Pagans Beware of “Silver Dragon Wolfe” Thomas M. Sokolik – Child Sexual Predator


The above pervert is Thomas M. Sokolik, a convicted sex offender who frequents a pro-child rape forum called GirlChat. He is also a Pagan who is known online as Silver Wolfe and has claimed to use the”craft name” Silver Dragon Wolfe. He was convicted in 2001 for the statutory rape of a 15-year-old he met online and was released from prison for that crime in 2005. He still brags about meeting teens online as well as his attraction to little girls as young as 5-years-old.

Sokolik is known to tell an extremely disturbing tale of meeting a teen online who was subsequently murdered by someone else. Like any degenerate his feelings on his “lover’s” death would shock any decent person:

Well, long time no post from yours truly… *wolfish grin* I want to say a few things REAL quick… one, Angel was murdered right about the time I told you all about her. And she was playing me and others.. hence her demise, I am told… two, I want to thank all the folks that have posted to me and visited that site.. Much love to you all.

I want introduce someone to the board before she actaully gets here… she is a young teen girl, we have agreed to use the nick Samantha here…

And, she has fallen in love with me, and I have equally fallen for her. No easy feat, if you knew all the circumstances of our lives separately.. We have gotten to know alot about each other, come to trust one another over time, shared our secrets.. and continue to reveal ourselves … but we both have full trust in the other and know that the love is strong and true…. I am so awestruck that she’s with me and wow, is she a cutie!…

No period of mourning for Sokolik. But reveling in the death of a teenage girl he planned on taking advantage of is not the worst thing Sokolik has been seen writing on the web. Here he opines about his “loving relationship” with a 5-year-old girl he molested:

I’ve been adjudicated against for my involvement with a young girl who I feel in love with many years ago. She was about 5 years of age and our relationship flowered over time. It was gentle and very much in her control. Some of you know much of the details about this. We were together nearly 2 years.

He is also known to support the production of child porn and has often claimed children initiate sex with adults.

Here’s some of his online information via Wikisposure:

Known Screen Names:
Silver Wolfe
Guardian Angel

Email Addresses:

Other Contact Info:
ICQ: 313710172

He claims to be involved in Kabbalah as well as paganism and is likely using both to gain access to new victims. Please be careful of this person if you come into contact with him. His last known state of residence is Missouri and his sex offender registry page for that state is here. He has a scar on his abdomen and his right ear, is 6’2” tall and weighs 270lbs.

Be on the lookout for this predator. He’s actively looking for more victims as we speak.