Thanks for Making Us Look Good, Lionel McIntyre: Black College Professor Punches White Woman


Building bridges and breaking down the barriers that hold the Black man back. That’s what every Uncle Tom liberal who crawls off to places like Columbia to spend the better part of his life tap dancing for academia’s armchair Marxists and promoting policies that have destroyed the Black community will tell you he’s actually doing. In reality, “brothers” like Lionel McIntyre (or Beltway Sniper defending Jesse Taylor from Pandagon) know that they are part of the reason the Black community is in the shape it’s in and just don’t care.

There was a time, I know because I’ve met Black men who were from that time, when to be called a man in the Black community meant you had to be a good husband, a good provider, law abiding, a good neighbor, and above all, the kind of man that any woman, White, Black or any color could feel safe around.

My grandfather was beloved, not just by his family and friends, but by the White folks for whom he was the only Black man they knew. Al Hinton was a good man. One of his neighbors was a White woman who was, when my family first migrated to the Port Jervis area of New York, deathly afraid of Black folks. Within a few years she was baking cakes for my grandparents and said she felt safer knowing that “Al would look in on her” when there was a bad storm or it was snake season. He never raised his hands to a woman, only spanked one of his kids once, and I can’t recall him ever even raising his voice in anger.

Not to say he was soft. He walked 6-10 miles a day in his twilight years. He was a stoic and rugged man raised on the streets of Newark, New Jersey with his brothers. One of whom ended up in the hospital when he was in his latter 60s because when two young punks tried to mug him in broad daylight he decided to fight both of them. He proudly proclaimed that he won that fight, because he kept his wallet. My grandfather’s generation was raised to earn what they had, including the respect of their neighbors and status in their community. They’d be more likely to take a poke at McIntyre than even think about hitting a woman.

Compare these men to the angry man-children of the Black community today, products of a White liberal run educational system that teaches them not to strive and a race hustling industry run by the likes of “Rev” Jesse Jackson that tells them they are owed something. Lionel McIntyre is the epitome of this sort of Black “man” who runs off to college and stays there forever, happy to be given intellectual hand-jobs for inferior performance by White liberals who secretly think of him as a trained monkey dancing to the tune they grind out on their academic organs. He’s never had to earn respect, never had to seriously defend his beliefs, and has lived for decades in a fantasy world where it’s normal for him to be treated like a child who has no ability to control his actions.

So like a child when he isn’t getting his emotional diaper changed the way he likes, he lashes out unaware of the consequences of his actions. From the NYPost:

A prominent Columbia architecture professor punched a female university employee in the face at a Harlem bar during a heated argument about race relations, cops said yesterday.

Police busted Lionel McIntyre, 59, for assault yesterday after his bruised victim, Camille Davis, filed charges.

McIntyre and Davis, who works as a production manager in the school’s theater department, are both regulars at Toast, a popular university bar on Broadway and 125th Street, sources said.

The professor, who is black, had been engaged in a fiery discussion about “white privilege” with Davis, who is white, and another male regular, who is also white, Friday night at 10:30 when fists started flying, patrons said.

McIntyre, who is known as “Mac” at the bar, shoved Davis, and when the other patron and a bar employee tried to break it up, the prof slugged Davis in the face, witnesses said.

The punch was so loud, the kitchen workers in the back heard it over all the noise,” bar back Richie Velez, 28, told The Post. “I was on my way over when he punched Camille and she fell on top of me.

The other patron involved in the dispute said McIntyre then took a swing at him after he yelled, “You don’t hit a woman!”

“He knocked the glasses right off my face,” said the man, who would only give his first name as “Shannon.” “The punch came out of nowhere. Mac was talking to us about white privilege and what I was doing about it — apparently I wasn’t doing enough.”

Of course not. McIntyre has learned that people like “Shannon” and Davis will stroke him as long and hard as he desires, in return for him acting as a spokesperson for leftist claptrap like “White privilege” which, for those of you not familiar with academic Marxism, is the theory that the nebulous “White” race (which never seems to include Latinos of European decent, Italians, Arabs who are in fact “White,” and anyone else willing to make a fuss) is born so superior in position (and intellect) to everyone else that to make things fair we’d have to handicap Whites so others could catch up. You know, because we non-Whites could never be successful through hard work. And we certainly shouldn’t take pride in non-Whites who have been successful through their own work and not by riding some White person’s coat tails.

You’ll also notice that McIntyre is a bully who hit the woman first, then only hit the man when he saw that “Shannon” wasn’t going to beat the crap out of him. Typical. Had “Shannon” stood up to him in the first place McIntyre would have slithered off like the punk he is, but of course Davis would have been hit with a racial harassment charge that the Columbia plantation would have been all too eager to file to keep their star house boy happy.

McIntyre was released without having to post bail, ironic because if it wasn’t for his connection to White liberals through Columbia he’d have been required to post bond, so I guess that “White Privilege” works out pretty well for McIntyre after all. He then had the temerity to make this statement:

“It was a very unfortunate event,” he said afterwards. “I didn’t mean for it to explode the way it did.”

It? Some object didn’t run in and punch some gal in the face, McIntyre did. But so consumed with the idea that he isn’t responsible for any part of his life that he can’t even admit that he was the one who exploded. Disgusting.

h/t Gateway Pundit

Places where you won’t read about a woman getting punched in the face by her colleague at a bar:






Weird right? You’d think they’d care about a story of blatant misogyny featuring prominent academics….

15 thoughts on “Thanks for Making Us Look Good, Lionel McIntyre: Black College Professor Punches White Woman

  1. What a great, hard hitting article. A real breath of fresh air. And I knew men like your grandfather. Real men who earned everyone’s respect thru their dignity and hard work. Men, because they lived and acted like men.
    Liberals have perverted and corrupted society, and caused havoc especially in the black American family. Thanks for your insights, and this one I’m printing and putting on the wall to remind me that there are people out there in the world, that have managed to remain sane in an insane world.

  2. Great comments, well thought out and to the point. My hats off to the author for pointing out the deficiencies in our liberalized education system. Don’t forget the lack of fathers in so many black households. Kids growing up with zero sense of responsibility.

  3. A great hit on a story that will be “mothballed” into the liberal closet at the Obama News Corps.

    I get it. Being black in America is hard. Just like being white in Louisiana when you barely have enough to eat and come from the “wrong side of town”. We were white farm peasants – watching our loved ones struggle against a system that was run by crooked politicians who were white and powerful. The only thing that has changed today is that the system is run by Blacks who are single minded and only in it for the gains. Our best friends (who were black) were a family who raised their kids in the shadow of our Lord Savior and GOD Almighty. No stealing or crying about White Privilege – no riots and tearing the neighborhood down when life was rotten. No bling or car jacking just honesty and respect of life regardless if you where white and could not “keep the beat”. I know it first hand – cause they raised me when my father passed and my mother walked away. People can talk all day about the struggles in life or curse “The Man” – but if you don’t walk in the ways of decency and love – you have no claim to justice. McIntyre committed a crime – for which he will walk away from unscathed. Let us see who comes to his rescue when he is asked to pay? Jessie or Sharpton? No – he is not black enough to have an excuse for his actions – like “whitey” did this to me and my family long ago. Not yesterday when I was granted the opportunity to live a life that only a few can enjoy – but way back in the 60s or in the cotton fields that I never saw. It is easy to complain when you are sipping a cold one with tenure at work and an apartment that most of us couldn’t afford the maintenance fees. Keep on Lionel – and your people will lose another chance to be understood in todays issues of struggle. Fire him Columbia – and let him understand life in current form.

  4. A very good article, thank you Mr. Taylor. If all men and women would behave the way you suggest this would be a better world.

  5. A good article with common sense. macyntire reminds me of mike tyson except mike never had the education to know better. This does not speak well for Columbia. Macyntire probably subconsciously hates himself, deep down he realizes what he is and cant stand it. I wonder how macyntire would do on the street against real thugs rather than thug wannabe’s. Hopefully we will read about that some day.

  6. Interesting article, being a real man- supporting the family, raising the children, being an honorable citizen to all happens to be in the soul/spririt of a person. However, having a heated conversation with someone about race relations is separate. I am a Black female, single mother of four working as an engineer, no not domestic rather computer. I get upset over while privilege in my workplace. Whites with HS dipolma and socializing 6 of the 8 hours while the Blacks are all degreed up and have to do their work. I have three in college which I pay for 100 percent (income too high for financial aid), I’ve attended all PTA meetings solo, all four children were in atleast 2 extracurricular activities at all times I paid for it, I stayed home from work when they were sick, their Dad lives .10 of a mile around the corner and doesn’t exercise his visitation. Instead he drives around with white or hispanic women 20-25 years his junior. I get upset over white privilege their Dad would never get upset, does that make him or me a man? Absolutely not. One has nothing to do with the other. Live your life in the shoes of a Black person who is tired of getting stepped on. The problem is it doesn’t bother most Blacks who make two dollars, they are sellouts for a paycheck. All Mr. McIntyre wants is justice–you know–” and liberty and justice for all.”

  7. This is in response to Bertina: It doesn’t sound like you’re as angry about white privilege as it is the fact your ex-husband cavorts around with white women. I get that. But, from your post, I’m not seeing where you’re being stepped on. I understand the co-worker thing, but really, does laziness have a color? I’ve had co-workers of all colors; some were hardworking, others were lazy and should have been fired. From what you’ve said, it sounds like you’re doing much better than many, if not most black, single mothers. You are able to provide for your children on your own dime.Your kids are fortunate and you should be proud of what you’ve accomplished.

  8. Mr. Taylor, this is truly a courageous, eloquent, and insightful article. Obviously the looming dilemma is whether we can all work together with the black community to repair the damage done by LBJ’s Great Society. But I fear it may be too late. The magnitude of the task has been made exponentially larger because blacks will first have to be reeducated to understand the true sources of their oppression (promotion, indoctrination, and promulgation of regressive liberal policies and programs by the government, academia, and the media) before they will be willing to do the work needed to address them. This in itself will require nothing less than a massive paradigm shift in the entitlement-victim mindset to one where it is understood that the journey to meaningful, lasting upward mobility and self-actualization requires hard work and education, and these are not rights or commodities which can be legislated and granted. This is further compounded by a vicious circle of underachievement catalyzed by an ever-increasing dependence on the state, and reluctance to admit the political machine which effectively undermines black advancement is the same political machine they willingly vote en masse to perpetuate.

    In the end this mess will likely result in the abandonment of those blacks who refuse to change by those who elected to make the journey. As a white man with a lot of poor, uneducated relatives, I have no guilt over my success. I don’t spend my time worrying about poor white folks. After all, I worked hard and earned it. It’s not my fault they chose another less productive path.

    I just hope that true upward mobility and the possibility for folks to become prosperous still exist when the current regime is finished bleeding the producers to feed our ever-growing welfare society.

    If you are ever in the Houston area, please drop me a line. My wife and I would be honored to buy you a cold beer, and possibly enjoy a few dozen fresh shucked sliders if they’re in season (and still legal).

  9. Thank you for the offer, I do love oysters especially with horse radish and lemon. Although hot sauce is just as delicious.

    You’re right too in your analysis. There is hope though as Black conservatives have been given more exposure (largely thanks to Fox News) and the failures of the old liberal doctrine is becoming too obvious to ignore.

    It will take time but I think we’re poised to make ALL Americans, of every race, see the value of retuning to traditional American values of self reliance.

  10. This is by far the worst assessment of the situation I have seen. Rob Taylor; horrible job. We all agree that this was a terrible event that took place, but for you to sit up on your high chair and critique this situation as if you actually know any of the individuals involved makes you out to be a horrible journalist (or whatever you consider yourself to be). I actually know the person involved in this situation who you talk about as if he has personally wronged you. Did you guys have a bad business deal or something? But really, as a black man I know the struggles that we all face and understand the meaning of hard work. Prof. “Mac” as he is called by many is a hard working man and NOT an Uncle Tom or some black man with an education who sits up on his high perch because he works for a presigious University. He is a truth teller who has made a difference in the Harlem area and someone who really cares about the people of Harlem and other urban areas where many feel ignored and/or forgotten by their political leaders and most of society. You incorporate the values of your ancestors as if they are somehow relevant to the discussion. Granted, hitting a woman is a callous and cowardly act, but it was a mistake. Let us at least give the man the benefit of the doubt. He was actually very instrumental in the development of public housing for the lower-income and elderly in Harlem, which may be more than you have ever done in your lifetime. So before you pass judgement on something that you really have no idea about, please get all of your facts straight. And in your article you cited quotations from the New York Post. This is beyond belief to me. If you performed more research, it would have occurred to you that the NY Post is one of, if not, the worst newspapers in New York City publication. There is a reason why it cost only $25 cents. It is a trash newspaper that is written below a sixth grade reading level. And all the newpaper does is use racially charged techniques to divide. I say to you, “thanks for making us not look good”. I guess you can consider it a job well done.

  11. So hitting women is ok? Who are you Ike Turner? You excuse what he did because, like him, you’re not a man. A man doesn’t accept men hitting women. People don’t “accidentally” hit others. You’re why Black people have are viewed the way we are.

    Thanks for making us look good, scumbag.

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