Democrat Sanctuary Cities Kill Black People

No surprise here for longtime Red Alerts readers since I’ve been blogging this story for some time. Armstrong Williams wrote this piece for The Washington Times that continues to shine a light on the ongoing genocide open border advocates are morally responsible for:

“BK.” The letters are an acronym for “Black Killer.” In Mr. Espinoza’s case, the “B” was crossed out. The crossed out “B” means that he has killed black people. For assassins like Mr. Espinoza, part of their gang initiation is to go out and randomly gun down someone who is black.

This and similar incidents should never happen, but obviously they do. Mr. Espinoza, who was also raised in the American juvenile system, should have been deported early on due to his run-ins with the law. Instead, he was allowed to seek refuge in a sanctuary ciity. In many ways, sanctuary cities are a threat to our national security. Illegal immigrants should not have a right to stay in America illegally. They should be fined, given a reasonable time to earn citizenship and monitored or deported. Many legal immigrants will tell you the same. After going through the hard work of earning their citizenship, they recoil at the notion of being associated with such activities. Indeed, legal immigrants consider the sanctuary-city phenomenon as a threat not only to their reputations, but also to their communities. They will tell you that illegal immigrants who commit crimes should not be given sanctuary; they should be jailed or deported.

Read the rest and remember what Williams says before pulling the lever in November. If you don’t mind the ethnic cleansing of Black Americans by Latino gangs vote Democrat.