Former Obama Advisor on Destroying Israel

This enlightening video comes courtesy of Hot Air where Ed Morrissey astutely points out that this anti-Israeli, pro-Islamist asininity a) came just after 9/11 when most people were theoretically aware of the dangers of Militant Islam b) contains a thinly veiled allusion to the anti-Semitic conspiracy theory of Jews having too much political and financial power and c) taken literally means Samantha Power wants America to cut funding to Israel, arm the Islamists in Gaza and then send troops in to fight along side the jihadists against the IDF.

Obama had only gotten rid of this “foreign policy expert” when she made an untoward comment about Hilary Clinton, but prior to that this is the sort of advise she gave him that he found perfectly acceptable:


Much hay has been made over Obama losing the support of Jews yet it is the Soros driven left in general, not simply Barack Obama, who have increasingly adopted anti-Semitism disguised as “social justice” as a platform thus driving Jews away from the Democratic party. was ground zero for this shift, and with an Obama victory you’ll see the end game of Jew haters like Soros, the destruction of Israel and the death of every Jew within.

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