The End of Days Link Round-Up

Brothers shall battle and slay one another.

Blood ties od sisters’ sons shall be sundered.

Harsh is the world. Fornication is rife,

Luring to faithlessness, spouses of other.

Axe time, sword time, shields shall be cloven;

Wind time, wolf time, ere the world wanes.

Din on the fields, trolls in full flight;

No man shall then spare another.

– Voluspa – The Sybil’s prophecy translated by Elsa-Brita Titchenell in The Masks of Odin

About two years ago I blogged about narco-terror gangs possibly being involved in human sacrifices though the Santa Muerte cult. In that piece I point out that some aspects of the worship of “Saint Death” bore some admittedly superficial resemblance to the coven of Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo who murdered an unknown number of people in Mexico as part of magical rituals. While I have not since blogged extensively on it, these cases piqued my curiosity and I have since kept track of what we would call, for lack of a better term, ritual or occult crimes especially those involving “reconquista” religion, or Aztec Reconstructionism. I have  also, out of personal interest, kept track of other religious conflicts, the rise of violent cults and other phenomenon that some may interpret as meaningful. I endorse no theory involving these more recent interesting factoids, but am providing them to my fellow watchers and ask that they judge for themselves what, if any, metaphysical meaning they may have:

In Mexico troops are being dispatched to destroy shrines to Saint Death as part of attempts to control the escalating violence of the cartels. Perhaps ironically, the areas of Mexico where the worship of Santa Muerta is widespread are literally dying.

The head of a Voodoo circle has “declared war” on evangelicals after his followers were driven off by an angry mob during what is described as a funeral ceremony. The always credulous main stream media is claiming that Max Beauvoir is the “supreme leader” of Voodoo which is an odd way for a Mambo to describe himself. There is no central authority in Voodoo. It should also be noted that there have been no reports of other rituals being attacked. Here’s raw video courtesy Breitbart that shows what looks like authorities taking part in the attack:

There’s nothing overtly evangelical about the mob in the video. Was something else going on? The Wild Hunt has more on this story though unsurprisingly TWH accepts the evil evangelicals vs poor Vodouns narrative unquestioningly even though they are as skeptical as I am of Max Beauvoir.

Hindu turned Christian Ria Ramkissoon starved her baby to death at the behest of a woman named “Queen Antionette” who claimed the child was possessed. Ramkissoon claims to have witnessed her Hindu parents “giving the child to the devil” in a ritual. Another cult member was involuntarily committed by the cult when she tried to tell authorities about them. The cult used simple mind control techniques involving fasting, drug use (marijuana), and regimentation.

The Presbyterian Church of the United States is now claiming that Israel has no “historical, covenantal or theological” right to exist. It claims Israel has no legitimate history before the Holocaust. This claim obviously runs counter to 75 percent of The Old Testament which is the theological underpinning of Christianity itself. Understand that the PCUSA is in essence claiming that the Bible they like thumping so much is false.

Libyan Leader Moamer Kadhafi has called for a Jihad on Switzerland.

Say Uncle points out two unrelated sword attacks in close proximity to each other.

Twilight Language has a post regarding unrelated “suicides” of children (and two attempted murders) from all over the world that have one very strange common denominator.

An Icelandic Asatru group claims that a “hex” they put on England and other “enemies” of Iceland is working, citing the collapse of the Dutch government and Gordon Brown’s troubles as examples.

Number of the Beast?

Wolf age? Wind age? What do you think?

Update: An admittedly mentally unstable, drug using “atheist” was live tweeting her abortion. For this unseemly attention seeking behavior she has been lauded a hero of feminism.

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  1. Yeah, I’m about as down with being microchipped as I am with being guineapigged. No Thank You.

    Those “child suicides” are some pretty scary stuff. I once knew a young child who had several different ways of killing himself mapped out… While I do believe one involved rope, I don’t recall any of them involving a coat hook. The stories in that piece you linked are horrible, and isn’t it odd that the only two instances that were ruled (attempted) homicide were the two instances where the child survived? I probably shouldn’t have read that so close to going to sleep…

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