Absolute Zero and Evil Unveiled Featured on Local News

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I use both the Absolute Zero United blog and Evil Unveiled as sources for some of my sex crime related writings, especially the warnings we’ve issued about local active pedophiles. The group got some positive news media coverage recently KETV:

OMAHA, Neb. — A grassroots effort across the country is tracking down dangerous pedophiles and tipping off police. The group contributed to the recent arrest of an Iowa man.

Last month, Kevin Morrissey led law enforcement on a chase from Blair to Fremont. At the end of the pursuit, Morrissey tried to kill himself while parked in front of the Fremont Area Medical Center.

The Iowa native had an outstanding warrant in Washington state. He was caught possessing child pornography.

It turns out that Morrissey is a pedophile activist, according to law enforcement agencies. They weren’t alone in trying to locate him; a group of volunteers had tracked Morrissey’s every move online for years.

The group also tipped off Omaha police about Jonathan Johnson, who was convicted of sexually molesting children in 2008.

KETV NewsWatch 7’s Ryan Luby and KETV photojournalist Dave Hynek traveled to Nashville, Tenn., to talk with a woman who heads up the website called evil-unveiled.com. The identity of the woman, who we will call Veronica, can’t be revealed. She has been the target of death threats and fears for her safety.

Veronica spends every day online, up to 10 hours or more, pretending she’s a pedophile.

“We wanted to unveil the evil that’s on the Internet,” she said. “They’re like cockroaches. They’re everywhere.”

Veronica searches for people who are not necessarily convicted sex offenders, but who are attracted to children.

“The problem with pedophile websites that we monitor is that they don’t think there’s anything wrong with sexually pursuing a child,” she said. “They encourage each other. They embolden each other.”

Veronica and her team of six volunteers, who live around the world, are Internet watchdogs. They track, download and store every comment posted to sites that cater to pedophile activists. Those activists think pedophilia is OK and want to make their fantasies legal.

“They would actually like to change legislation,” said Veronica. “They would like to lower the age of consent. They would like to make it so that children have more rights, to have sex with older people.”

The comments and websites themselves are protected by freedom of speech and the first amendment. That’s where Veronica and her team step in.

“We basically are chameleons,” she said.

The group takes the comments, which are accessible to the public, and reposts them on their own website. They develop profiles for each anonymous screen name. They track and eventually identify who the person really is.

“For some, it’s easy. As they post something, they post an email with it. You Google it, you plug it into MySpace or Facebook and there they are, boom, they’re identified in five minutes,” Veronica said.

The report goes on to talk about the role the group played in arresting John Johnson, who was not actively molesting children and talking about it online.

The people at AZU who also run Evil Unveiled are good people who regularly are threatened and harrassed by the scumbag perverts they find online and worse the wives and girlfriends of said perverts. You can see some of those guttersluts in the comments section complaining about how evil AZU is for getting child molesters arrested. Go ahead and read through the comments if you haven’t eaten.

Evil Unveiled has a forum up where you can join and help out the cause. Please consider taking time to help in the fight to keep children safe.

Conservative Union Members Gather Strength in Michigan

UAW member, Terry Bowman, was fed up with his union dues being spent in support of leftist causes. The tipping point was when his local union declared in a newsletter that Jesus would have supported Obamacare. In 2010, Bowman founded Union Conservatives, a group for union members who are pro-union but want their unions to be “grounded in truth and reality,” the main truth being that socialism doesn’t work and the reality that unions need to work with both political parties for the benefits of workers, not just kiss up to one.

In his op-ed piece in the Detroit News, Bowman relates how the unions still spend members’ money on political causes that are blatantly anti-conservative even though a large number of them vote Republican:

“A recent Harris poll shows that 60 percent of union households say that unions are too involved in politics, and we know that 40 percent or more of union households vote Republican. Unfortunately, union members who disagree with these partisan political attacks are forced, as a condition of employment, to financially support this message.”

He goes on to make to briefly make the case for right-to-work laws. From the comments I’ve seen on the Facebook page and elsewhere, Bowman has received the kind of treatment you’d expect from union members who oppose such laws. According to them, he’s a corporate shill or just too stupid to understand how the unions are saving the world. He was derided on the group’s Facebook page for asking people to be civil. Oh the horror of having to engage in intelligent debate! But we know that radicals can’t abide by rules of civility especially when a member of their own tribe gets uppity.

Bowman and the Union Conservatives have got an uphill battle in front of them against the extreme leftist union leadership in Michigan. But the group is moving on with two promising events this month that will hopefully gain it more recognition. The first is at the Michigan Prosperity Forum in Traverse City featuring Michelle Malkin and Andrew Breitbart. Bowman will be heading a panel discussion there. The group also will be hosting along with the University of Michigan Dearborn College Republicans a debate of the Republican candidates for the Michigan Senate. Event info and details about the group can be found at the Union Conservatives website.