More Conspiracy Mongering Ron Paul Supporters Spreading Internet Hokum

This time it’s the paranoid mouth breathers from Freedomtown who are putting up YouTube videos supporting Ron Paul’s fight against “neo-conservatives” and demanding “9-11 truth.”


Wow. Feedomtown has (I kid you not) a Sheeple De-programing section on their website where they ironically recycle Communist propaganda and as you would suspect promote Alex Jonesian hoaxes. It’s funny to check out Paul’s supporters, until you realize that President Paul would have people just like them in positions of power.

Imagine Secretary of State whoever telling the U.N. that we need to contain the NWO (Jews) by force if necessary. Or Ron Paul brownshirts rounding up “Zionists” for stirring up trouble in the mid east. If Paul was elected that’s exactly what would happen.

In case you want to make the case that Freedomtown isn’t anti-semitic, check out this page then try to make that argument. Yeah, I didn’t think so.

But is Freedomtown really a bunch of rabid conservatives and libertarians? No their quite far left actually, or at least their trusted anti big media sources are. A few progressive websites the “patriots” at Freedomtown think you should be reading (taken from their links page):


Think progress


Common Dreams

Mother Jones


Democratic Underground

Micheal Moore


Village Voice

and of course, HuffPo

That’s a lot of links to the far left on a site dedicated to radical libertarianism. And as Ron Paul supporters I’d expect them to be the most radical of Libertarians. In fact there are almost no mainstream libertarian or conservative sites linked to by these supporters of Paul. What gives?

Here’s a conspiracy theory I’ve just come up with that’s got a better chance of being true than any of the garbage Freedomtown peddles; Liberals are faking support for Ron Paul in the hopes of drawing libertarians and conservatives away from the front runners in an effort to get one of the Dem’s in the White House in ’08.

Now that’s a conspiracy theory that at least makes sense.

4 thoughts on “More Conspiracy Mongering Ron Paul Supporters Spreading Internet Hokum

  1. It would basically force Republicans to vote for Clinton if they didn’t want to throw Israel to the wolves and dismantle the military.

  2. While my old boss isn’t “Anti-Semitic” he is stridently anti-Israel, and opposed to the concerns of Jewish voters, even in his District. And he pals around with some awfully questionable quasi-Anti-Semitic groups.

    I’m no longer supporting him. In fact, he’s got little support here in South Texas. Two Republicans have already declared against him for his Congressional seat.

    I’m voting for a Pro-Defense libertarian: Rudy Giuliani.

    Eric Dondero, Fmr. Senior Aide
    US Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX)

  3. Good Luck.

    If someone doesn’t hate Jews but supports people that do hate, and in fact want to exterminate, Jews isn’t it splitting hairs to say he isn’t anti-semitic? Ron Paul would allow Israel, and all the Jews there, to be destroyed and he supports groups whose members are more likely than not to spray paint a swastika on a synagog. To me it’s like saying the U.N. who won’t stop the Janjaweed from killing people in Darfur but will cover up child rape commited by their own peacekeepers in Africa isn’t anti-Black. It may be technically true, but it doesn’t matter to the victims if something is technically true.

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