John Conyers’ Gutterslut Wife Hurls Racist Abuse at White Folks at Detroit City Council Meeting

Thanks for making us look good, Monica!

It’s after reading articles like Nolan Finley’s recent piece from The Detroit News detailing Monica Conyers that I’m glad we Bi-racial people are so devastatingly good looking that people are eager to claim we’re one of theirs. Until Conyers (and the rest of the Black folk from that area) starts acting right, if anyone asks I’m Sicilian.

Read this and try not to hang your heads in shame if you’re Black:

My hopes for Detroit’s future faded as I watched the tape of last Tuesday’s council meeting, the one that considered the Cobo Center expansion deal.

It was a tragic circus, a festival of ignorance that confirmed the No. 1 obstacle to Detroit’s progress is the bargain basement leaders that city voters elect. The black nationalism that is now the dominant ideology of the council was on proud display, both at the table and in the audience.

Speakers advocating for the deal were taunted by the crowd and cut short by Council President Monica Conyers, who presided over the hearing like an angry bulldog; whites were advised by the citizens to, “Go home.”

Back to the homes that sell for more than $7500? Maybe instead of throwing White folks out of Detroit the people there should start begging them to spend some money there, but that might mean losing the charm of living in a decayed ruin of a city the Democrats mine for votes every couple of years while praries are growing in the middle of the place and blues musicians are selling racoon meat to people for extra cash.

But who needs investment when you have dignity, right?

Opponents were allowed to rant and ramble on uninterrupted about “those people” who want to steal Detroit’s assets and profit from the city’s labors.

A pitiful Teamster official who practically crawled to the table on his knees expressing profuse respect for this disrespectful body was battered by both the crowd and the council.

When he dared suggest that an improved Cobo Center would create more good-paying jobs for union workers, Conyers reminded him, “Those workers look like you; they don’t look like me.”

Desperate, he invoked President Barack Obama’s message of unity and was angrily warned, “Don’t yousay his name here.

Ugh. Did I say dignity? I never thought i would say this about a politician but Monica Conyers is straight ghetto.

Hope and Change didn’t quite make it unscathed to Detroit. I guess “those people” who want to bring jobs and money to Detroit should look to invest somewhere else. Maybe somewhere where a gold digging gutterslut doesn’t use her bought and paid for political position to bully people as foreplay for her next game of slap and tickle with John “Let’s try Bush for War Crimes I made Up” Conyers. When she can get him away from Cindy Sheehan that is. But that’s just a rumor, and speculation on my part as to why Monica is so angry at White people.

I remember hearing John Conyers was married a couple of years ago and thinking “to a lady?” and I see now that though Monica might be female, she’s no lady.

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4 thoughts on “John Conyers’ Gutterslut Wife Hurls Racist Abuse at White Folks at Detroit City Council Meeting

  1. Hello,

    Just saw your comment on hotair about Steele. I didn’t see the interview by him with DL. Nor have I heard about his apology, or about Rush’s thoughts either. So am not qualified to comment on the particulars.

    There is something Conservatives need to learn however and learn fast.

    Do not go on liberal comedian talks shows run by liberal media networks that hate your guts and set you up unless you are fully prepared professionally to hit back just as fast.

    Comedians are professionally trained to insult. Most come from a background where in order to survive they learned to thrive at being a sarcastic jerk towards others. Not only do they have the lifelong background and naturals, they have staffs of writers hired for them in these settings to research and give them ideas on how to make all conservatives look like fools if they’re unprepared.

    And the lesson we must remember is what Chevy Chase admitted. He did everything he could to make Republicans look dumb on purpose. So most of these far left-leaning comedians are looking to take out sincere people who mean well. And they don’t care about the damage to the person or our nation. To them, its all about sticking it to those people who tell them that morals matter, that responsibility matters and that God does exist.

    They largely hate these ideas and as a result hate the people.

    I was this way once myself, very liberal. The “problem” with most conservatives is they’re taught to have manners, be nice and do not be rude to others. Even I was taught this. But when you get out in the real world, you have to fight others in ways often conducive to ridicule of others positions and since Democrat liberals identify with hollywood it is no surprise they get the best material.

    Ever watch a conservative funny man? Who is our best comic on the right? Who would even dare to be seen on the right?

    Unless and until Conservatives loosen up, become pro-active instead of reactive, buy media TV stations, Movie theatres and movie productions, develop their own script writers, actors, etc., the battle will always go to the left now unless the Big 3 – ABC, CBS, NBC radically change.

    Every major New station is owned or operated by a conglomerate favorable to Hollywood as well, even FOX. Therefore, hollywood rubs ABC, ABC rubs Disney, etc. Universal, GE, etc., are ruining America because there is absolutely no credible lines between NEWS and ENTERTAINMENT.

    Why would anyone go on to these comedians shows? Its stupid, even for the best, most articulate leaders to submit themselves to setups by Comedic jerks who want to tear them down.

    Every show you watch on national broadcast, most cable and most movies are all mocking conservative positions or religion or chrisitians.

    Children are raised in school to think Conservative, original Judeo-Chrisitian principles and foundations of our nation are stupid. The liberal ideology is constantly re-enforced into their young minds to feel bad by peer pressure and all the media that surrounds them.

    Until leaders on the right stand up and begin to buyout and build new media, this is going to be a long suffering time in our nation. Children are being raised not to think independently or be skeptics, but are indoctrinated in leftist ideology to be submissive to leftist peer pressure.

    Any child left alone with a TV is being brainwashed today for all of the liberal policies push by an orchestrated machine. Whether some do it intentionally or not is not the issue. It happens daily.

    Thats my two cents. Conservative black, white, hispanics, asians, freethinkers need to come together. Europe in the next 20-30 years is going to be a train wreck. In many ways they’ve already given up. There are very few true conservatives left in Western Europe.

    I’m not sure what Steele said on DL that would make him feel he need to apologize. But the problem was to go on DL in the first place, or any other court jestor show looking to make fun of Chrisitians and Conservatives only, mocking and scoffing all the way to the bank.

    Our nation is being led by a bunch of clowns now.

  2. Well, I just reviewed the talk by Steele on CNN with DL.

    This was a disaster. The comic compared the Republican Party to Nazi’s and Steele said nothing, in fact, he is stumbling and saying, “your’re right” when this is happening.

    This is not good, not at all.

    Michael Steele and RNC should demand an apology by CNN and DL. This is absolute slander against all people in the Republican party.

    This shows me the Republican leadership is lost. LOL, this is so sad. I’m not even a Republican… sheesh. Someone needs to wake up.

  3. [EDIT]

    I usually let people’s words(especially ignorant ones) speak for themselves, but this racist abuse was posted by a moby looking to stir up trouble-


  4. Typical Democrat mobying. Always trying to make issues of personal responsibility and character into larger race issues so that you can keep the American people, one people, at each others throats. Go back to the Democratic Underground forum douchebag.

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