Surprise! Twice-Deported Mexican National with History of Violence Murders Woman

I suppose I’m a racist for pointing out that if we better controlled our borders Flor Medrano would be alive today. From the Los Angeles Times:

The man who fatally stabbed a woman at her Mid-City apartment last week, hours after she filed a domestic violence report against him, was twice deported to Mexico and had two prior felony convictions for domestic violence, according to government records.

On Monday, authorities formally identified the man, who was fatally shot by police as he attacked and killed Flor Medrano, 30, in her apartment in the 1300 block of Cochran Avenue on Wednesday. The attacker, Daniel Carlon, 23, was described as a Mexican national who was living here illegally and had a history of threatening and harassing women. Carlon had entered the building and attacked the victim as Los Angeles Police Department officers stood watch outside.

According to U.S. Department of Homeland Security records, Carlon had been sent back to Mexico twice — once in January 2007 on the orders of an immigration judge and again in June of this year, after he was arrested by federal immigration officials. No further details of those cases were available.

Carlon had also pleaded guilty to charges of domestic violence in two previous cases, both of which involved another woman, according to Michele Daly, a family violence prosecutor with the San Bernardino County district attorney’s office, which had jurisdiction.

And I suppose I’m also some police state fascist for pointing out that liberal hug-a-thug policies are equally responsible for this murder, since Carlon would have been doing at least a ten year bid if the hippies who run California took depraved criminality like his seriously. Instead, he did a few months and was “sentenced ” to domestic violence counseling. Because of course he didn’t really know what he was doing was wrong and all criminal behavior can be solved by someone holding a criminal’s hand and telling him the empty void where his soul should be can be filled with Xanax and psychobabble.

Needless to say, it didn’t take:

The first incident occurred in March 2005. According to Daly, who quoted from a police report, Carlon threatened violence against the victim if she reported the abuse to authorities. “If you call the police department, we’re both going to die. I’ll kill you if you call the cops,” Carlon told the victim

After pleading guilty to felony spousal abuse, Carlon was sentenced to 180 days in jail and was ordered to complete a 52-week domestic violence program. When he was released in the fall of 2005, he began stalking the same woman again, Daly said.

The woman filed a report in November stating that Carlon was harassing her over the phone and knocking on her window, which he broke. The woman also hid from him, Daly said. He was sent to prison in February 2006 for two years after he again pleaded guilty to felony spousal abuse.

And what is the end result of allowing a criminal illegal alien to dwell here soaking up taxpayer money for therapy that doesn’t work while his victims lived in a state that virtually bars them from any legitimate means of self-defense? Murder of course:

Medrano filed a domestic violence report against Carlon hours before she was killed Wednesday. Police believe Carlon scaled the roof of the victim’s building and entered the second-story apartment through a rear window. When officers heard screaming, they rushed upstairs and saw Carlon through a window, stabbing Medrano. Police then shot and killed Carlon.

And here’s where I prove I’m a bitter clinger by pointing out that when a violent felon is stalking a woman, society should allow that woman to purchase a firearm to defend herself. Had she been armed, she would be alive today. Of course had he been in prison for a decent amount of time she would also have been out of danger. And of course if he was deported and found it difficult to re-enter illegally this would all be moot.

Only liberals are shocked by murders like this, or I should say they pretend to be. In reality they set this woman up to die. When will we care more about Flor Medrano than the murderers of this world?