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“Liberals” these days. I’ve never come across a more hateful and spiteful group on the Internet. But I guess the fact that Obama didn’t cause “The Change” ala 1980s hippy wet dream Ariel has gotten some of these people angry enough that they can’t hold in their inner Gestapo officer. All those solar powered rainbows and vegan unicorns never arrived in their sad and wasted lives and they need to take out their frustration on someone:

My wife Jenn Q. Public ended up on a “hate tweet list” created by liberal pundit/reanimated corpse Alan Colmes. Colmes claims that the Mrs. Tweeting to her followers that Colmes was an “asshole” after he made a childish dig at Sarah Palin is proof of rabid right wing hate. I guess we should be rounded up for thinking ill of douche bags.

If Colmes was truly worried about hatred on Twitter he would have mentioned the now thankfully defunct Murder Glenn Beck twitter account. The tweeter in question claimed that if enough people “followed” him he would murder Beck and made it clear this was not a joke. Many a lefty joined I’m told. Luckily there are screen shots:

Murder Glenn Beck Twitter Account

Now that’s tolerance!

But it’s small beans compared to Obamunist “anti-war” group Code Pink who is running a banner ad on the English language version web page of the militant Islamist group The Muslim Brotherhood. The ad invites Wahhabist Muslims to join with them to “cleanse our country” of people on the right. Code Pink founder Jodie Evans is also promoting a campaign to kidnap George W. Bush and his wife.

Which also barely compares to the Florida chapter of A.N.S.W.E.R. which is organizing violence against Tea Party protesters by recruiting union thugs and militant Islamist groups. This is the same A.N.S.W.E.R. chapter that was filmed in a vicious gang assault against a 62-year-old man a few months ago.

But lest you think the Communists masquerading as Progressives pretending to be “liberals” have dropped their petty bigotry and abandoned the childish cattiness they’ve displayed for years in favor of “Direct Action,” take heart! I still get emails sent to me by people who can’t stand the thought that they might be responded to in a comment. Like “Jason” here who took exception to a post I wrote about how I thought Tila Tequila shouldn’t be called a whore:

Only a scumbag republican like yourself would write that Tila Tequila blog.

My post, it should be pointed out, was based solely around my disgust with the fact that while Tila Tequila was doing a charity event for breast cancer for the Keep a Breast foundation, which involved having plaster casts of her breasts made, she was attacked by professional misogynist Perez Hilton. I said it was wrong to call a woman stripping down for a good cause a whore and I put forward that nude modeling is hardly whoreish. But I guess only a “scumbag republican” thinks it’s unmanly to berate women for for being successful and attractive.

Look at all that tolerance! I would suggest to the few remaining classical liberals or even old fashioned Democrats on the left that it will soon be your turn to feel the tolerance that the left speaks of so much.

2 thoughts on “Liberal Tolerance Link Round Up

  1. Rob Taylor,

    I’m glad you thought that story I sent you about Code Pink was important enough to post here.

    But let’s not also forget how the Dutch Left is treating Geert Wilders. They’re charging him with hate speech because he dared to criticize Islam. Yet they do little to nothing to stop the Islamization of their country and thus threaten the future of Europe and Freedom everywhere.

    Here’s a link to an Action Alert by Citizen Warrior.

    Anyone who can help, please do so soon. He doesn’t have much time left, his trial is scheduled for the twentieth of this month.

    Over at the Infidel Bloggers Alliance, Pastorius also has some advice on how you can help.

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