Victimless Crime File: Pot Smoking Muslim Career Criminals Murder Holocaust Survivor in NYC

I thought A) pot smokers were mellow and non-violent and B) Muslims were peaceful and law-abiding. This has got to be an anomaly. Or is it?

From the Daily News:

Two brothers with lenghty rap sheets were busted Friday in the brutal slaying and robbery of a 90-year-old Auschwitz survivor in his East Side apartment.

Aljulah Cutts, 27, accompanied the accused killer into the home of Guido Felix Brinkmann before the victim was asphyxiated on July 29, law enforcement sources said. He’s facing a homicide rap.

His brother, Hasib Cutts, 30, waited downstairs in the getaway car, the sources said.

The brothers have 50 prior arrests between them, a mix of low-level charges for criminal possession of stolen
property, trespass and marijuana.

Hasib was not involved in the killing, and should face lesser charges, sources said. Both brothers were in custody at the 19th Precinct, where they were appearing in lineups.

Brinkmann’s doorman identified Aljulah Cutts as the man who went upstairs into Brinkmann’s apartment with Angela Murray, the sources said.

Murray’s jailed boyfriend apparently hooked her up with the Cutts brothers after she identified Brinkmann as an wealthy and easy mark, sources said.

But Murray and Aljulah Cutts were stunned by “what a tough old guy he was,” a police source said. It was unclear if Brinkmann was choked to death manually or accidentally asphyxiated during the robbery, the source said.

Murray, 30, was charged with murder and robbery for killing Brinkmann in his fourth-floor apartment. She and a man were later captured on videotape using one of the victim’s credit cards, police said.

Police said Brinkmann was bound, beaten and choked after he refused to surrender the combinations to a pair of safes in his apartment.

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2 thoughts on “Victimless Crime File: Pot Smoking Muslim Career Criminals Murder Holocaust Survivor in NYC

  1. I wonder if the killer was left handed. Left handed people commit more violent crimes per capita. Everyone knows that, right.

  2. Actually that’s not true. But what is true is that almost half of all violent criminals are in possession of drugs when they are picked up, and 40 years of studies have shown that heavy or chronic marijuana use exacerbates and in some cases mimics the symptoms of metal illness.

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