Surprise! Blogger Behind “McCain-Palin Mob” Video a Degenerate Child Predator

Blogger Interrupted hack Tim Russo was picked up in an F.B.I. sting in 2001 trying to meet what he thought was a 13-year-old boy. He’s riding a wave of popularity on the left after baiting some morons into blurting out nasty comments on video about Obama, but as Newsbusters points out prior to this Russo was pretty much burning bridges with his fellow lefties because his antics.

Typical of most predators, Russo presents himself as a victim rather than a sexual sadist who was looking for a child to defile. He also claims he tried to rape a child because he’s gay, which is outrageous nonsense but few lefties are calling him on it. Here’s his story straight form the pervert’s mouth:

I became a professional at hooking up online, so much so that not only did it take over my life, I began taking the worst of risks.

I lowered the age I professed myself to be. The professed age of men I chatted with online became younger and younger. The picture of myself looked just young enough, just cute enough, to land some pretty hot guys. I needed more. I started to justify myself by saying, hey, what’s the difference between 25 & 21? Between 20 & 18? The spiral quickened.

One day in April, 2001, someone pretending to be 13 years old showed up in the chat room. I struck up a chat. It proceeded very rapidly to discussion of sex. Then he disappeared for months. I breathed a sigh of relief. That was stupid, I thought. Glad that’s over. I was fooling myself.

In October, the professed 13-year-old showed up again, and by then, 6 months deeper into the descent, the die had been cast. I didn’t care anymore about risk, about right or wrong, about anything or anyone but me and my desires, however foolish they’d become.

I had been freed. Finally, after all these years, I’ve got access to what’s been denied me my entire life, what I denied to myself – my own sexuality. I thought everything that ever hurt me had been defeated, and I was finally invulnerable to it, so much so that I could delve into the worst of it, almost out of spite.

In reality, everything that ever hurt me had not surrendered but had won, and was now poised for its final victory lap.

The FBI agent reeled me in like a fish on a line. Got any porn to share? What would we do if we were alone? I must have looked like the most pathetic sitting duck for the FBI and their friends from WEWS NewsChannel5. This guy is too good to be true.

I had so perfectly regressed to that first day with Bobby in the fort, the reckless abandon of assumed invincibility had taken over. The words I wrote in those chats were not written by a lawyer, political consultant, or professional who should be at the top of his game, but by a child angry at the world. Age 34.

Poor baby. How can we not sympathize with a 34-year-old man looking to sodomize a child? That just goes to show you how insensitive we “wingnuts” are?

The link in the excerpt goes to another article of his where we learn that Donna Brazille offered him a big roll in the Al Gore campaign. Apparently Tim Russo was some sort of big fish in the Democratic Campaigning pond. I guess Donna’s not so good a judge of character.

Blogger Interrupted might be a political blog, but it’s full of the standard fare you’d find on any pedophile blog. Narcissistic demands that others play along with his inflated sense of self worth? Check. Self-important fantasies about being oppressed? Check. Childish tantrums at how unfair he’s treated? Double check.

Top it off with the creepy Obama worship and you begin to see why many liberals like to pretend he isn’t one of theirs. Enjoy your new popularity now Tim, you’ll be shunned soon enough. And in the meantime maybe you should spend a little less time on sites where there’s a lot of teens, just to be on the safe side.

One thought on “Surprise! Blogger Behind “McCain-Palin Mob” Video a Degenerate Child Predator

  1. Rob

    What a twisted sicko! Hard to believe he posted that. And he has the balls to judge McCain supporters? I think not.

    I could of swore I saw the Tim Russo’s “McCain-Palin Mob” Video over at Kos. They have no standards over there so it is no big surprise.

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