Level 3 Sex Offender Allowed to Work with Vulnerable Women in NYC

More than 30 years ago Max Lindeman was one of two men who who raped and tortured a nun in Harlem in a grotesque crime that included the assailants cutting 27 crosses into the victim. Lindeman did a little over 13 years in jail before being released in 1995 and registered as a Level 3 offender. He then set about making a new life for himself in New York as a well respected liberal activist.

His new job at the Center for Community Alternatives puts him in charge of a program that serves vulnerable women, but even before that it seems that Lindeman was quite the Democrat man about town. Here’s his CCA bio:

Max Lindeman comes to the Center for Community Alternatives as Senior Director of Court Services after working with the Fortune Society for more than 11 years, most recently as Associate Vice President. Max also has extensive experience in substance abuse and performance-based programming, clinical and quality assurance skills, and has worked in private practice providing individual and group psychotherapy. He has served on the New York County Democratic Nomination Committee for Supreme Court Judges. Max has an undergraduate degree, as well as Paralegal and Criminal Justice certificates, from Marist College; an MSW from Yeshiva University; and is currently pursuing a PhD in Social Welfare at Yeshiva, examining the factors associated with successful re-entry into society following incarceration.

Here’s the website of The Fortune Society which you’ll be unsurprised to see is very concerned criminals who are eligible to vote do so. What’s more concerning is the idea that a man who raped, sodomized and mutilated a nun and was judged to be in the category of highest risk of re-offending upon release has been involved in the selection of Judges in New York. It explains a lot about New York doesn’t it?

From The Post:

A man who served time in the brutal rape and torture of a Harlem nun nearly 30 years ago has shockingly forged a new life helping to pick judges and working in an office that solely deals with female defendants – despite being registered as a high-risk sex offender.

Max Lindeman, 50, recently became the senior director of court services for the Center for Community Alternatives – an organization that works to get nonviolent offenders into counseling and drug-treatment programs rather than face imprisonment.

While Lindeman oversees programs for men, women and teens, his desk is in a Manhattan office that serves only women.

This is the same man who pleaded guilty to the 1981 attack on a nun who was beaten and raped inside a Harlem church. Twenty-seven crosses were carved into her flesh with a nail file.

He was released in 1995 after more than 13 years in jail and remains a registered Level 3 sex offender, the highest-risk category.

Lindeman’s presence in the office “makes a mockery of a sanctuary for women,” said a person familiar with the situation.

His bio on the center’s Web site also says he has served on the New York County Democratic Nomination Committee, which selects who runs for state Supreme Court judgeships.

CCA officials argue that his story is one of redemption. And Lindeman says he is simply trying to help others avoid his mistakes.

“I’ve been out of prison for 14 years – and I haven’t hurt anyone,” he said.

That we know of. You’ll excuse me if I don’t take the word of a level 3 sex offender who has wrangled himself a job where he has power of women. Read the rest and tell me you think this is a good idea.

But New York liberals think it’s a great one. They think that a depraved sadist can simply turn over a new leaf, that allowing him to work in an office where women looking for someone to help them is appropriate. Dozens of people think this man should have a say in picking judges, he should be involved in people’s sobriety, should be able to vote. It’s outrageous.

There is nothing which paints a starker contrast between New York liberals and the rest of America than their acceptance of man who has done such terrible things into their lives. Some will argue that Lindeman deserves a second chance but does that mean we allow him to pick our judges? Council our children who are addicted to drugs? Run an office where women facing jail time think their last hope for freedom resides?

This is madness but this particular madness has a name. Liberalism.

h/t Hot Air

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  2. While Max worked for The Fortune Society he got one of his clients pregnant. Executive Director Joanne page knew but did not fire him or report him to the authorities. Max was always disrespectful tofemale coworkers. Complaints were never answered, he was JP’s pet project.

  3. Max is an excellent human being. I’ve known him for quite a few years and all he have done since I met him is help others in need. The past is just that..the past. Is very easy for anyone to jump up and start judging without looking within themselves first. I believe Max is innocent. I never met someone with such a good heart. He’s a strong man and will always make it regardless of what people think or say about him. God bless you Max.

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