesse Taylor, and his Internet cat-fight with some web-cougar who wants to marry some nerd she met on her site, is he’s got no pride. He’s got no character.  See, those are the things that keep adult men from putting the bad-mouth on a woman while she’s planning her wedding. Those are the things that should keep a man from working with a woman who put racist cartoons in her poorly written book. Those are the things that should make you want to write your own take on issues, and not regurgitate what some people who wouldn’t let you marry their daughter vomited into your open mouth.

One day “brother” the music is going to stop, and you’re going to look for your chair and there won’t be one. Then where will all of that soft shoe and tap dancing have gotten you? What would Malcolm X say to Jesse Taylor if the man was alive today?