Hug-A-Thug Judge Claims North Carolina Sex Offender Restrictions Unconstitutional

Outrageous. Readers may remember back in early October I wrote about Sarah Tofte and Human Rights Watch taking up the cause of rapist and child molester James Nichols who was barred from attending a church that was also a daycare facility. Nichols, who was twice convicted of indecent liberties with a child and attempted second degree rape claimed he just couldn’t find another church to pray at. I guess a man who likes to rape children can’t pray for forgiveness without being able to lurk around more potential victims.

Judge Allen Baddour agrees with him:

PITTSBORO, N.C. — A judge has ruled that a North Carolina law limiting sex offenders’ ability to worship is unconstitutional.

Superior Court Judge Allen Baddour (bah-‘DOO-er) ruled Thursday that two parts of the law aimed at protecting children from child molesters are too vague and broad.

The judge also finds the statutes infringe on the constitutionally protected right to worship.

The decision comes after authorities arrested registered sex offender James Nichols in March for attending a Baptist church outside of Raleigh because the church provided child care.

The statute says offenders must stay 300 feet away from any area intended for the use, care of supervision of minors and any place where minors gather for regularly scheduled events.

What could go wrong? North Carolina is a progressive stronghold these days so this doesn’t surprise me. Nor will the buck passing when children in church daycares start getting raped at a higher rate. Nichols has already raped or tried to rape children on three different occasions and Sarah Tofte and her ilk have successfully overturned a law keeping him from doing so again.

I wonder if they ever think about the “human rights” of the next victim Nichols will abuse?

3 thoughts on “Hug-A-Thug Judge Claims North Carolina Sex Offender Restrictions Unconstitutional

  1. This is disgusting.
    I’m curious to know how many parents will be pulling their children from that daycare. This is an unfortunate argument for *not* using daycare services offered by one’s house of worship. Hell, I wouldn’t even attend a church that would require children attend separate services from their parents, unless I was one of the parents supervising the children.

  2. The constitution says there is a freedom of religion, not a freedom to attend a worship service whereever you want. I can’t have a worship service in a public school. So there are laws that limit where you can worship. He can practice whatever religion he wants so long as its not around kids. This is a no-brainer and should be overturned on appeal

  3. this great nation of ours protects men.if you are female or a child your rights come in second.we clame to be a fair progressive country, but are we? we frown at how other cultures and nations treat children and the weaker sex.yet we just dont protect them,not that is if it upsets a man or group of a kind of man.those who pay taxes are the ones that matter.historicly that is the adult they come before anyone else.18 to till you no longer pay taxes you are above all others,execpt those who make more pay in enough money to the goverment and murder rape and any sort of crime is more or less a speedbump that cost a bit of cash.

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