Democrats Tanked our Economy

They may blame Bush’s tax cuts but the truth is that Democrats tank economies by implementing Marxist style policies that come complete with corruption aimed at enriching themselves and their friends. Lee Rockwell said it best:

Barney Frank, the pro-internet gambling advocate from the financial services committee, has apparently backed policies that bankrupted Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. As you know, Barney Frank has spent much of his time in the past 2 years advocating the legalization of internet gambling, an issue that has gained little traction among his fellow Democrats. Several Republicans have backed his internet gambling legalization platform.

When the Democrats took over the House of Representatives and the Senate back in January of 2007, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was at an all-time high of 12,400 and gas prices hovered around $2.15 per gallon. The Republican-led Congress of the previous 4-years had left a strong-economy in the hands of Socialist Democrats.

Fast-forward two years, under Democrat-controlled Congress. Just last week the Dow Jones hit a 5-year low of 10,485 and gas prices loomed near $4 dollars a gallon.

These harmful economic events all took place during a Democrat controlled Congress in Washington, led by Harry Reid and Nancy Pilosi.

Via Gateway Pundit who has more on Barney Frank’s responsibility for the coming second world status of America.

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  1. Interesting that you have this–tonight, after the debate, there was a post-debate talk at Washington University in St. Louis (where I attend university). The liberals actually try to blame the bad economy on deregulation, while in actuality their plans for regulation are just going to mess it up more.

  2. This is called the fallacy of “after therefore because of,” or “post hock ergo propter hoc” in Latin. You learn not to make such arguments in the first days of debate class, or classes in logic, or rhetoric, or philosophy.

    Why not? Because, if you make such an argument, and your audience realizes that that is what you are saying, then it thinks that you consider it to be stupid.

    “After therefore because of” arguments run along these lines: “Ever since we moved to Boston, the Red Socks have had winning seasons. We caused it.” Or, the classic: “We carried an umbrella today, so naturally it didn’t rain.”

    Recognize the parallel to “These things have gone bad since the Democrats took office?”

    In fact, Henry Paulson took over as Secretary of the US Treasury in June 2006, so you could equally date all the declines in the US economy from then. He took over in June 2006, oil prices increased since then, unemployment increased since then—etc. Or, you could date all the economic woes from the surge in Iraq, which also happened about two years ago.

    The Republicans must be pretty desperate to resort to such “after therefore because of” arguments. Or perhaps they think we are stupid.

    Or, perhaps they think we forget that the economy was already on the decline in late 2006, before the Democrats took control.

    For example, by February 2007, less than one month after the new congress was sworn in, the rate of real income per family was calculated as having declined by $1,273 per family under Bush, meaning that each year an average family had $1,273 less to get along on after calculating rising inflation. Real per-family income had increased by $5,825 per family under Clinton.

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  4. Paulson sucks but did he support ethonol mandates which lower fuel economy and raise the prices of food? Did he create the subprime market or did Jimmy Carter with the Community Redevelopment Act? Was it Paulson who looted Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac or was it Democrat loyalists like Franklin Raines?

    As for me being stupid, What’s your Masters in Strauss? Since you like splitting hairs, claiming I’m stupid because I posted a quote from a Libertarian for discussion that agree with, let’s try this:

    You’re using a post on my blog to then generalize to all Republicans, what’s that called?

    And why repeat points verbatim in my comments? Gaming Google? I wonder how many other sites I’ll find this exact quote? Oh look 27.

    Ridiculous. I’m deleting your second comment, which for readers is paragraph five of his first post.

    Here’s another question for you. If peoples incomes are going down why haven’t they curbed spending? Why aren’t more people, aside from well to do Whites who are spoiled and childlike, complaining about making “less money.”

  5. I think it’s high time that Blue Dog Democrats and fiscally responsible Republicans ought to form their own party. Thereby making it impossible for either a Obama or McCain administration to have any spending programs at all.

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