Adult Film Actress Berated on MySpace for Supporting McCain


Gauge is an adult actress with a large Internet footprint. So large in fact that while reading a gunblog called Hell in a Handbasket I saw this post about her support for the Second Amendment and conservative politics in general. It referenced a blog post on her MySpace which detailed her perfectly mainstream political beliefs:

Presidential Campaign ’08

Okay, I’ll try to do just a quick note on where I’m at with this whole campaign. Let me start off by saying that I am NOT a Democrat. For those of you who are I won’t judge you……I’ll pray for you….=)
Let me start by saying why I’m not a demorcat. I believe in Pro-Life, not Pro-Choice. I believe that our society is part of the problem and not the solution. Everywhere we go or everytime we watch TV our socirty says it’s OK to have sex, irresponsible sex! And young girls especially thinks it’s ok because they can just get the baby sucked right out of them, no big deal. Dems also don’t believe that any unborn child has rights, so if I drop kick a chick in the belly when shes 8 months prego and kill the baby, I get charged with simple assault. That’s just a little too unhumanistic for me.
2nd: I love having my 2nd Amendment rights an NOBODY should ever take that away.
3rd: They always paly the “race card” especially in this election. I can’t stand it.

Now. I am and will vote for McCain. I was afraid he was going to pick Romney for VP, but I am very happy with his decision and I believe that Palin breathes new life into the GOP. I’m disappointed that CNN and the other news media outlets say, “How can she be VP with 5 kids?” Well, they’re sexist. They would never say that about a male. That’s just a low shot.

Now, I know it always comes down to shitty or shitier, and I’ll elaborate more about that later since it’s getting late. These are only my top opinion for this evening!

Boilerplate so far, no? Except for the fact that Gauge works in the sex industry she’s pretty much the girl next door in my new home of South Carolina, and frankly when you include exotic dancers, car show models and the full spectrum of “adult’ performers into the equation her conservatism is probably not unusual at all. She’s a pro-life woman who believes it’s her right to make her own decisions with her body and has her own moral code which she wants other people to respect.

As you can imagine some MySpace leftists were less than supportive. Like 40-year-old MrFuckinSunshine who had this to say:

If the republicans wanted McCain for president, they should have nominated him way back in 2000 and saved us all a lot of misery. I definitely think he would have made a better prez than Fuckwit W Bush but that isn’t saying much. As it stands, they had almost eight years of virtually uncontested rule and fucked things up pretty good. Good luck getting another four years. And good job calling the kettle black on issues of sexual morality. How many times have you had unprotected sex on camera? I like you and I’m always interested in what you have to say and I’ll always think you are a beautiful woman but I gotta call bullshit on you on this.

Yeah. I’m sure the fact you “like her’ makes the fact that you think she doesn’t have the right to be pro-life if she’s had sex on camera more palatable. Typical of a liberal to criticize a woman for having an opinion and use something he seems to think is O.K. (acting in porn) to devalue her isn’t it?. I’m not big on modern porn myself (it seems too angry) but I don’t think being pro-life and pro-sexual freedom are mutually exclusive. Of course MrFuckinSunshine has nothing on Alvin, the angry liberal:

Let me get this straight Gauge, former PORNSTAR. You are railing against irresponsible sex. How many sex partners have you had? Yes you definetly are a republican because you are a HUGE HYPOCRIT. Obviously you are also ignorant that the Supreme Court ruled that the 2nd amendment protects an individual right to own a gun. Not that the democrats ever tried to ban all gun ownership anyway. For 40 years the democrats controlled both houses of congress, yet never tried to outlaw guns. That’s right, they NEVER TRIED TO OUTLAW GUNS. Let me guess where you get your information from, Fox Noise Channel? You a big Rush Limbaugh fan? I bet you are. You are as about as informed as a Rush Limbaugh fan. I’m glad you live in Arkansas with the rest of the ignorant white trash.

Yeah, Democrats never tried to ban guns, except in D.C., New York, San Fransisco…

But let’s step back for a minute and ask ourselves why Alvin’s so angry? Just because she’s voting differently than him? His profile says he’s 31 (too old to be trolling MySpace) but he looks older. Is this the kind of reaction a rational person that age should have? How about his second comment:

Hey Gauge, I just watched a video of you fucking 5 guys. Please tell us again how wrong irresponsible sex is. I’ve seen a lot of your work but you never had the guys wear condoms. Don’t you think it’s irresponsible to engage in unsafe sex? How many STD’s have you had? Considering how big a skank you are, I bet you’ve had a lot. Well since your boy McCain is crashing and burning, I can’t wait for the election. Obama is going to win in a landslide.

Hope and change kids. This classy display is typical of Obamunists. A bunch of spoiled rich cretin who have never matured intellectually or emotionally and thus can’t react normally to political disagreements. There are more negative comments on her post which are in the same vein, but the question is why? Why can’t this woman have an opinion different than the liberals on MySpace?


If you’re over 20 and have a MySpace or Facebook account that’s not used for marketing some sort of online business you’re a douchbag. Liberalism attracts the desperately immature; Alvin and MrFuckinSunshine are proof of this. They are men in their 30’s and 40’s who were perusing pornstar MySpace pages and then decided to berate a woman whose movies they watch and jerk off to by implying she’s not entitled to her opinion because she had sex on camera. They’re the hypocrites because I would submit that were it not for sexless losers like them buying prodigious amounts of spank material there would be no Gauge.

Gauge not only has a right to her own opinion but has a right to express it freely and publicly. “Liberalism” is an elitist ideology that teaches all liberals to see themselves as above the rest of the world which is why they can’t respect Gauge’s opinions. Gauge laid out some good and valid points as to why she’s voting McCain, but liberal man cannot stand be challenged by a woman, much less one who they need to believe is beneath them to satisfy their childlike egotism.

This little episode illustrates the disdain the modern liberal has for the rest of us. What Gauge has done for a living doesn’t negate her worth as a person nor does it preclude her sharing conservative values with people who might disagree with her choice of careers. I am pro-choice and as I grow older I find I like my “adult” entertainment to be more R rated than X, but the G.O.P. is a big tent that has room for us both. Despite what “liberals” like to claim, Gauge will find more tolerance in from Republicans than she ever will form Democrats and that is reason enough for Americans to vote for McCain.

Join Gauge in putting Country First!


16 thoughts on “Adult Film Actress Berated on MySpace for Supporting McCain

  1. Well, Rob, I hate to call it like I see it in this instance because 1. you make very valid points and 2. I believe in everyone’s right to feel and believe as they wish.

    However, dude, Gauge is a trashy skank who has no business dissing anyone for their beliefs! I, admittedly, have watched some porn – not the violent, nasty crap, thank you – and have come across the twisted stuff she does. And it’s not in the past, either, unless you consider 2 months ago in the distant past.

    Say she really has retired, 2 months ago. Does that give her the right to now berate anyone who does exactly what she did for years and what she ENCOURAGED for years in younger girls? She did trains with no protection. How many abortions do you think she had, Rob. Seriously. As often as she had unprotected sex and with as many men as she had it with for as many years as she did it, are you really going to try to convince me she never had an abortion? She surly won’t convince me of it, that’s for sure.

    I’m not at all judging her if she did. I’m pro-choice – i.e., mind your own f’ing business. But for her to sit there and rant about people who did or are doing the exact things she has done for all of her adult life (which, there has been speculation she began while still illegal) is just really grossly hypocritical and pathetic on her part. I think that is where everyone’s problem comes in. For more of this dainty wall flower in action, check her out on heaven666 . Then come back and defend her attacks on people who haven’t even come close to her behavior.

    I mean no offense, Rob, and you know that. I just think defending her attacks is kind of wrong, though not as wrong as her ballsy belief she has the right to attack and judge anyone.

  2. Well you know I hate to disagree with you but Gauge didn’t attack anyone for their beliefs she was attacked for hers. But to your specific points:

    1) Porn being twisted is the result of “beta males” like Alvin who are misogynist and want to see those things. Would I council a girl to get into porn? No. I would’ve told gauge to do nude modeling or strip instead but it’s her life and frankly I’ve seen people do worse. As for it being in the recent past, I don’t drink and within one month of quiting I was telling people it’s bad for them.

    But that’s not what Gauge did, she simply said she was pro-life and pro-2nd Amendment and thinks society is to blase about abortion thus she’s voting McCain. Why does the fact she did porn invalidate that?

    2) I don’t know the woman but I’ll assume rather than having multiple abortions she was likely on the pill or got Deprovera shots. Since she’s pro-life (but probably not Catholic) I would think she simply used birth control and I think the porn industry, devolving as it is, is still an industry of professionals who don’t knock each other up every shoot.

    3) People get into porn or stripping or whatever for a variety of reasons. It doesn’t mean in other respects they can’t have fairly conservative beliefs. When I worked with kids there were a couple of mothers who either danced or partied too much or worked in nightclubs, but for most of them when it came to their kids they were solid. I just don’t accept the idea that because someone has had rough sex for money necessarily means they can’t be pro-life or feel strongly about protecting children or believe at the same time that mainstream society sexualized children too much. I’m a man who likes his Varla magazine or some retro Russ Meyers clips but I’m disturbed by modern porn violence. Am I a hypocrite?

    4) The real hypocrites here are people who jerk off to her movies than berate her for being in the movies which would never have been made without the demand they’re part of. Every person in America has an absolute right to judge everyone and speak out against what he or she thinks is wrong. My problem with the attacks on Gauge is they assume that porn actresses (and likely Hooter’s girls, strippers etc) are de facto sex slaves who are there to serve the effeminate perverts who still have MySpace pages at 40. Her worth and value as a person shouldn’t be judged by what are essentially Islamist standards of purity.

    Look, I don’t know if she has her head on straight or not, but her reasons for voting for McCain were completely boiler plate. She’s putting out the average middle American position. Why doesn’t she have a right to it?

  3. I think what did it for me was this “everytime we watch TV our socirty says it’s OK to have sex, irresponsible sex! And young girls especially thinks it’s ok because they can just get the baby sucked right out of them, no big deal.”

    THIS from a woman who has men do anal with her and other women at the same time – from one woman to another and back and forth and with no protection what-so-ever. THIS from a woman who does trains with no one wearing a condom. THIS from a woman who has three men in her at once, with no condom. I mean, the list goes on with the irresponsible sex she performs.

    And the reason she is so popular is because she looks illegal. I’ve seen remark after remark about how hot she is because “I can beat off to a kid and not get in trouble for it!”, which was posted on one of those heaven666 videos. (and before you tease me, lol, I was there because someone told me they saw nude images of pre-pubescent girls and I was ready to call in back-up … turned out just young looking women, like her, that are a pedo’s legal retreat)

    My opinions of her and my words have absolutely nothing to do with her political stance. You know I’m not even voting this year because we’re screwed no matter what and I’m not going to be any part of it.

    As for her worth, I don’t value any woman who does what she does, or the men who do it to her, or the people who jack off to her in any higher regard than the girls and boys they encourage and lead to thinking that kind of thing is normal.

    You’ve read my erotica. I am the first to tell a guy it’s fantasy and that no one should be expected to be able to perform that way or expect someone to perform that way, much less take any of it as lessons on good sex. Still, I’m not unreasonable or dangerous – say, like instructing men that women can be stretched out to accommodate three dicks – 2 in one, 1 in another – or two dicks in the same or a dick and a toy or … well, you get the idea. I’m one of those women who was sexually abused by a porn fan who believed all women should be able to perform like a porn actress. They don’t consider the fact she’s had her holes stretched to unnatural proportions and probably had to undergo a couple of operations to be able to use her vagina and anus properly again.

    Again, however, I don’t judge someone for what they want to do with their life. It IS pathetic that a porn star has the audacity to preach responsible sex. Next will be a best seller on parenting by Susan Smith, or How To Find The Perfect Babysitter by Michael Jackson.

    Bottom line: She has every right to her beliefs and to express them. She does NOT have the right, in my opinion, to preach responsible sex as though she is the safe sex guru when she has behaved so recklessly.

  4. Hey, you know, you have me thinking since I posted that last comment. I will be posting some short notation at the top of my erotica page that it is fantasy only and not to be used as expectation of performance, from either gender.

    By the way, I’m still not sure how you feel about Obama…… LOL .

    (((Hugs))) Rob. I hope I didn’t come off as preachy. 😉

  5. I see your point but I think she’s making a distinction between adult sex and children learning porn messages through non-pornographic mediums like Bratz dolls and The Hills.

    Like I said I’m no fan of modern porn, because there’s too many men involved and they all seem angry (what happened to good old fashioned two girls and a guy with everyone happy) but I just think that it’s the Alvins of the world that are the problem, not the women who work the industry.

    Maybe a better analogy would be like saying a hooker can’t support Jessica’s Law. You may disagree with their choices, but they still can be dead on right about sex offenders, and are maybe in a better position to see why Jessica’s law is needed.

    You can be preachy if you want, don’t worry. But I believe in Reagan’s 11th Commandment. Thou shalt not publicly criticize a fellow Republican. But seriously I just don’t see here point about society preaching irresponsible messages on abortion (it is minor surgery that kills a certain amount of people per year) is invalidated by being in an industry that requires AIDS tests.

    I guess I’d agree more if she did these things with strangers in a bar for fun but really isn’t she an example of what she’s talking about and thus has a good handle on the situation?

    She does look kind of young.

  6. Interesting post, thanks. Strangely enough, the most controversial thing to you wrote in here to me is this: “If you’re over 20 and have a MySpace or Facebook account that’s not used for marketing some sort of online business you’re a douchbag.” That makes you sound so close-minded. And it’s really surprising considering you’re a blogger and technically savvy. I use MySpace to share pictures and keep in touch with my friends and family. It’s also a great place to LEGALLY listen to music. Statistics show that the number of users over the age of 20 using MySpace and Facebook are in the 10s of millions. I don’t think we’re all bad people.

  7. I’m sorry you’re offend Jason, and I’m glad MySpace has provided you with a means to finally share photos with and keep in touch with friends and family whom you clearly have no patience for in real life.

    I am however, despite my Internet Savvy, an essentially old fashioned man who believes that should you be unwilling to meet a person at least once a year for a Thanksgiving brunch wherein you show them the pictures you took of yourself enjoying life much more without them around you’d be just as well served simply never speaking to them.

    This isn’t to say that you’re wrong and I’m not interested in offending you because unlike most commenters I interact with you seem like a polite enough fellow who hasn’t (yet) implied I’m gay, retarded or some unholy combination of the two but 68% of those 10s of millions of MySpace users you talk about who are online now are trying setting up dates with 13-year-olds where they’ll sneak said underage person into their mother’s basement for a afternoon of pot-smoking, Halo 3 and sodomy.

    Roughly 1/4th of those 13-year-olds are undercover cops and another 1/4th are perverts touching themselves while role playing at home.

    I’m not trying to make light of this Jason however I think it’s incumbent upon all decent people to state the obvious about social networking sites, they’re all simply slow motion pedophile chat rooms where non-pedophiles can sometimes make an occasional sale for some product if they don’t mind that feeling of needing a shower at the end of it.

    Maybe they didn’t start out this way, maybe some kind hearted soul simply didn’t realize anonymous interactions on the Internet would be a kiddy-diddlers dream come true but no matter how well meaning Tom was when he decided to bring together teenage girls and 50-year-old sex offenders on site virtually impossible to monitor MySpace is going to remain an all ages Club 57 where people like me pay for a billboard above one of the blood-soaked urinal with our dignity and self-respect.

    Feel free to visit my MySpace page.

  8. Well, I see a lot of people watch her, but do not like what she says, kind of like the Bob Seger song her strut. LOL People should also consider because of her experiences, she has a unique view, and because of her expiences know what should be done.

  9. Being a porn star is a valid occupation. There is no relation whatsoever between that and pedophilia. I defend JAYNA , but I also think that a lot of people use streaming sites for fun and entertainment. These are people who are not underage and are not doing anything wrong. She was banned from because she was actually messing with just such people. I think pedophiles should be banned from jtv, but she wasn’t just going after pedophiles, she was harrassing people who were having a good time on doing nothing illegal. She was harrassing people who were well over 18 and who weren’t entertaining young kids or doing anything remotely pornographic. I hope Shauna gets her peace of mind. I am a fan of her work and I believe she meant well.

  10. Justin TV is a lost cause..I simply dont care anymore about trying to help those that run it..I’ve been banned 9 times now..this last time I didnt do anything wrong..heck I couldnt even chat or report anyone or any channel..was banned from talking anywhere from the time I made the account…so how could I have violated any TOS of Justin TV?..answear?..I didnt…If I post anything on twitter..myspace ect…what foundation do you have as a reason to ban me on Justin TV?..freedom of speach bitches..PERIOD…btw..heres a link to Justin TV staff member caught not doing thier jobs on thier

  11. and lets not forget what started this fued between me and jtv…an admin by the name of saffire hacked my account just cuz I didnt want to be friends anymore and removed him from my list…talk about being staff couldnt admit one of thier admins did this or be liable so I was made out to be the bad person..then targeted for ban everytime I made an account…kinda wierd that staff had actually rewarded me with a free pro account for a year..then later ban me and take that away as well…so they went from saying thank you so much to…banning me and calling me filthy names on sites like this…think about it..why would they all of a sudden change so?…reason?..they did wrong and I busted em out for it…I will speak no further of this matter here…aloha

  12. Shauna u got banned for many reasons and u say u dont care but u so obviously do. It’s over a month later and ur still going on and on about all this.

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