Victimless Crime Files: Meet Matt Lewis, Harmless Pot Smoker

Except for his long history of assault and thievery. Oh and allowing someone to get his 14-month-old baby so high the kid didn’t react to being given needles in the emergency room, which is where the baby and father of the year ended up. But hey, if we legalize pot then this wouldn’t have happened right guys?

There are people who act as if decriminalization will simply end the problems with drug use, ignoring the fact that drug use often is in and of itself a problem that burdens society. No change in drug policy should be considered until we have an educational program that clearly outlines the truth about substance abuse, it is never harmless. It especially isn’t harmless when the user is a parent.

WOIA has a news report. Video from Breitbart.

2 thoughts on “Victimless Crime Files: Meet Matt Lewis, Harmless Pot Smoker

  1. Sounds like a case of stupidity. However, I don’t understand how this would be a worse crime than a parent getting their baby drunk. Oh wait, never mind. Getting a baby drunk would be worse than getting a baby high on pot because alcohol is deadly. So, are you for legalizing pot or outlawing alcohol?

    Also, a recent report about drug tests found that false positives are notorious with even THC-free Hershey’s dark chocolate kisses testing positive. Just imagine being a drug-free kid with strict and paranoid parents who buy a do-it-yourself drug-testing kit that results in a false positive.

  2. You don’t think getting a baby high on pot will hurt the kid? Really?

    And what about his long history of criminality? Are you saying stone cold sober he would have been the same person?

    Anyone who get a baby drunk is just as repellent. Worse than either are people who who think getting a baby stoned is in some way acceptable.

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