Oy Vey! Bigoted Gossip Blogger Claiming I’m a Devil Worshipper or Something

And worse, she does it by selectively editing an email exchange we had wherein I tried my best to be polite to Liz Silver but she was such a harpy I ended up, among other things, criticizing her (hacky) writing and calling her blog an abortion. But let me give you some background to put this in context.

Yesterday I wrote a post on the acceptance of misogyny using the Tila Tequila/Perez Hilton dust up as an example. That post was spotted by Tila Tequila herself who enjoyed it and linked to it from several points in her vast online empire at which point my traffic spiked in what will now be known as a Tequilalanche. In this post I meant to link to a gossip blog that had took umbrage to Perez Hilton insulting the celebrity, but as I was doing several things at once I double linked a YouTube video and forgot to put in Liz Silver’s url.

Before I go on, let me note two things. Liz Silver isn’t my original source for the story, she was just the only blog I found in a quick search that took Tequila’s side, and my post was on misogyny in general using Tila Tequila and an older post I wrote featuring adult film actress Gauge being attacked for her political opinions. Silver’s post was a Crocker-esque “Leave Tila Alone!” kind of rant.

I also referenced an essay by Anton LaVey on misogyny that I think is spot on in concluding that most men who hate women are in a kind of adolescent competition with them for the attention of other men. LaVey and I part ways in that he thinks this is a sign of “latent homosexuality” and I think it’s more pre-adolescent homoerotic jealousy. I should thank commenter Katie who reminded me that the essay was entitled Confessions of a Closet Misogynist: thanks Katie!

But remember for our purposes that I mentioned LaVey only in the context of an essayist. So now let me set the scene. After the Tila nod my wife and I were working feverishly to alter the settings on Red Alerts to make the page getting the most hits load faster. As long time readers know, I got a death threat from child raping pervert Clay Keys who, in a fashion similar to Liz Silver (as we’ll see in a minute) has taken to libeling me online so I often watch what he’s saying and though I love them dearly my fellow members of Pagans Against Child Abuse are basically email bots who, at the time, were discussing dog coloration and PACA banning practices.

At which point I got a rude and demanding missive wherein Liz Silver claims I in fact stole her ideas for my post:

liz silver wrote:

I’m interested in the article fearuring
Tila and what PerezHilton article.

I published my article on this information witj
The exact spin you used. I published
On Friday April 4 at around 8:30 pm.

I would appreciate a linkback to my

Please email me with the new
Link of the article showing my site
As the source.



Website: http://perezrevenge.com

I was confused at first and after a couple more exchanges I realized the mistake and even though Ms. Silver was quite rude and unreasonable I apologized:

D’oh. I knew i was tired. I put the wrong link in. Fixed. It’s in the paragraph before the video now (where it says something like apparently Tila was called a whore) etc. Sorry about that. No excuse but I work with a group called Pagans Against Child Abuse and just got a death threat from this Registered Sex Offender so while I was posting I was on a Google board talking about that. Plus I run like six other blogs with my wife.

Like I said though, that’s not an excuse. I apologize.

Rob Taylor

Which I think was rather gracious because frankly she only found my blog after Tila Tequila linked to it and I defy any reader to read her piece and claim we wrote about basically the same thing. I won’t publish our entire exchange since she put almost all of it on her blog, but she left this important email out which irked me and explains why we ended on an acrimonious note:

Actually Robert its far from an excuse and in reality is called stealing.

You were insolent when I called you out on this and instead of checking simply wrote me back in an obnoxious manor.

I have a well established relationship with Tila and her ‘people’ what you did was use my work and my established relationships to get hits for yourself. I want the name perezrevenge.com as well in that sentence with the link. I am the only website that is honest and truthful.

I have been fighting every established website for almost 10 months.

I’m sorry if I’m angry and I’m sorry you are dealing with such god awful and cruel situations.


Wow. Why ever would she leave that email out of the post she just wrote about me calling me a “Creepy Witch/Warlock” and claiming I have a “short sighted inability to read what is written” whatever that means? In my exchanges I’ve learned English isn’t Liz’s strong point, nor is truthfulness, maturity or sanity. But more importantly, this was an outrageous attempt to squeeze a link out of a blog that is based on her arrogant assumption that I read her. More outrageous is she dares take credit for an essay I wrote using material she had no access to, but claims she influenced.

Just to clear things up, I’m not a “Warlock” nor do I summon up Satan as Liz implies. I do summon up lawyers when I’m libeled as people will tell you. I was a Wiccan at one time, I am now a Pagan and I don’t find my religious preferences “creepy” at all.

But Liz Silver certainly didn’t read my blog and see the various posts I’ve done on religion. She simply decided that my last email (which was intemperate to say the least) showed I wasn’t a person impressed with name dropping so she twisted my reference to LaVey’s essay into an attempted defamation of me in a fit of pique and jealousy that a blog that doesn’t, dare I say, whore itself for attention was recognized by some celebrity she has far too much interest in for doing something she simply couldn’t do, write a thoughtful and interesting post.

But since I am not of the “left hand path,” I will give Liz Silver a link with the name of her sad and pointless blog right next to it. It’ll be a “no follow” link of course, but here you go Liz.

If my lawyer thinks you have enough money coming in from Perezrevenge.com to make it worth his while, I’ll be dragging you to court since you maliciously altered facts to hurt my online reputation, which is literally libel. It won’t be the first time you’ve been sued I believe.

I look forward to hearing from you Liz.

Update: This is apparently an anti-Semitic campaign. Who knew?

9 thoughts on “Oy Vey! Bigoted Gossip Blogger Claiming I’m a Devil Worshipper or Something

  1. ROFL!!! You make it sound like we were discussing dog colors in the same breath as PACA members – now we’ll be sued for breed discrimination! LOL!!! And let me remind you that I did take screen shots of her lackluster attempt at making you look like a jerk. 😉

    I, personally, find it entertaining that she honestly believes the content of the e-mails she did disclose would make you sound like the arrogant ass. Even without including the bitchy one she sent after you’d put your work on hold to please her.

    WORK AT COMBATING CHILD ABUSE, I might add (convenient she keeps leaving that out, eh?)

    By the way, I screen captured her latest adjustments to her blog for you. How long has she been doing this? You’d think she was new to the internet or something, I mean sheesh! You offer to remove the threat of a lawsuit if she removes the e-mails you gave no permission to post and the slanderous accusations about you, and her answer is to add MORE. I guess she’s never heard of screen shots and time/date stamping for server investigation purposes.

    My thoughts are this: Let the drama queen wallow in her self-pity and painfully flaccid attempts at garnering more attention. Sue her if you’d like (and you do have an excellent case for it, as you know) but I wouldn’t waste any more blog space on her. Regardless of what her easily obtainable birth certificate may say, she clearly has the mentality of a starstruck 12 year old who was jilted by her object of obsession and tossed aside for a more mature and learned blogger. I guess in her tiny little world there is no room for a higher education. What would she say if she knew theologists, including Vatican residents, have read LaVey’s works? Go into a coma, I suppose. Better get the smelling salts.

  2. Liz: You don’t know when to keep your mouth shut, do you. Seriously, maybe your “adoring fans” (all 5 of them) won’t be honest with you, but the blunt truth is: you are an immature, egotistical, spoiled brat who needs to go back to school to learn 1. Proper grammar and 2. Defamation/Slander/Liable law. Every time you comment, you shove your foot in deeper and strengthen Rob’s case against you. Hate to be the one to burst your self-imortant bubble here (okay, I love it) but your limited education is, honestly, no match for the degrees Rob has. The more you try to “insult” him, the more you are falling into a deeper pit you cannot crawl out from if someone gave you a ladder and a forklift.

    Careful, Rob —- Looks like she’s becoming your “#1 fan” LMAO

  3. No actually Liz it doesn’t. It does link to other bloggers using Oy Vey for humorous purposes.

    You’re really reaching darlin’ But what’s really anti-Semitic is ripping off a holocaust survivor, like good old Ed Fagan did.

  4. Liz,

    Your crazy-eyed attacks on my husband are truly sad, especially the charge of anti-Semitism levied on a blogger known for his stalwart support of Israel and dedication to exposing anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry.

    I know what comes next in this playbook: he’s a self-hating black man with a self-loathing Jewess for a wife. Or didn’t you bother to read up on Rob before escalating this beyond your control? The only person who has demonstrated any bigotry is you, Liz. Religious freedom is the bedrock of our country, but instead of celebrating it you are crapping all over it with your intolerant Alinsky-style assault on liberty itself.

    Rob is a scholar of new religions who has been a tireless advocate of religious freedom and other basic constitutional rights. It’s people like you who make that work necessary. It’s rare that I’m truly disgusted, but you’ve made today an exception.

  5. Liz Silver has always rubbed me the wrong way. Evidence of this in the fact that i found this blog because I searched google to find out if anyone else thinks she is rude!
    I am not sure if she knows she comes off like a rude snitty know it all and like she is ‘higher’ than us commoners. After all, she reports about celebs you know. *rolls eyes*yawns*
    Time to get your head out of your ass, Liz, and do some reality checks on your snotty personality. No wonder no one follows you or your blog.

  6. She’s also a grifter and con artist apparently. Someone who met up with her told me some stories about her that are quite disgusting. Unlike Liz though I don’t run around trying to put people out of business.

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