Gay Youth Deserve Better Than GLSEN and “Youth Liberation”

For the past few years I have become more involved with the online child safety advocate movement, or the “antis” as we are sometimes called in reference to our anti-pedophile stance. Ironically, it was because Red Alerts started as an anti-Communist/Leftist/Green blog that I was exposed to both crime blogging in general (due to several criminal incidents by radical leftists) and blogging about the pro-child rape movement in particular after doing some research into the Green/Rainbow Party’s “creepy Uncle” platform and the nonchalance of the World Can’t Wait organization in publicly calling for kids to cut school and meet them (strange adults) without telling their parents.

The link from American Marxist organizations to pro-rape activists like the ones profiled on Wikisposure and Absolute Zero United is the so called “youth liberation” movement which is merely a front group for a collection of adults with sexual interest in children. The originators of the “youth liberation” idea were the pedophiles of NAMBLA who maintain to this day that their mission is the liberation of children from oppression:

NAMBLA calls for the empowerment of youth in all areas, not just the sexual. We support greater economic, political and social opportunities for young people and denounce the rampant ageism that segregates and isolates them in fear and mistrust. We believe sexual feelings are a positive life force. We support the rights of youth as well as adults to choose the partners with whom they wish to share and enjoy their bodies.

I’m sure. The NAMBLA  “Youth Liberation” movement was quick to infiltrate both the gay rights movement and various Marxist movements in what has been an extremely successful campaign to mainstream “Youth Liberation,” at least among the activist left. David Thorstad, a founding member of NAMBLA, was a key player in this charade for many years until gays saw him for the pervert he was and disavowed him. His 1998 speech to Semana Cultural Lesbica-Gay entitled Pedastery and Homosexuality puts forward the idea that gays who disapprove of child sexual exploitation are “sellouts” to a capitalist, heteronormative society. In it, he also admits to molesting a teen.

Fellow NAMBLA founder Dan Tsang wrote a book entitled The Age Taboo: Gay Male Sexuality, Power and Consent which is a collection of articles that promote the predation of children by “gay” men as, in Tsang’s own words on this review of his own book, a way to deal with

…the need to educate and empower of young boys and provide them with a voice and choices in the matter, the social structures that have created and maintain an unbalanced power relationship between youth and adults, overly harsh penalties for adult males who have been convicted of engaging in intergenerational sexual activity, and the conflict within lesbian and gay organizations over the discussion and practice of intergenerational sexual activity.

Tsang remains a respected progressive activist and academic.

Obama’s safe schools czar Kevin Jennings published his three books with the same publishing house that Tsang used to publish his rapeinomicon in an eyebrow raising twist of fate, since the current proponent of “Youth Liberation” is the organization he founded, GLSEN. The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network is supposed to “ensure safe schools” for gay youth by providing educational resources, but in reality they have long been known for providing raunchy sex party style presentations to children in an effort to support tolerance … for unhealthy paraphilias like fisting which can lead to serious injury.

Now GLSEN has been the subject of much controversy due to Gateway Pundit’s recent exposure of their reading list’s inclusion of pro-pedophilia material. The reading list includes books which depict all manner of depravity including the story of a child being raped then seeking out abusive and degrading encounters with adults in bathrooms ending with the supposed narrator’s reminiscence that the encounters, many of which were violent “near rapes,” felt “too damn good” for him to not to enjoy.

That this is pedophile fantasy, not the truthful retelling of a gay man’s formative years, is clear. That young boys like being raped and abused because males love sex is an excuse that I have seen literally hundreds of times from online pedophiles who claim that their victims wanted to be abused. Many use the language of “Youth Liberation” to cloud their true intentions. They become not predators but mentors to gay youth who need to guided by adults into mature sexuality, while the rest of us are oppressing youth by keeping them from sexually experimenting with lecherous and often unstable older men.

As Jenn Q. Public says, GLSEN’s book list is little more than an instruction manual for a lifetime of victimization and unhappiness:

After reading through dozens of passages, I’m left with the impression that exploitation, abuse, promiscuity, and risk are being promoted as normal, acceptable, and even expected experiences for gay youth.  Too many of these vignettes read like validations of the stereotypical hypersexual gay lifestyle.  Instead of reading about the challenges of coming out, gay teens (and their heterosexual peers) are being handed a degenerate’s blueprint for how to live a “gay life,” starting with being initiated by a pedophile and working up to unhealthy hate sex and anonymous restroom encounters.

I realize many gay people (and many straight people) have had formative sexual experiences with much older people. But regardless of any fond memories, sex between adults and adolescents is exploitation, not love, and I fail to see how graphic portrayals of sexual abuse contribute to tolerance and school safety.

The passages from the GLSEN-recommended books give unfortunate credence to the sexually obsessed, debaucherous caricatures that often dominate mainstream depictions of gays.  Incidentally, these are the very same caricatures that prevent broader support for gay marriage and adoption.  But being gay doesn’t mean you’re sentenced to a lifetime of loveless rest stop sex with strangers.  It doesn’t mean you can’t have a lifelong partner, intimacy, a family, and even a white picket fence. In my experience, too many gay kids don’t realize that, and these books certainly aren’t helping.

But GLSEN is not an organization dedicated to helping gay youth navigate the uncomfortable transition from adolescence to adulthood. It is just another manifestation of the “Youth Liberation” movement wherein children are being taught that they should be sexually available to adults, if for no other reason than to be comradely. That GLSEN’s real goal is simply the production of self-loathing sexual compulsives could not be more clear and their agenda of radically undermining morality is detrimental to gay and straight children, both of whom need to learn self-respect and sexual integrity as well as how to avoid getting STDs which is something GLSEN also fails at:

It should be noted that you can indeed catch many sexually transmitted diseases through having someone ejaculate in your mouth. The GLSEN presenter above accepts as a given that the 14-year-olds in the audience are having unprotected oral sex and never bothers to explain that most sexually transmitted diseases can be spread through unprotected oral sex. If they cared about gay youth, why didn’t they care to protect them from disease?

Gay youth, and all children, deserve better than the 70s style radical hedonism and exploitation that GLSEN is promoting. Their embrace of “Youth Liberation” style ideology, where children are treated as little adults who should be legal prey for child molesters and other degenerates, does not help gay youth prepare for a bright future, but instead is designed, knowingly or not, to feed the Dan Tsangs and David Thorstads of the world with a neverending supply of children who think being gay means casting aside their dignity while being used as living sex dolls for emotionally and psychologically stunted sub-humans who have conned the left into thinking they are something more than garden variety perverts.

It is time we demand that GLSEN stop supporting the exploitation of children and start living up to their mission of promoting an environment where every child is valued and respected. Promoting the idea that children secretly enjoy their abuse, that promiscuity is an innate characteristic of homosexuals, and that paraphilias are healthy, normal parts of sexuality does not promote the value and respect of any individual.

9 thoughts on “Gay Youth Deserve Better Than GLSEN and “Youth Liberation”

  1. “It is time we demand that GLSEN stop supporting the exploitation of children and start living up to their mission of promoting an environment where every child is valued and respected.”

    Suppose I said this-

    It is time we demand the Ku Klux Klan stop supporting hatred of Jews, blacks, and homosexuals, and start living up to their mission of promoting an environment where conservative Christian morality is valued and respected.

    That is their stated mission, you know, and always has been-conservative Christian morality, well and also throw in there freedom, democracy, and states rights. But unfortunately the hatred has always been there as well, or at best, in some cases, just plain ignorance and prejudice..

    Are you sure this case is any different? I have an idea this has been a systemic problem, before the NAMBLA people ever come into the picture, which may have been why it was easy for them to infiltrate it to begin with.

  2. Patrick, are you so sure that it has been “infiltrated”? The feeling I get is that it’s just another ploy started by NAMBLA, or other exactly like them, as an attempt to normalize what they do. Seriously, do you think that adult male who was asking 14 year olds if it’s rude to spit wasn’t trying to figure out how best to groom one or more of those kids he was talking to? I don’t.

    What kind of adult has a conversation like that with a child? A pervert would. In a heartbeat. Especially if he could do so under the guise of “government sanctioned education” and suffer no legal action for what he’s really doing, which is grooming children. No self-respecting adult, or any adult who has an atom of respect for children, would ever consider that “sexual education”.

    “Spit or swallow?” indeed. That’s more of a “truth or dare” question stoned college kids ask each other at a college binge party. Not something any adult should be asking any child under any circumstances. It’s the opening line to sexual exploitation and nothing more.

  3. Rob Taylor,

    Exploiting innocent children in the name of tolerance is as sick as it is evil.
    I’m happy to see people speaking out against this evil. GLSEN is doing more to sexualize and exploit children than help eliminate bigotry against gay people. Hate filled homophobes like Phred Phelps are probably loving this. The last thing gay people need is to be associated with pedophilia.

    By the way, I sent you an email on this Kevin Jennings sicko, a couple of days ago. Did you see it?

  4. I’m not surpirsed that the Revolutionary Communist Party USA is encouraging kids to meet with strange adults. I wonder what these hypocrites think whenever they wail over a socially Conservative Christian whom disagrees with the homosexual lifestyle, but are quite quiet of Uganda which is preparing such anti-homosexual legislation making it possible for the death penalty for homosexuals?

    Aside from that, Uganda has recently sided with the wonderful “workers’ paradise” of Communist Cuba. Why are these Commies just such hypocrites here? All double talk when they pretend to protest Fred Phelps, but they oddly enough are happy with the many countries Phelps supports.

    I’m sure Phelps wants to make friends with Uganda now.

  5. I don’t know, but I have to wonder if Uganda is a Muslim majority nation. I bet the hypocrites in the Episcopal Church bitching about the Uganda law will find a way to dance around that, if it is the case.

    Dodiefae, I was going by Rob’s statement, to the effect NAMBLA had infiltrated the group. Maybe I misread that part.

  6. Patrick, I’m very sorry if my post seemed harsh towards you… it wasn’t intended that way at all. 🙂

    I am, however, completely disgusted by this organization, and the false front they’ve put up. Any anger you may have picked up from my post was intended for them.

    I’m also horrified that they went this long before anyone actually looked into their “suggested reading list” for children. I can only hope that it’s because no one actually ever used that list.

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  8. DodieFae-

    No offense taken. I surmised where you were coming from. Personally, being the relatively naive sort that I am, I am finding myself curious as to what “fisting” is. I’m very much afraid I don’t want to find out, especially if it is what it sounds like it is.

  9. Patrick, Yeah, it’s pretty much what it sounds like it is. (Disclaimer: I know this because of an AIDS awareness class given when I was in high school… it was listed as one of the many possible ways to contract HIV.) It’s a pretty disgusting practice, and anything beyond that is just not worth knowing about it unless you’re really into deviant sexual practices.

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