Dan Savage, Megan McArdle, and the Myth of the Pedophile Orientation

Megan McArdle wrote a wicked piece of drivel on her Atlantic blog about a week ago that put forward the idea that pedophiles are secretly suffering over an orientation (like gays?) that Nature designed. While she claims she would never suggest not punishing people who rape children, she says we should rethink how we deal with these perverts. After all, they’re victims too.

Her epiphany came when she learned that a long time friend, who went to jail because he masturbated to images of children being raped, was a “pedophile” and since he was otherwise so awesome she rethought her stance on their treatment. She linked to a Dan Savage piece called “Gold Star Pedophiles” which lauds pedophiles who have supposedly never acted on their desire to harm children. He and McArdle both think we simply don’t support these poor perverts enough.

The depravity of this sympathy for the devil approach to child rapists is nicely illustrated by McArdle when she rubs out this paragraph which is little more than an attempt to absolve all child rapists of responsibility for their actions:

Obviously, I am not going to defend the use of child porn at all; it’s despicable, and jail is the appropriate sentence, because the man who purchases child pornography is encouraging its manufacture.  But it made me think of them for the first time with sympathy.  They didn’t choose to be like this–God, who would?  Sex is one of the most powerful drives we have, and as Dan Savage’s columns testify every week, we have little control whether it focuses on something relatively normal, or something . . . um . . . extremely statistically unlikely

Ignore for a second the fact that both McArdle and Savage think they can take the word of a pervert for whether or not he has molested anyone. It goes without saying that their credulousness is linked with a personal desire to have their beliefs validated much the way liberals tend to accept the view that Islam is essentially a peaceful misunderstood religion.  McArdle’s desire to paint pedophiles in a more sympathetic light is likely a coping mechanism of a woman who badly misjudged the character of someone she knows, while Savage has a long history of promoting unhealthy views of sexuality.

Both, however, fundamentally misunderstand child sexual exploitation and the people who participate in it. This is not unique to pundits. Criminologists, psychologists, politicians, and all kinds of self-appointed experts put forward the idea that pedophilia is a sexual orientation in large part because it is a more palatable way to view this sort of criminality. It is easier on society to believe that pedophiles are either mentally ill or born into an unpopular orientation than it is to admit that people have a choice between being good or evil.

As I’ve written before, Evil is like a wool coat in the rain, its warm comfort soon giving way to a cold heaviness that drags on a person’s soul. Pedophilia is simply another example of this; it is sexual sadism taken to the extreme. It is the desire to have power over others, to force one’s will on the weak.

On one end of the spectrum of this supposed orientation you have adults who sexually exploit teens. Clearly a person luring a teen into a sexual relationship is not oriented differently than you and me. A 14-year-old girl looks young to me (at 38), but still has all the same physical characteristics of an adult woman. What is different about them is that they are not adults, thus not equal to the exploiter. It is this unequal relationship that the supposed pedophile is looking for, perhaps because he’s immature himself or is unable to find adult sexual partners. For most, however, it is simply the prospect of easy sex with a pliant inexperienced partner who is unlikely to have the boundaries of an adult that drives them.

Is that a different orientation than hetero or homosexuality, or is it simply an immoral behavior?

On the other end of the spectrum, you have people who are literally looking to have sex with children, sometimes even infants. I frankly doubt the tales of these people finding children “sexy” on their own. Instead, I tend to see the common pattern of all these child rapists. Their “desire” is unnatural and will harm the child, often physically. Infants who are raped can be paralyzed or killed. Children can, aside from the psychological scars, be severely injured by a man penetrating them. All adults know this, yet these pedophiles Savage and McArdle feel so sorry for do it anyway.  Or, like McArdle’s friend, they masturbate to images of it.

Are injurious and potential fatal assaults on children a sexual orientation? Wouldn’t that mean brutal rapes were also part of some person’s rough-sex-o-philia? As a crime blogger, I have spent years seeing what McArdle and Savage studiously ignore, the truth about “pedophilia” and how these degenerates operate:

Jose Robles Fraga raped his 2-year-old niece to death. Authorities found the girl had head injuries, injuries to her anus and vagina, and a ruptured stomach. He had also taken some form of Viagra prior to the attack. I suppose he was born with this “taboo” desire?

Joshua Andrew Stepp murdered his 10-month-old step-daughter during a brutal sexual assault that included stuffing toilet paper down her throat. That, I assume, is also a desire he was born with.

Harold Spurling and Jeffery Brisson, both known pro-pedophilia activists (yes there is such a thing), were caught raping infants on film. Both men expressed an orientation toward small children (Spurling for boys 4-9, Brisson for boys and girls from 2-9) yet they were found to have engaged in molesting a 14-year-old boy. There is also speculation they themselves were a couple as one of their victims told police the men would perform sexual acts on each other while forcing children to watch. Were they “oriented” to such a complex and depraved sex life?

12-year-old Ashley Andrews was killed by her mother and step-father after the woman allowed her husband to rape and beat the girl so badly the couple were afraid to send the girl to school. Of course this couple was simply struggling with their “orientation.”

Juan and Dawn Corral were arrested when they were found to have used sexual abuse and sado-masochism to “discipline” an 8-year-old girl. The girl was made to eat naked on the floor “like a dog” and Juan Corral sexually assaulted the girl as a form of punishment. What would we call these degenerates’ orientation?

A Juggalo was found to have raped his old lady’s 12-year-old son several times. He said it was a punishment when the boy “didn’t follow instructions.” I guess the desire to punish little boys with rape is an “orientation.”

James Phillip Edwards drugged little girls with Ambien, then made child porn videos which included one where he repeatedly spit in one of his unconscious victim’s face. He told police that there was nothing wrong with what he did. Shall we show some sympathy for him because he was supposedly born wanting to do this?

Antwan Maurice Pittman was a “pedophile” who turned out to be a serial killer who murdered at least six adult prostitutes. Clearly his sexual peculiarities were not simply a matter of “liking” children. It should be pointed out that the drug addicted prostitutes he preyed upon shared a characteristic with the children he preyed on: they were vulnerable and essentially helpless.

Alia Loren Jacobsen was an active participant in pro-pedophilia forums where she expressed her desire for both pedophilia and blood fetishism. She spoke of fantasies where she tortured girls from 8-14 by cutting designs into them, crushing them and biting them until she drew blood. I later had an exchange with her in which she said she no longer had such thoughts, but was encouraged by the online pedophile community to dwell in some mental problems she had. What “orientation” is she?

19-year-old Joy Babcock was arrested for having sex with a 13-year-old at a party. She claimed she was drunk and raped by the younger teen. Yet while out on bail, crime bloggers found her posting pictures of herself fondling a guy using a toddler as a prop for a perverted photo shoot. She also had a video online of her laughing about the abuse of children. Is she the victim of an unpopular orientation or a gutterslut with no personal boundaries?

In commentary on the BBC report on the Coalinga Treatment Center for sex offenders, I pointed out that one of the patients interviewed, a Mr. Rigby, was married with two children and in a relationship with a fellow male patient who was also a child molester. This was in addition to his desire for children. The omnisexual Mr. Rigby seemed to be operating outside his supposed orientation rather well.

On the blog The Dead Kids of MySpace, I found this story of Michael Marceau and Lisa Ford who are accused of molesting their children, one of whom is mute, wheelchair bound, and hooked up to a respirator. Marceau claimed that one of the victims, a little girl, was to blame because she “wanted it.” The couple molested the children together and recorded it to watch later.

I could have an entire site dedicated to stories of pedophiles whose interest in children has little to do with attraction and everything to do with sadism, but the Libertarians of the world would claim that these were simply anecdotes. But these anecdotes are reality and not the fevered dreams of pundits who theorize that one day we can live in harmony with pedophiles. These stories are just ones that I have blogged about or intended to in the case of the last and they are repeated again and again thousands of times a week. The children victimized by this culture of sexual entitlement must be put before our desire to explain away the evil of people we know.

CrimeShadows News has a been running a series called Predator Smackdown where registered sex offenders who are surfing social networks are reported. In a few weeks he’s found dozens. Are they “driven” by impulses beyond their control to make profiles on Facebook and “friend” children?

There is no pedophile orientation, only pedophilic behavior. The above list of stories is an illustration of people Savage and McArdle would consider pedophiles, but who in fact have sexual lives that revolve around having power over others and hurting people to receive sexual gratification. This idea of a pedophile orientation is a rhetorical device used by a secular society unable to explain Evil, and the inner workings of people who do Evil, and embraced by predators as a way to minimize and normalize their criminality with an eye on eventual legalization. McArdle’s comment section were filled with pro-pedophilia activists as were Dan Savage’s. One comment I saw on McArdle’s piece was a person arguing that cartoon depictions of children being raped should be legal. Boilerplate libertarianism until you realize that what he is arguing for is acceptance of virtual child rape as a masturbatory aid for perverts.

He was arguing that we shouldn’t care if a person in our community masturbates to images of children being sexually abused as long as they are hand drawn.

This path is the road to madness. It is popular these days to see the world as not having black and white morality, not having good guys and bad guys. It ensures the sophisticates’ credentials remain unchallenged to voice this pretension, but it is an illusion fed by our cowardice. While you read this, one of these people who McArdle feels deserves sympathy is raping a child, injuring them internally, and scaring them psychically. Megan McArdle asks us to save some shred of sympathy for these monsters because she would like to think that on a certain level they have no choice but to be pedophiles, but this is like saying people have no choice but to be wife beaters or drug addicts.

I’ll save my sympathy for the children who are victimized by these poor long suffering child rapists, and leave the soul-killing task of advocating for the most despicable among us for those whose desire to seem compassionate trumps their ability to see reality as it is. There are no “pedophiles,” only sexually sadistic criminals who use our inability to process evil against us and prey on children because they are the weakest among us and increasingly the least protected.

Hug-A-Thug Judge Claims North Carolina Sex Offender Restrictions Unconstitutional

Outrageous. Readers may remember back in early October I wrote about Sarah Tofte and Human Rights Watch taking up the cause of rapist and child molester James Nichols who was barred from attending a church that was also a daycare facility. Nichols, who was twice convicted of indecent liberties with a child and attempted second degree rape claimed he just couldn’t find another church to pray at. I guess a man who likes to rape children can’t pray for forgiveness without being able to lurk around more potential victims.

Judge Allen Baddour agrees with him:

PITTSBORO, N.C. — A judge has ruled that a North Carolina law limiting sex offenders’ ability to worship is unconstitutional.

Superior Court Judge Allen Baddour (bah-‘DOO-er) ruled Thursday that two parts of the law aimed at protecting children from child molesters are too vague and broad.

The judge also finds the statutes infringe on the constitutionally protected right to worship.

The decision comes after authorities arrested registered sex offender James Nichols in March for attending a Baptist church outside of Raleigh because the church provided child care.

The statute says offenders must stay 300 feet away from any area intended for the use, care of supervision of minors and any place where minors gather for regularly scheduled events.

What could go wrong? North Carolina is a progressive stronghold these days so this doesn’t surprise me. Nor will the buck passing when children in church daycares start getting raped at a higher rate. Nichols has already raped or tried to rape children on three different occasions and Sarah Tofte and her ilk have successfully overturned a law keeping him from doing so again.

I wonder if they ever think about the “human rights” of the next victim Nichols will abuse?

Emergency! F.B.I. Needs Help Identifying This Child Molester

FBI John Doe Being Sought

The F.B.I . is asking for help identifying this man who has transmitted images of himself abusing a young girl over the Internet. Obviously until this man is identified and arrested his victim, and perhaps many others, are in extreme danger. Please look closely at the images above and there are additional images on the F.B.I. press release.There is also a small clip from the man’s webcam of him sitting around which may help people identify him.

The man is described as a balding White male with brown hair who is between 180 and 200 pounds.

Michelle Sigona has more.

Gay Youth Deserve Better Than GLSEN and “Youth Liberation”

For the past few years I have become more involved with the online child safety advocate movement, or the “antis” as we are sometimes called in reference to our anti-pedophile stance. Ironically, it was because Red Alerts started as an anti-Communist/Leftist/Green blog that I was exposed to both crime blogging in general (due to several criminal incidents by radical leftists) and blogging about the pro-child rape movement in particular after doing some research into the Green/Rainbow Party’s “creepy Uncle” platform and the nonchalance of the World Can’t Wait organization in publicly calling for kids to cut school and meet them (strange adults) without telling their parents.

The link from American Marxist organizations to pro-rape activists like the ones profiled on Wikisposure and Absolute Zero United is the so called “youth liberation” movement which is merely a front group for a collection of adults with sexual interest in children. The originators of the “youth liberation” idea were the pedophiles of NAMBLA who maintain to this day that their mission is the liberation of children from oppression:

NAMBLA calls for the empowerment of youth in all areas, not just the sexual. We support greater economic, political and social opportunities for young people and denounce the rampant ageism that segregates and isolates them in fear and mistrust. We believe sexual feelings are a positive life force. We support the rights of youth as well as adults to choose the partners with whom they wish to share and enjoy their bodies.

I’m sure. The NAMBLA  “Youth Liberation” movement was quick to infiltrate both the gay rights movement and various Marxist movements in what has been an extremely successful campaign to mainstream “Youth Liberation,” at least among the activist left. David Thorstad, a founding member of NAMBLA, was a key player in this charade for many years until gays saw him for the pervert he was and disavowed him. His 1998 speech to Semana Cultural Lesbica-Gay entitled Pedastery and Homosexuality puts forward the idea that gays who disapprove of child sexual exploitation are “sellouts” to a capitalist, heteronormative society. In it, he also admits to molesting a teen.

Fellow NAMBLA founder Dan Tsang wrote a book entitled The Age Taboo: Gay Male Sexuality, Power and Consent which is a collection of articles that promote the predation of children by “gay” men as, in Tsang’s own words on this review of his own book, a way to deal with

…the need to educate and empower of young boys and provide them with a voice and choices in the matter, the social structures that have created and maintain an unbalanced power relationship between youth and adults, overly harsh penalties for adult males who have been convicted of engaging in intergenerational sexual activity, and the conflict within lesbian and gay organizations over the discussion and practice of intergenerational sexual activity.

Tsang remains a respected progressive activist and academic.

Obama’s safe schools czar Kevin Jennings published his three books with the same publishing house that Tsang used to publish his rapeinomicon in an eyebrow raising twist of fate, since the current proponent of “Youth Liberation” is the organization he founded, GLSEN. The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network is supposed to “ensure safe schools” for gay youth by providing educational resources, but in reality they have long been known for providing raunchy sex party style presentations to children in an effort to support tolerance … for unhealthy paraphilias like fisting which can lead to serious injury.

Now GLSEN has been the subject of much controversy due to Gateway Pundit’s recent exposure of their reading list’s inclusion of pro-pedophilia material. The reading list includes books which depict all manner of depravity including the story of a child being raped then seeking out abusive and degrading encounters with adults in bathrooms ending with the supposed narrator’s reminiscence that the encounters, many of which were violent “near rapes,” felt “too damn good” for him to not to enjoy.

That this is pedophile fantasy, not the truthful retelling of a gay man’s formative years, is clear. That young boys like being raped and abused because males love sex is an excuse that I have seen literally hundreds of times from online pedophiles who claim that their victims wanted to be abused. Many use the language of “Youth Liberation” to cloud their true intentions. They become not predators but mentors to gay youth who need to guided by adults into mature sexuality, while the rest of us are oppressing youth by keeping them from sexually experimenting with lecherous and often unstable older men.

As Jenn Q. Public says, GLSEN’s book list is little more than an instruction manual for a lifetime of victimization and unhappiness:

After reading through dozens of passages, I’m left with the impression that exploitation, abuse, promiscuity, and risk are being promoted as normal, acceptable, and even expected experiences for gay youth.  Too many of these vignettes read like validations of the stereotypical hypersexual gay lifestyle.  Instead of reading about the challenges of coming out, gay teens (and their heterosexual peers) are being handed a degenerate’s blueprint for how to live a “gay life,” starting with being initiated by a pedophile and working up to unhealthy hate sex and anonymous restroom encounters.

I realize many gay people (and many straight people) have had formative sexual experiences with much older people. But regardless of any fond memories, sex between adults and adolescents is exploitation, not love, and I fail to see how graphic portrayals of sexual abuse contribute to tolerance and school safety.

The passages from the GLSEN-recommended books give unfortunate credence to the sexually obsessed, debaucherous caricatures that often dominate mainstream depictions of gays.  Incidentally, these are the very same caricatures that prevent broader support for gay marriage and adoption.  But being gay doesn’t mean you’re sentenced to a lifetime of loveless rest stop sex with strangers.  It doesn’t mean you can’t have a lifelong partner, intimacy, a family, and even a white picket fence. In my experience, too many gay kids don’t realize that, and these books certainly aren’t helping.

But GLSEN is not an organization dedicated to helping gay youth navigate the uncomfortable transition from adolescence to adulthood. It is just another manifestation of the “Youth Liberation” movement wherein children are being taught that they should be sexually available to adults, if for no other reason than to be comradely. That GLSEN’s real goal is simply the production of self-loathing sexual compulsives could not be more clear and their agenda of radically undermining morality is detrimental to gay and straight children, both of whom need to learn self-respect and sexual integrity as well as how to avoid getting STDs which is something GLSEN also fails at:

It should be noted that you can indeed catch many sexually transmitted diseases through having someone ejaculate in your mouth. The GLSEN presenter above accepts as a given that the 14-year-olds in the audience are having unprotected oral sex and never bothers to explain that most sexually transmitted diseases can be spread through unprotected oral sex. If they cared about gay youth, why didn’t they care to protect them from disease?

Gay youth, and all children, deserve better than the 70s style radical hedonism and exploitation that GLSEN is promoting. Their embrace of “Youth Liberation” style ideology, where children are treated as little adults who should be legal prey for child molesters and other degenerates, does not help gay youth prepare for a bright future, but instead is designed, knowingly or not, to feed the Dan Tsangs and David Thorstads of the world with a neverending supply of children who think being gay means casting aside their dignity while being used as living sex dolls for emotionally and psychologically stunted sub-humans who have conned the left into thinking they are something more than garden variety perverts.

It is time we demand that GLSEN stop supporting the exploitation of children and start living up to their mission of promoting an environment where every child is valued and respected. Promoting the idea that children secretly enjoy their abuse, that promiscuity is an innate characteristic of homosexuals, and that paraphilias are healthy, normal parts of sexuality does not promote the value and respect of any individual.

Muslim Convert Caught Trying to “Marry” Kansas City 14-Year-Old He Bought with Wal-Mart Jewelry

And by “marry” I mean her Muslim mother and step-father, mysteriously concerned with virginity despite keeping her under lock and key, decided to Islam away this problem by selling her to a violent degenerate who later (allegedly) shot at the girl’s disapproving relatives.

From Kansas City.com:

Vincent Mosby signed a marriage contract and paid a dowry in a religious ceremony in August, police said.

Mosby, 23, of Kansas City didn’t legally wed his 14-year-old bride, however, because Missouri law won’t allow it without a judge’s order. Police said she was pressured into the union because her mother and stepfather thought she was going to be sexually active with a boy her age.

Although the bride’s stepfather arranged the “marriage,” according to court records, other relatives frowned upon the union and told police in late August. The relatives also took the girl to protect her from further sexual abuse, according to court records.

A relative told police that Mosby called and threatened violence if family members didn’t “give me back my wife in 72 hours,” according to court records. Two days later, on Sept. 9, someone fired three shots into the Kansas City home of the girl’s aunt. No one was hit.

Why the rush to get the girl married off to someone they know to be volatile? What kind of step-father would marry off his step-daughter to someone who either fired at his in-laws, or contracted out for someone else to do it?

Even though the parents are traditional Muslims who no doubt kept a close eye on their children, the step-father began pushing the idea that “soon” she would begin having sex with some boy her own age. Not that she had a boyfriend mind you. She just was, at 14, itching to have sex according to the step-father:

Police said the girl’s stepfather and mother became concerned that she was going to become sexually active, so the stepfather allegedly approached Mosby about marrying the girl. The girl was “strongly encouraged” to wed Mosby, police said.

The stepfather, Mosby and the teen had several “sit downs” before the stepfather arranged for a religious ceremony on Aug. 4 at her home, not far from the stepfather’s mosque.

Wow. The step-father sure seemed to be in a hurry to get her married and thus sexually active with someone. Seems odd since he was supposedly so concerned with her overwhelming sexual appetite. Maybe some religious instruction would have been in order, rather than a marriage to a cretin. And how did the happy day go for the blushing, yet according to the step-father, hot in the pants bride?

Two members of the mosque attended, but the bride “was not allowed to be present,” court records said. She waited in her room upstairs. Her stepfather allegedly came upstairs after the ceremony, which consisted of prayers and a contract signing, to announce that she was married.

Police say they have the “marriage contract” with the signatures of Mosby, the girl and the stepfather.

The contract also notes the dowry the girl requested from Mosby — a watch and ring, which he told police he bought at Wal-Mart.

I’m going out on a limb and saying that it was a man’s watch and ring Mosby purchased. If this sounds like the girl’s step-father was pimping her out, this next passage will no doubt reinforce that conviction:

Court records said the couple had sex three times in August in her home, while her mother and stepfather were home. The girl did not move in with Mosby. She stayed with her parents and kept in touch with Mosby through phone calls and text messages.

If I were the kind of blogger given to being suspicious of his fellow man I’d almost think that the step-father seemed to be in a rush to cover his tracks so to speak. After all, he could have waited a few years to marry her off, but was obsessed with the idea she “would start having sex” which is odd to say the least.

Marrying her off to someone but keeping her in the house, close at hand, is also odd. As is letting this other person have sex with her while he’s puttering around the kitchen. Why wouldn’t he want his 14-year-old step-daughter, who he presents as being out-of-control sexually, to live with her “husband” after he went through such pains to marry her off?

Could it be that the kind of man who sells his step-daughter for Wal-Mart jewelry is also the kind of man who would molest his step-daughter? Is this marriage a sham? A cover for him to continue the abuse? Is “traditional” Islam attractive to this person because it allowed him to indulge in his criminality and depravity unrestricted?

Hey, I’m just asking questions as they say, but this all sounds pretty suspicious to me. Not, however, to the people of his Mosque, who have yet to speak out about this.