Jew Hating Socialist Offended by Nazi Comparison

Robert Lindsay is extremely offended by my assertion that he’s got more in common with Nazis than he’s willing to admit. The fact that he, while criticizing an article on Holocaust denial, inserts various Nazi-esque comments about a Jewish conspiracy to capitalize on the genocide of six million Jews can be construed as apologizing for some of the more onerous parts of modern Nazi philosophy drives him into a frenzy of name calling and projection. Thus, should you find me mentioned on his site it’s only to describe me as mentally ill, a “bizzaro” or to imply in his comments that I’m, worst of all in his estimation, a Jew.

Lindsay, quivering with virtual indignation that I would dare imply he had a fondness for all things jack booted, goes on to admit a fondness for all things jack booted. I jokingly stated that I was pretty sure he liked Stormfront and their rhetoric, and he dismissed my criticism by stating:

“I do read the forum at Stormfront at times, but not often. Despite the disgusting racism, they have some interesting articles there.”

As if besides rank bigotry and anti-Americanism Stormfornt has great tips on home improvement and to-die-for recipes. I also joked about him being a Prussian Blue fan, and he responds by calling the two brainwashed teen-aged victims of their soulless mother’s disgusting desire to create “sex symbols” for White Nationalism, “nasty little Nazi teen age girls.” While most rational adults would feel sorry for the 14-year-olds, Lindsay is disturbingly blase about the horrid lives the two kids will lead. This is just to show you what type of person Lindsay, at heart, is.

Lindsay also attempts to distance himself from Nazism and racism in quite a novel way:

“I really don’t care about White people or the White race. The White race can go extinct for all I care. In fact, in the Americas today, White people are a big part of the problem. Needless to say, that is hardly a Nazi point of view.”

In other words, I’m not a racist and let me blurt out some racism to prove it. Like that pretentious undergrad we all avoid, Lindsay blurts out the outrageously asinine canard accusing all Whites everywhere (excluding himself of course) of being the cause of every problem in the world, except the ones caused by Jews, I assume. This in some way is meant to prove he’s not a garden variety bigot, but he’s “enlightened” and thus better then the people on Stormfront who sound so much like him otherwise.

Or maybe he believes it’s a White Robert Mugabe destroying Zimbabwe, it is White Muslims enslaving, raping and killing Black Africans in the Sudan, it is White Britons forcibly converting teen-aged Hindu and Sikh girls to Islam, just as he believes Jews are conspiring against the world. But if Lindsay really hates Whites so much, isn’t he still a racist? Isn’t the desire to see Whites “go extinct” itself Nazi-esque, at least in the sense of holding a belief that genocide is an acceptable policy? Is Mugabe’s pogrom against White Africans different from the Holocaust in any respect except for scale?

His statement on Whites doesn’t deflect charges of neo-Nazism from him, it only adds a self loathing layer of contemptible pretension and dystopian nihilism on his patchwork politics that borrow heavily from Stalin, Hitler and in this case his University Social Sciences department.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t assume that Lindsay will be attending any rallies with his fellow Jew haters, whom he goes out of his way to antagonize into arguments so that he can claim to be a victim, again. It should be noted that while Lindsay’s happy to report receiving death threats from White Nationalists, he doesn’t seem all that worried. Why is that? Because he’s comfortable enough with them that he knows when they’re serious? Like minds and all that.

The bottom line is that Lindsay is an example of the old saying “If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it just might be a duck” and whether he likes it or not, he’s got a distinctive White Power waddle that is easily recognizable to anyone. I’m sorry it hurts his ego to find out that his veneer of ivy league intellectualism doesn’t dull the shine on his iron cross, but if he doesn’t like being called a Nazi then he should stop acting like one.