Victimless Crime File: Animal Abuse Edition Featuring Barack Obama’s Drug Czar

Or his kid really, who has just broken his probation so he’s getting ready to head back to the joint according to the smiley pseudo-journalists at Gawker. Web of Deception has a summary of the arrests of Jeffery Scott Kerlikowske who is the son of former Seattle police chief and Obama’s drug czar R. Gil Kerlikowske.

The younger Kerlikowske’s rap sheet is long and disturbing. It includes:


Wow. Most of his cases were in Florida and if I may read between the lines using my awesome detective skills our drug czar has a son who didn’t really work, stole pot from dealers to get high and beat the crap out of his old lady. He likely killed her pet during a drug addled abuse binge.

“But pot smokers are mellow and all sweetness and light!” some of you are screaming. Yawn. As I have pointed out before chronic or heavy marijuana use mimics the symptoms of mental illness. People who are high think and do things sober people don’t (which is the reason people get drunk or high in the first place) and that can lead to awful situations.

Look at the story of Acea Shomaker via Shadowscope:

According to the Lancaster County, Nebraska, Sheriff’s Office deputies were sent out to the home that Ace shares with his grandfather on a domestic disturbance call. Everything was hunky-dory and the deputies got the issue resolved when dispatch called them back to let the officers know there was an outstanding warrant for Ace on a drug paraphernalia charge, so they turned around to pay him another visit. When they arrived the deputies got more than they expected.

When the police came back into the home they found Ace already burning one in a homemade bong. It was a few pieces of plexiglass held together with duct tape (see, another great use for duct tape!) with a bowl attached and a garden hose coming out the other end. Check out the pic below.

hat’s pretty damn inventive. I’ve seen homemade bongs made out of coke cans and all sorts of stuff, but never one quite like this, particularly with enough room for a cat.

A cat?

Yep, police officers found Acea Shomaker smoking a bowl and sharing with his cat, Shadow, who was stuffed inside the bong for full effects. Ace told the officers that the cat was too hyper and he was just trying to calm it down. Asshat.

According to deputies the cat was dazed and did nothing but lie on the seat of the police car wrapped in a blanket all the way to the humane society.

There’s video at Shadowscope as well if your blood isn’t boiling already. More interesting though are the quotes from the pothead on his MySpace which paint a very different picture of drug use than the giggling constant party some people seem intent on convincing us it is:

So, yeah my head as of late has been contemplating a lot of things. Such as what the fuck do i do about my future, my path has been completely overgrown by the thicket of procrastination. That’s one of my major problems, i never really initiate change, at least not for the better it seems, but i really do wanna try to straighten this out. I have to get my GED, i have to… I wanna go somewhere and be someone who can say that i did this on my own, with a little help here and there. But the big issue there is that how can i try and ask anyone for help if im not willing to help them, but if im too busy helping them or too stupid to realize that im getting fucked, then how the fuck to i help myself? I think i might be able to get some support from some new friends as well as some of my old ones, but for the most part, i think i need to sever most of the past that i have. Bad blood only breeds bad blood. My father is bad blood, but maybe through my actions i can cleanse mine. That’s not to say that a lot of these stains are through my own actions, i have wrought pain, destruction, violence, anger, and greed, all through my own doing, but i have suffered all of these as well, many times alone…

Yeah. I get a lot of comments by people who claim that some people “need” to get high to relax, deal with problems, etc. That’s a problem, because that is the essence of addiction. And the above is where all addicts are most of the time in that frame of mind that is just beyond depression yet just short of insanity. That’s a dangerous place for a person to be.

It’s more dangerous for the pets they own.