Tila Tequila: Flagged by YouTube (Anti-Semitism Remains Acceptable Public fare)

This is the shocking video that is considered adult content by the YouTube community:


By the gods! You wouldn’t want people under 18 seeing a celebrity like Tila Tequila in a bikini drinking a pina colada. It’s a good thing someone flagged that. Here’s what they didn’t flag:


Yes that’s Frank Weltner of Jew Watch claiming that neo-Nazi hate groups aren’t hate groups at all, they’re love groups. The National Front was a neo-Nazi love group.

So an adult woman in a bikini is considered risque by Tubers, yet Weltner’s white washing (pun intended) of violent White Nationalist groups is acceptable? Also acceptable: promotion of pedophilia

It’d be shocking if I hadn’t blogged about this so many times before.