Surprise! James Von Brunn is a Filthy Pervert!

Aren’t all Neo-Nazis? White nationalist “intellectual” Kevin Strom is a known pervert caught red handed with child pornography. When British Neo-Nazi bomb plotter Martyn Paul Gilleard was arrested last year police found almost 40,000 child porn images on his computer and controversial White nationalist act Prussian Blue was little more than a degenerate mother’s attempt to provide Nazi lowlifes with spank material.

Here’s the video for their unlistenable Neo-Nazi fantasy “Victory Day” that you need not be acquainted with the pedophilic “teen modeling” scam to be uncomfortable with … if you’re not a disgusting pervert:


I could spend all week listing examples of the intersection of White Supremacism and the sexual exploitation of children (something they share with radical lefties) so it came as no surprise to me when Noam Chomsky loving anti-Semitie James Von Brunn was found to have child porn on his computer:

WASHINGTON —  Child pornography was found on a computer belonging to the white supremacist charged with shooting and killing a security guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, the FBI said in court documents.

Agents found the material on a desktop computer seized from the apartment in nearby Maryland where 88-year-old James von Brunn lived with his son and son’s fiancee, FBI Special Agent Ronald Farnsworth said in an affidavit filed Wednesday to support a search warrant. Investigators searched the home last Thursday, taking more than 30 items, including ammunition, computers, thumb drives, CDs, memory cards, cell phones and videos.

Shocking? Not so much. Neo-Nazism and sexual degeneracy go together like Progressives and racially-tinged misogyny. A Neo-Nazi is someone who has already decided they will not respect societal boundaries or common decency, which is exactly the attitude those who exploit children sexually adopt. Why should it shock anyone that there would be a crossover in the two groups’ memberships?

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  1. You never heard of Prussian Blue? They’re pre-teen twins (or now they’re teens) whose crazy mother was raised by Neo-Nazis and she turned them into a folk act that sings about Neo-Nazis. They’re father (who divorced the mother) was less than enthused by the prospect of the girls affiliating with various White Nationalist gangs at White Pride festivals and thus a news story was born in 2005 or so.

    PB though was marketed as “attractive Aryan young women” to the Neo-Nazis even when they were kids. It was pretty clear the mother was sexualizing them as a marketing tool, and in the last documentary made about them there was said to be some friction between mother and daughters.

    The kind of friction that develops after a mother’s new boyfriend spends some “quality time” with a kid.

    Anyway, PB, or really their popularity among adult males, is a good example of how degenerate Neo-Nazis are.

  2. I saw that documentary, and yes, there was friction between the mother and one of the daughters especially. April, the mother, called the girl, named Lynx, a “cunt”, toward the end. This was after Lynx expressed some misgivings to the interviewer over the whole Nazi racist schpiel.

  3. Disgusting. I only saw a 20/20 interview when they were younger and the mother was talking about giving young White Nationalist men “two beautiful young Aryans” to loo at, and they were about 12 at the time. I take it she’ll be appearing in some crime blog as soon as her boyfriend gets caught.

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