Sanctimonious Liberal Mayor-Elect of Hartwell Georgia Caught Driving Drunk in Greenville, South Carolina!


She couldn’t even keep her perfidy in her own state! Mayor-elect Jennifer Scott Sudderth traveled all the way from Hartwell, Georgia to my beautiful new home of Greenville County in South Carolina to endanger my fellow South Carolinians with her irresponsible and outrageous behavior.

From Greenville Dragnet:

The 35-year-old mayor-elect of Hartwell, GA was charged with driving under the influence in Greenville on Saturday night.  But she swears police have it all wrong.

Jennifer Scott Sudderth told the Greenville News, “I am innocent of these charges against me which will be proven in a court of law.”

Sudderth is expected in municipal court on Thursday, where she will likely repeat the excuses she used Saturday night when cops nabbed her swerving her car from lane to lane on Mauldin Road: texting while driving and sleepiness.

Apparently texting while tired will cause you to fail a field sobriety test like Sudderth reportedly did.  I wonder if Sudderth will contend that it also causes the slurred speech, heavy eyelids, and glassy eyes observed by the arresting officer.

Sudderth later admitted to drinking “a couple of glasses of wine” to police. The truly disgusting thing about this is that aside from being the new mayor of some small town in Georgia (where I’m sure she has a watering hole closer to her house ) she’s a high school teacher. Way to be a role model, Jennifer.

Equally repulsive was her elitist sanctimony displayed throughout her campaign to become mayor of what is kindly considered a podunk, backwoods village. Poor but proud, I’m sure those villagers deserve more respect than what Sudderth could muster during the elections, but like peasants in a medieval tyrant’s fiefdom they supported a woman who all but told them they were beneath her:

Sudderth, a teacher at Hart County High School, was passionate that she wanted change in Hartwell. She said the city’s racial division and “close-mindedness” led her to leave Hartwell for 12 years to raise her family before she moved back.

“I was floored that in 12 years nothing had changed,” she said.

If elected, Sudderth said her top priority would be to prioritize existing problems and correct them.

“I do not plan to make new problems,” she said with reference to the proposed new city hall.


Sudderth was critical of the city police department. She said officers must understand and be reminded they should not “bully” or “harass” and that they were “not above the law.” She called for certifications and qualifications of all officers to be reviewed.

Yes, yes everyone is “close minded” and Hartwell was too backward to raise her kids in. But now she’s returned to shine the light of her worldly wisdom on these benighted souls.

Also, cops are “bullying” and “harassing” people, you know, the same way our own police bullied and harassed her when she was endangering innocent people’s lives on the road rather than go drink a few cups of coffee before driving around. Why, it’s getting so that drunken degenerates with no interest in how many potential victims they might maim and kill while swerving from lane to lane can barely catch a break!

As an aside, at 35 texting is a little iffy. Texting while driving around drunk is textbook immaturity. How did this person get elected?

I call for Mayor-elect Sudderth to be banned from South Carolina! Who’s with me?