Founding Member of Illinois Minutemen Won Republican Primary for 5th District

One would think a story with that headline would be red meat for the left as they could easily use the compliant media to paint Republican Rosanna Pulido as another “fascist” Republican to rally against, but as even local media have pointed out most of the media have kept pretty mum on her.

What gives?


She touches on the truth of the matter. “Reagan” Democrats are staring the Democrat Party’s biggest betrayal of them in the face in the form of the Stimulus and were already leaning right on issues like illegal immigration. District 5 is a “bitter gun clinger” kind of place and the more face time Pulido gets the more likely it is that fed up Conservative Democrats and Independents get flipped to the GOP. So the Democrats and their media proxies are left with trying to keep her out of sight and hopefully out of mind until the election.

While I often point out I’m a Republican not a Conservative and I don’t agree with Pulido on all issues, I believe in the big tent being big enough for everyone who loves America  and fully endorse and support Pulido in her run for office. Help her out by spreading the word and contribute if you can.

Run Rosanna, Run!

h/t StephenLoneWolf

Rape Victim Kills Attacker When He Attempts Second Assault

A 57-year-old woman was raped by an intruder in her home, who came back a second time to further victimize her. Between attacks the brave woman borrowed a friend’s shotgun and she killed the career criminal before he could rape her again:


Hecate’s Crossroad points out that Barack Obama voted against a law that would have protected people who defended themselves with firearms in situations like this from criminal prosecution.

In other words Obama, and much of the left, believe that in the above situation the woman should have accepted being raped a second time, and possibly being killed, because there is some sort of moral responsibility for Americans to martyr themselves to criminals. I’ve often said liberalism is a secularization of the worst aspects of Judeo-Christian morality such as the notion that you have a responsibility to “turn the other cheek” when attacked and the deification of pacifism, and the childish views liberals have on something so basic as a person’s right to defend themselves prove that.

If you want to live in an America where women are expected to simply lay down and take it when a rapist breaks into their houses by all means vote for Barack Obama. But if you think the woman above should be applauded for ending the reign of terror that this rapist inflicted on dozens of unidentified victims, vote McCain/Palin.

McCain: Obama’s a Goddamn Communist

I’m paraphrasing, but even sweetened up for the stump this is what we all wanted from McCain for the last several weeks:


The only thing that could make this more awesome is if he said “We didn’t fight the commies for 50 years to let one take over now!” or something similar. Country First! Vote McCain/Palin

Barack Obama Wants You to be Raped and Murdered at Home

I’m paraphrasing the argument made in this N.R.A. political ad:


It is the most basic right all humans are naturally endowed with, the right to defend your life and that of your loved ones. Obama voted four times to take that right from you. Will you vote to give him a chance to try for number five? Country First!

via Gateway Pundit