Obamunist Blogger Jeff Martin Charged with Cyberstalking

This story is only shocking if you’ve never dealt with a liberal blogger.

Jeff Martin runs a blog called Vie Di Malchance which, in case you need evidence of his glassy eyed knee jerk DailyKosism, is rife with references to “McBush,” the stupidity of people who like Sarah Palin and of course how a woman who disagrees with him is the epicenter of all evil in his life.

In that last post he also asks supporters to send him checks and money orders to fight “the insidious plague” as he calls his victim. This, of course, is a scam by a con artist who will plead out and take his probation then spend the money his supporters send him on either drugs or pornography. But that’s just an opinion I have based on his public behavior.

In other words, he’s a dime a dozen Kossack. But he took his lack of self-control and inflated entitlement to a level even other liberals would be hard pressed to defend:

GREENSBORO — A local blogger is facing cyberstalking charges after authorities said he sent more than two-dozen e-mails in less than an hour to another blogger.

Jeff Martin, who writes the blog site Vie Di Malchance, is charged with annoying fellow blogger Dr. Mary Johnson, of Asheboro, under North Carolina’s cyberstalking law. “Vie De Malchance” is French for “life of misfortune.”

“When your hobby is making people angry, at some point I quit keeping up with who’s mad at me,” Martin said Wednesday.

Martin said he and Johnson got into a feud over the Randleman Dam, a local water project that he supports. The feud escalated when Martin, who writes his blog under the name “fecund stench,” sent 27 e-mails to Johnson in less than an hour.

“I probably frightened her and I didn’t mean to do that. I screwed up,” Martin said.

The e-mails included messages such as, “Everyone knows your crazy, but no one has exhibited the courage to deal with it. I’m not afraid of you.” Martin also admitted to sending Johnson an e-mail telling her he knows where she lives. Martin said there was no threat intended, but he simply wanted to stop Johnson from attacking him and his friends in the blogging community.

Classy. With all the other problems America faces it’s easy to forget just how depraved the left side of the blogosphere is. Martin is a disgusting cretin who is indicative of the MoveOn.org wing of liberalism and we should remember that this enclave of misanthropy is still festering on the web.

It should be noted that he hasn’t cyberstalked any men, by the way, but that’s par for the course. Maybe I’ll get some threatening emails from Martin? We could only hope.

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Chi-Town Board of Education President Shoots Self, Dumps Own Body in River

At least according to the Chicago police that’s what happened. For some background on Michael Scott you can check Michelle Malkin’s site but in a nutshell Scott was a long time Chi-Town elite who was pushing for Chicago’s Olympic bid, and was found to have been positioned to make a killing if the windy city had become the 2016 hosts.

He also just got slapped with a subpoena over a corruption scandal at the board of education and may have been caught up in other corruption probes. Luckily for anyone he could have rolled on, he decided to shoot himself. Oddly he decided to kill himself near the banks of a river rather than, say, take some pills at home. Oh, and so far no suicide note has been found.

Doesn’t sound suspicious at all:

Police investigating the death of Chicago school board president Michael Scott say initial reports from the scene indicate Scott shot himself in the head along the banks of the Chicago River.

Scott’s family had reported him missing on Sunday. Police used his cell phone to locate his body and his car behind the Chicago Apparel Center at 350 N. Orleans along the north branch of the river early this morning, police sources tell the Chicago Tribune.

He apparently fell forward after shooting himself, and the gun was found near the body, the sources say.

While police sources say it appears the gunshot wound was self-inflicted, the Cook County medical examiner’s office was still conducting its investigation and hadn’t determined how he died.

Scott’s family had contacted police Sunday night when he didn’t show up after visiting his sister at a South Loop care facility. The relative said he visited his sister regularly on Sundays and described him as a creature of habit. He was last seen about 6 p.m.

Creatures of habit are notoriously good targets for all manner of crimes. Not that I’m suggesting that someone in Chicago would stoop to killing a person who was about to get pinched by the feds and had information on other political figures which he could use to cut a deal. Nor would I suggest that authorities in Chicago are so embedded in a Culture of Corruption that they might cover up such a fact.

Interesting time line of events. Scott is last seen at around 6:00pm leaving a visit with his sister. At 3:15am cops find his car parked yards away from where his body was found. At around 7:30am Jesse Jackson shows up on scene for some reason which isn’t clear.

If I didn’t know better I’d say Scott went to meet someone by the river for a meeting and got popped and thrown in the river by an amateur who didn’t get that people don’t just dissolve into water. But that can’t be what happened. Not in Chicago!

h/t Afrocity

Felon on Parole Gunned Down Adopted Sister He Was Raping and He Might Get Away With It!

The police are angry at the prosecutors’ decision, who to be fair have a hard case in front of them, but clearly Royce Mitchell should be standing trial for statutory rape, kidnapping and murder but the prosecutors are bowing to pressure put on them by the community. As an aside, read through the comments on any story about this case, then tell the commenters I said thanks for making us look good. They’ll know what it means.

from the Charlotte Observer:

Royce Mitchell was pressuring 15-year-old Tiffany Wright to end her late-term pregnancy – even taking her to an abortion clinic – according to new court documents that may shed light on why police say Mitchell should be prosecuted for statutory rape.

The documents, released Tuesday, say Mitchell took Tiffany – his adopted sister – to a Charlotte abortion clinic in July, but she was turned away because she was too far along at 21 weeks. So Mitchell planned a trip to an Atlanta clinic within days where Tiffany’s pregnancy could be terminated.

Tiffany was eight-months pregnant when she was gunned down on Sept. 14 as she waited for her school bus. Doctors delivered her baby girl, but the infant later died.

Police call Mitchell, 36, a “person of interest” in the homicide, but they haven’t charged him. Mitchell was jailed on charges of statutory rape and taking indecent liberties with a minor.

But those charges were dropped last week by prosecutors, after a DNA test showed Mitchell was not the father of the baby. Without Tiffany alive to testify about any sexual encounters, prosecutors said the case lacked enough evidence to prosecute.

The move angered police, who released a statement critical of the decision. The statement said police believe there is “probable cause” based on “evidence gathered” to prosecute Mitchell on the sex charges – even without DNA evidence to prove that they had sex at least once.

The new information today comes from two affidavits asking a judge for search warrants of Mitchell’s home and an apartment.

The affidavits say Tiffany’s foster parents reported that Mitchell picked Tiffany up on July 20 about 10:30 p.m. “to take her to visit a dying relative.” Tiffany later reported she was really being held against her will by Mitchell and an unknown female “as they attempted to convince Tiffany to engage in an abortion by non-medical personnel,” the affidavits say.

A tough sell in Charlotte given the support we Black folk like to throw around for any “brother” who deserves to be in jail, but that doesn’t mean prosecutors shouldn’t make the effort in honor of the victim. But the prosecution can’t be faulted for thinking that, given public support for this child raping animal, hitting him for parole violations while seeing if they can work up something else is the best strategy for a win.

It is disgusting that they maybe right, and high time Black folk start taking back their community from the dealers and pimps who have become elevated to hero status in the inner cities.

Lefty Hero “Rick Duncan” Exposed as Chronic Liar and Con Artist, Only Marks Surprised

The left falls for the phony soldier gambit every time, as long as the impostor tells them the kind of stories they want to hear, usually amalgams of anti-military urban legends, doctrinaire leftism, and just enough jaded anti-Americanism to make his story an indictment of our country. As long as they tell the left what they want to hear, any con artist can pretend to be a war hero no matter how obvious it is the person is lying. Rick Strandlof a.k.a Rick Duncan is just one in a long string of liars and con artists the left has willingly aligned themselves with when it served their agenda:

From The Denver Post:

A tattoo of an angel illustrates his right leg. A devil decorates his left.

But a trail of deceit has stamped Richard Glen Strandlof with another indelible mark: fake military hero who misled veterans, politicians and voters. Many had bought into the story of Rick Duncan, the wounded soldier rallying opposition to the Iraq war and support for struggling vets.

Like the contradictory body art, Strandlof’s story winds between malicious deception and actual good works. And it muddies the issue of whether his offense was simply that he fooled the people he purported to champion or that he broke the law.

He awaits arraignment in the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center in Colorado Springs on a misdemeanor traffic charge after his

arrest May 12. And while the FBI is investigating possible fraud, no charges have been filed.

Strandlof, 32, spared no detail in his alleged resume: Annapolis graduate. Marine captain. Survivor of the Sept. 11, 2001, attack on the Pentagon. Wounded three-tour veteran of the Iraq war. An American hero who, in his next act, would stand up for his band of military brothers on whatever stage was set before him — from the Capitol steps in Denver to the campaign stump.

He backed mostly Democratic candidates sympathetic to his anti-war views in the run-up to the 2008 election
. Beyond politics, he worked on behalf of homeless veterans in Colorado Springs, an effort that earned him widespread respect.

Indeed. Don’t they all. Here’s a campaign commercial Rick Duncan did for retired Lt. Col Hal Bidlack, a twenty-five year veteran who should have seen through this charade. Conveniently for the Democrat he didn’t when he could use an openly gay combat veteran who shared his policy views:


This amuses me because Bidlack, aside from his unsuccessful congress bid and lackluster service in the Clinton administration is best known as a proponent of rational skepticism. I guess his logic skills failed him on this one.

But back to the story:

Army Spec. Garett Reppenhagen met the man he knew as Duncan at a veterans gathering two years ago in Colorado Springs. He remembers him as “spastic, a lot of energy, all over the place, an excitable person.”

That night, Duncan related how he’d been wounded by an improvised explosive device during his second tour in Iraq. He told others how the explosion had caused a severe brain injury — a circumstance that seemed to explain his twitchy mannerisms and sometimes erratic behavior.

Another more likely explanation is drug use. It would also explain why he needed to create elaborate cons to make money and more importantly this little scene captured on video of “Duncan” using his influence and alliances to get local cops to stop searching the homeless people for drugs:


Hmm. A “twitchy” guy with “erratic” behavior not wanting to have the homeless people he works with everyday searched for drugs. Go figure.

He advanced his anti-war politics by connecting with like-minded candidates.

He even launched his own organization, the Colorado Veterans Alliance, which he said represented 32,000 veterans on a massive mailing list — though the only visible members seemed to be a cadre of local vets.

Which of course no Democrat questioned because it worked for their agenda.

The well-told combat tale, delivered by an accomplished liar, has become almost cliche. It has been known to yield any number of perks: a job, a date, a fundraising boost, a political leg up — even a free parking place via Purple Heart license plates. It can conceal character defects or even criminal histories.

“It’s a great way to deflect criticism — ‘I was a war hero for my country. How can you not like me?’ ” explained Loren Pankratz, a professor of clinical psychology at the Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, who testifies in court cases involving military imposters or veterans who inflate their records.

Still, in that pantheon of anti-heroes, Strandlof isn’t even exceptional.

“There are many, many worse cases than this,” said Doug Sterner, the Colorado Springs man who has cataloged hundreds of military fakes on his Home of Heroes website. “These imposters are all over the place. But when I look at Strandlof’s case, I am thankful to him because he put this problem under the spotlight.”

And therein is the problem. Too many people fall for bogus stories because too many people in our country have no life experience. I’m not saying people need to join the military, but people need to stop reading DailyKos and start getting outside. By the time I was in my mid-20s I could spot a liar, and a drug addict or mentally ill person stands out to me like a sore thumb. Why? Because I don’t sit at home TIVOing Keith Olbermann or forwarding emails from MoveOn.org. I went outside and met people, including liars and drug users. Guess what? They’re all basically the same. Meet one and you’ll be able to see that person in every subsequent con artist you meet.

Americans in general, but liberals and libertarians in particular, cocoon themselves in layer upon layer of soft velvety lies designed to help them understand a world they won’t bother to become a part of. Unaware of reality they make up their own that conforms to their personal shallowness, bigotry, and self-interests. Some people call them children of post-modernism. I call them marks.

The Denver Post report shows that many of his former colleagues are still claiming he’s done some good work (including raising a boatload of money under false pretenses which no one is sure what happened to) and this Boston Edge piece paints him as a tragic hero as opposed to a bold carny who just took hundreds of people for a trip through the magical money magnet machine.

Of course now that the F.B.I. has arrested him maybe opinions of him are changing:

SAN DIEGO — A 32-year-old man accused of violating federal law by masquerading as a decorated Marine combat veteran from the Iraq war was arrested in San Diego Friday.

Richard Strandlof, who used the name Rick Duncan, is charged in Colorado with violating the federal Stolen Valor Act. He was taken to the federal lockup in San Diego and faces an extradition hearing Tuesday.

For more than a year, Strandlof passed himself off as a Marine officer who received a Silver Star for bravery at the battle of Fallujah in 2004, according to a criminal complaint filed by the U.S. attorney’s office in Denver.

He allegedly told reporters and veterans in Colorado that he was a Naval Academy graduate, had deployed three times to Iraq, and was wounded by a roadside bomb and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, according to an FBI affidavit. He also claimed to have been awarded a Purple Heart.

If convicted, Strandlof could face a year in prison and a $100,000 fine. Congress in 2005 passed the Stolen Valor Act after complaints from veterans about phonies masquerading as heroes and tarnishing the reputation of true heroes.


His fakery began to unravel when veterans noted that on official documents for the group he formed, his name was listed as Strandlof, not Duncan, according to the criminal charge filed by federal prosecutors. When he showed up at a veterans gathering without the medals he had allegedly received, suspicions deepened, and the FBI began an investigation.

Strandlof is a suspect in a fraud scheme involving a grand prix race in Nevada and was once convicted of car theft in that state.

After the charge against him was filed last week, FBI agents found that he had fled to San Diego. He was arrested without incident.

I wonder what the marks will say now?

h/t Jawa

Child Rapist Gets Ordained by Gay Friendly Church


This is not the kind of publicity gays need. It’s almost like those at the head of the leftist gay rights movement are more interested in keeping homosexuals marginalized by ensuring the rest of society sees them as perverts. Or supportive of perverts.

A church in Louisville, Ky., plans to ordain a registered sex offender this coming Sunday though they won’t allow him to have unsupervised contact with children.

About ten years ago, Mark Hourigan was charged with sodomizing, sexually abusing and intimidating an 11-year-old boy and ended up serving time in prison.

Since then, Hourigan has been released from prison, completed his probation time, and joined the City of Refuge Worship Center, where he now leads praise and worship.

Though some congregants have expressed concerns regarding Hourgian’s ordination, Pastor Randy Meadows told a local ABC affiliate that the Lord touched Hourigan’s heart.

Furthermore, Hourigan will be signing agreement not to minister to children.

Despite the reassurances, the Pentecostal church’s plan to ordain a sex offender has resulted in the departure of some of the church congregants who are concerned that he will re-offend.

Notably, City of Refuge boasts itself as being “a GLBT affirming church” that accepts and welcomes “everyone regardless of race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, and/or social-economic status” and “are here to love and support all of our brothers and sisters in the Lord.”

You support rapists by having them make amends for their crime. You then help them with the self-imposed exile from the community any truly contrite sex offender (as if there were such a thing) would go through knowing that he or she doesn’t deserve to enjoy the fellowship and company of society. Instead City of Refuge makes this guy sign a promissory note that he won’t molest children, then gives him both authority over the church and status in the wider community. These are the actions of a church that is supposedly helping gays gain acceptance.

This is blatant leftist sabotage of the homosexual community by what is frankly a “synagogue of Satan” as Hellfire and Brimstone Christian, and Aleister Crowley drinking buddy, Montague Summers would call it before demanding it be burned to the ground and its members examined by the Inquisition.

He raped a little boy then threatened the child. I don’t care how hard he prayed the man needs to be shunned not sanctified, cast out not brought in.

The cult members of this anything goes church feel differently:

Inside the Goss Avenue building, member Mark Hourigan grabbed local and national attention for the role he is taking on. It comes two years after he joined City of refuge.

“We admire him for even wanting to try, even if he gets to do anything once he is ordained,” said Louis Brown, a Germantown resident and supporter of the church’s decision. “Sex offenders should have a chance and I believe they’re trying to give this fellow a chance.”

He already had a chance … to not rape an 11-year-old boy. He used up his chance when he used that boy to gratify his sadism. That these Jesus freaks don’t see that is one in a long list of reasons tie-dyed wearing god-botherers irk me. But the worse part of this situation is that it’s drawing other degenerates out of the woodwork for some sort of impromptu perverts’ pride rally:

“I grew up in this neighborhood and so did she,” said Louis Brown of his wife Carol. “These people that they’re protesting don’t speak for everyone.”

The Browns are not members of the City of Refuge Worship Center, but attempted to attend Sunday’s service. While saying they do not condone Hourigan’s actions, the Browns do believe even sex offenders should get a second chance.

“We’re supporting because we have a sex offender son,” said Carol Brown. “Regrettably they would not let us in because I’m sure they are very worried about the situation, see there’s protestors.”

Right. Remember when there was this thing called shame that made people who raised their children so poorly that the they ended up getting pinched for rape or molestation keep their yaps shut? Those were good times.

Anyway, any gays out there can make some deep inroads into the right by strongly denouncing the asinine elevation of a child rapist by a church that has parasitically latched onto gay rights. G.L.A.A.D., I’m looking at you.

h/t Pat Brown