Red Alerts is Closed

As many of you already know Red Alerts is closing. This will be one of the last posts here and will cover the information advertisers, readers and contributors will need to move forward.

First up Red Alerts will remain online indefinitely while we comb through the archives. Red Alerts has over 3500 articles dating back to early October of 2006 so this will take some time. Some of the articles will be moved to new sites, some recycled and others expanded on elsewhere.

Advertisers can rest assured that we will honor our time commitments, and we will offer them the option of having their ads appear free of charge on the new sites I’m running for the duration of our contracts.

Those new sites are:

Hunter – Trader – Trapper which will be where more survival and preparedness oriented material will be. The site will also cover homesteading, self-sufficiency and traditional skills.

Greenville Dragnet which will continue to cover crime but will be the new home for our border war category. Political stories that involve corruption or fraud will also be moved there so if you have something relevant please send it there.

Financial news will be posted at Palmetto Finance.

Paganism, occultism and other sensational subjects will be posted at Spell and Ritual.

The next two posts will be our last. The first will be answers to more specific questions about this transition and the last will be a list of links to websites that I believe are worthy of your attention.

Thank you all for your loyalty and support these last five years.

Rob Taylor

Red Alerts has Been Fixed

Someone exploited a vulnerability in the related posts feature to upload a malware onto Red Alerts but we have removed that plug in and painstakingly removed all traces of the offending program. Red Alerts is safe and should be taken off the list of attack sites used by Google and anti-virus companies. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Introducing the Non-Electric Living Category

I was communicating online with a newish prepper and was shocked to hear how much of his limited income on generators, solar power sources and various electrical devices that needed more and more money poured into them to keep them running in the event of a collapse.

I grew up poor in the 70s. We had a deep freezer usually filled with cheap cuts of meat from the butcher and fish we caught. When a blackout happened my grandfather would go get ice from the store while the rest of us emptied ice from the fridge into the freezer. This kept the food for long enough to use it. I understand that people are planning for the electricity to never come back on, but you do that by being less, not more dependent on electricity. Instead of a extra solar generator to run your electric fridge why not invest in an antique ice chest? That’s what people used prior to mass production of kitchen appliances and they got along just fine.

Instead of buying expensive and fragile solar panels why not build an ice house or a root cellar? Why seek power sources for your computer controlled security cameras when even a small dog works well as an alarm for intruders?

The point is that if you are planning for a complete collapse of civilization keep it simple. If you don’t know how to service a generator or make fuel to run it it is not a great long term TEOTWAWKI purchase. That’s not to say they aren’t useful for a bad storm, but if the storm you see coming is more like Patriots or One Second After than Hurricane Katrina you need to plan for not having electricity in the long term.

In this new category I’ll be featuring ways you can keep a moderately comfortable lifestyle without power. For people younger than me this may seem like true roughing it but for most of human history people survived, and thrived, without electricity and you can too.